Thursday, May 08, 2008

How the Homo Thing Started.

Okay so if you've been reading me for a long time or just wandered here you've noticed I tend to sign off my posts like so:

Homo Out.

So I had this gay boyfriend and he and I were like, um. Not quite Will and Grace, think more gay, more liquor and more glitter.

One Saturday he and I were all gothed up together and on our way out for the evening, and we were looking hot. Hot enough that we had to stop at a bar by his place prior to our Gothtastic destination.

While at that bar we got a little toasty drunk and were doing some very dirty dancing, some smooching on the dancefloor then while we were waiting outside with some very hot other gay boys, I twirled and put my tiara on. Demanded to be called Princess.

One of the other gay boys stopped mid sentence and pointed at me and said-

"You are SUCH a homo."

We all laughed and since many people call me homo and I gracefully accept.

So that's where that comes from.

Now I'm going to Denny's and I'm having pie for dinner because I can.


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