Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Holy crap it's been a weird day at work.

Also the instant I woke up this morning my allergies were like, "OH HAY BITCH CHECK US OUT..." and then there was lots of snot and itching and whatnot so the Aromaleigh review is being pushed back until the weekend. I actually had to stop in the middle of running errands to go into Bartells to buy a single Claritan.

And I'm serious talked out so let's talk about clothes.

Despite my um...reservations I went ahead and made my first OOTD (outfit of the day) post at Fatshionista and I feel fine. I don't feel at all weird or like I'm inadvertently freaking other people out. I left it unfriendslocked. I'm hoping if I get snarked someone will tell me so I can go giggle. Or at least email me screencaps.

I don't mind being snarked because I dress funny sometimes.

In fact my outfit today baffled some people on my way to work. I will have Uniballer take a picture when I get home.

I am wearing my black and red tube socks of win (and of course my socks are pulled all the way up to my chubby lil knees because that's how I roll, I am firmly anti sock scrunching), a just knee length stretchy straight velvet skirt, my thin black hoody, black pin tucked shirt underneath. Neon but ruined make up. This outfit reminds me why I need a fucking plain black twill or similar material pencil skirt and that I will probably have to buy one full price from Torrid.

Okay so let's talk about socks. My calves though a little wee big for a lot of boots are not too big for most knee high socks. And okay, I fucking love socks. Socks fucking rule.


My socks don't have to be fancy. However they do have to be tall. As often as I wear boots it's almost requisite that they reach my knees.

I really should have worn tights too. Goddamn it's windy out.

Anyway back to socks. Yes I am that frigging nerdy. And I am jonesing for new fancy socks. I am very into argyle, skulls and oddly (or not if you know me) glitter.

I am horribly fond of these broken bone socks. Also these Misfit branded monstrosities of overpricedness.


Sorry I had to shout but OMFG WANT. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT.

Someone please slap me before I buy these.

Oh holy WOW those are fucking adorable. I got all sidetracked.

Okay fair warning if you go to HowCool and you like funky shoes do not blame me when your wallet starts screaming in mercy. Actually I think it's really cool that they are still around. I remember when all they sold was stripper shoes, weird goth shoes and stripper outfits. They have tons of stuff there. I won't vouch for any plus size friendly anything because I haven't looked.

While I'm busy squee'ing I have to say that my giant purse that I call the TARDIS is probably going to be retired for the summer. That means purse shopping. Which can be frightening given Uniballer's serious hatred of animal print and my love of weird and tacky purses.

I know I'm kind of random right now.

And I totally forgot I even started this.

I got distracted by shiny things (nsfw exactly) like this skirt. That seller also has it in pink but that one doesn't really do it for me.

Actually I'm done for now. My brain is misfiring all over the place and if I keep trying to sound coherent I'll probably stroke out.

Homo Out.


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