Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Home from work and not ready to sleep.

So I went and played with flickr a little bit and randomly from a link on lj I found this guy and I like his pictures.

Also randomly I found a blog on the PI called BusChick that made me giggle.

You'll also note that down there on the right I added Flickr and Goodreads badges.

Yay for silly widgets.

As much as I love to thrift it will probably come as no surprise that I am a freebie lover.

I Love. Free. Shit.

So I sometimes will spend an hour or two looking for awesome samples and I LOVE shopping at places where they offer samples.

Just recently I got the following in the mail. (Also little packages in the mail every so often is made of win and awesome)


That is a sample of the Caress Exotic Oil Infusion body wash in Brazilian and some Acne Stress Control scrub from Neutrogena.

I plan on using both in my freshly cleaned bathtub in a matter of moments.

Oh and before I forget for my homies that love the make up. If you have face charts from where ever let me know I am collecting them.

Also sadly my favorite ballet flats have been officially retired. I didn't realize just how ratty they'd become until I was tripping over broken bits all day.

However I do have a pair I bought last summer that are cute and comfortable so no shoe emergency. I love my Docs but I hate swamp foot.

Also I am really wanting a synth dread kit to buy with my blood stimulus money.

However I am very torn.

Okay now I am going to go have a bath and maybe if I can stay awake paint my toenails a violent shade of pink.

I did actually have something to say but I've forgotten now. I'm tired.

Homo Out.

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