Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Holy hello Fatosphere.

Hi folks.

Welcome back.

My feed is back on there clearly.

And I already stand corrected.

Back in this entry I used a silly pulled out of my ass comparison to make a point about how information is presented.

Here's what I said in a nutshell so you don't have to read the whole thing:

I think at some level we all know that no matter what you're studying, the facts can be skewed to say what you want them to say.

An example I am pulling out of my ass:

60% of African Americans think that poop is a disgusting nasty word.


40% of White people believe that poop is a fantastic and wonderful word.

Same information presented two different ways right? So if you're talking to people who want to believe that poop is a disgusting nasty word which form of data would you present?

Here is what someone said about that:

In your "poop" example, those two statements do not mean the same thing. In fact, they are totally unrelated. The number of African-Americans who like a given word has no causal bearing on the number of white people who like the word. You may want to rewrite the example so that the post makes sense.

I'm not going to rewrite the post.

I think that even if you take out my (as I said pulled out of my ass) silly comparison percentages there the point that how you present information and to whom, can in fact give you the window to skew information.

And since there's so many new people reading.

Some notes about your hostess.

I don't delete comments. I don't always respond but I don't delete them.

You will generally not find scientific studies, census data, medical information etc because I am not a scientist and those things tend to bore me to tears on reading them. If you're really into that sort of thing there are plenty of other places on the Fatosphere and internet to find them. Just not here.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Ottermatic posted about working fitness back into her life and a forgotten combo incident at the Y. You'll see I said I had almost the same thing happen to me.

At the Y forgotten combo after being horribly dumped the night before by my girlfriend. I don't cry often and only once in a blue striped moon do I cry in public but I sat on my towel on the floor sobbing my poor eyes out.

I remember sitting there wet and miserable, and wanting a smoke really bad and it was the fact that my cigarettes were in there that tipped me over into sobbing and muttering, "oh my gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwd" over and over again. I think some of the other ladies thought I was having a psychotic break of some sort and it took quite awhile for the staff member who came to my rescue to work out that I had been dumped, couldn't remember my combo and really wanted a fucking cigarette.

I can look back and laugh a little about it now. I was mortified I'd had such a breakdown in public not to mention the girl who'd dumped me had been really not a good match for me anyway. Ahh the remembered joys of post teen angst and baby lesbian drama.

I was reading a post elsewhere on the Fatosphere and again, there were some comments alluding to the fact that that blogger isn't "that fat" so she her blog shouldn't be on the Fatosphere. And that irks the shit out of me.

I don't know this blogger personally, I don't think I've ever commented to her and I don't want to bring attention to what I distinctly feel is inappropriate behaviour.

Her entry is very heartfelt and she is talking about herself. She's not talking about you, or what she thinks of you. She's talking about how she feels in her own skin.

See this entry here, for further comment on that whole mind set.

I call both shenanigans AND bullshit.

Double shenanigans and bullshit.

When people say things like this especially in someones blog I have to wonder, if it bothers you that much why did you keep reading? Why not read a few lines, decided you don't want to know and move on?

To me that's like sitting on a tack and then looking around mystified as to why your ass hurts.

I don't get it.

In other news I decided I'm going to sell my fabulous but too big Torrid coat. It's pained me but there is no way I have the sewing skills to take it in and I think it's a shame to cut it up. Another hot fattie is going to have to rock it in my stead and my quest for the penultimate faux fur coat will continue.

I had the perfect one for a long time, mid calve, monster fur and I wore it until it fell apart. I might have to try and make one.

Filljonk posted this today and it has me fairly inspired. Not to shop for a bikini but to try a little harder to work out some of my body/clothing issues.

I find myself on occasion denying myself the pleasure of wearing something because of some usually fleeting anxiety about my hams or my stomach. The weird thing is usually the thought is gone as quick as it comes so I've never really taken a lot of time to analyze it and just move on.

What tends to baffle me is that these usually aren't thoughts that are there all the time. If they were I could deal with it and say, okay stop. So I'm deciding as of last night to let it the fuck go.

I am not going to bug myself trying to figure it out. I'm just going to stop, and when it sneaks up I will acknowledge the feeling and let it go.

My big reason for addressing this now is that I hate those kind of random moments where my rain is not quite caught up with itself. I'd really prefer not to even go there with myself but sometimes it happens.

In other news if I go make five of these new Burda pattern dresses it is totally TR's fault because she posted the link and they are really fucking cute. Oh wait, WAIT it's free? Hot motherfucking damn. So now if I make like fourteen of them I can blame TR.

I also (and now can't find the link) found some DIY instructions on Fatshionista over on the LJ and I have a vision of the skirt with this pair of vintage-esque boots I have.

While I'm thinking about sewing I have decided that I really need to make myself an A line leopard print Mini. Maybe the fuzzy leopard print. Even though Uniballer hates animal print and gives me a ration of shit when I find animal print stuff I like.

Wow I just got entirely sidetracked writing a post I hope will be up at Fatshionista tomorrow.

If it does go up I will talk about it tomorrow.

Right now I am going to make myself a coffee, and daydream about fancy cupcakes.

Homo Out.

Also why is it the last two little packages I bought postage for online and dropped at the PO have come back to me? One for Vesta and one for a nice lady in CA. WTF?

Fucking post office.


The Rotund said...



And I think you mean this:



And and and, it pisses me off no end when people are all "so and so isn't fat enough to be fat!" Oh, fuckin' wah. You know, I'm hella fat. My experience is vastly (heh) different from the experience of a size 12/14 woman. But that doesn't make her not fat and me the correct yard stick. WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR PEOPLE TO GRASP?

Anonymous said...

wanting a smoke really bad and it was the fact that my cigarettes were in there that tipped me over into sobbing

I haven't smoked in about... eight years but boy oh boy do I totally understand this.

Oh, I went back to the Y last night. I wrote my combo on my flip flops with a sharpie.

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