Thursday, May 08, 2008


Soooo my darling readers I've been doing some housekeeping. I have added a ton of blog links to your right there, I also removed some crap, fixed up some other crap and added stumbleupon and um, digg.

Now I have to tell you how much of a geek I am. I don't use any auto coding anything. I make all changes like that by hand. I added some sparkly things. The widget, and um...yeah.

I'm also currently working on an about me page. Something a little more interesting than the blogger profile page. I am finishing that up and will upload it later.

And holy shitballs man my html/css coding skills is rusty.

I also added way down there at the bottom a banner link to my homie Sarah. She is a fantastic author (and I can admit I am a wee bit jealous of her talent/book deals), sweet lady who I like very much. For a minute, I was conflicted because her publisher is Seal Press. But, as I have told myself before. I can support the people I care about and fuck the rest of them.

So you should go to her blog and buy both of her books.


Also coming up I am putting together one of those Amazon Astore things. I know a lot of people hate Amazon and whatnot but I would like to have an area here where I can recommend things to you my friends. I kind of hate the random suggestions from Amazon affiliate links so there you have it.

I also removed the big ads there. I have never made more than (quite literally) a quarter from blogging and I'm not really looking for big money here. But as I mentioned last month I am Hustlin.

But the store is coming along nicely. I am hand picking items to feature. Not all big ticket either. I love you folks too much for that. However it is slow freaking going man. I am such a persnickety nit about it.

Anyway look for more added bits in the next few days.

Also I am ( ) that close to being done with my AromaLeigh review and it's gonna be a biggun.

Later on I swear the Homo Out story. Promise.

Homo Out.


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