Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Makes me wanna Holler.

Holy wow.

So I've had a rough couple of weeks. A few winters ago I pinched a nerve in my neck really bad and occasionally do some mystery movement that makes it go, AH AH AH HAAAAAAAAAAA TAKE THAT BITCH.

And of course not to be left out, my back decides it's time to join the party too. Nothing like hours of back spasms and a hurting neck to make a girl want to punch herself in the face.

So yeah. That is what is actually going on with me lately. I have a bad habit of not mentioning or talking about when I am having a bad or hard time.

In other news if you want to buy me presents go to Dyke Tees right now. You can buy me any of these-

All black XL/XXL girly tees yo. Or gift certificates gleefully accepted.

The Whatever T. Perfect for yours truly the non discriminating ass biter.

My humps T. Come on now?=, right across the D Cups of Doom yo.

The Do I look Gay in this T. That one makes me giggle cause yeah, that would make me look gay.

The following are self explanatory if you know me at all.

Nerdy Girls Make me Hot.

I Put the Ho in Homo.

TechnoDyke RIP. I remember lurking at TechnoDyke a lot years ago. Back when I first got on the intertubes I was quite shy. Now, I threaten to show my tits.

I heart Pussy. Well I do. Mine yours whatever. I like em.

I love having a boss with a sense of humour. He sent me this.

Fails, let me show you them.

I have been giggling for ten minutes.

Back to presents.

I also really want to try some of the Oyin Handmade products for my hair. My hair isn't natural I do what's called texlaxing. Which basically means I don't use a relaxer to make my hair entirely straight. I like some texture and loosened naps not super straight hair. Unless my hair is less than 2 inches long I don't like it super straight.

My hair is in fact fabulous even though I made it very angry over the weekend. Well not angry but cranky. I wish my pictures turned out but I tried a braid out and it was made of flufftastic OMFG waves/curls going everywhere kind of fail. I still can't get it to calm down.

My hair said bitch please.

On the plus side however my hair is soft and feels like some hot silk.

Okay after listening to some of the podcasts at Oyin I am totally going to buy some with my next round of mad money. You can bet I will do a full product review (I am going to pick up the hair sampler pack) either here or in my hair journal or both. What really convinced me was listening to their podcasts because, they talk about textures without any implied judgement of what's better and I appreciate that a lot.

Also they use honey as a main ingredient and frankly I am wild crazy about honey. The scent, the taste all of it.

While I'm pimping crap I want in lieu of actual content how about a peek at some of the stuff on my various amazon lists.

The one thing I really want but am going to wait until fall to buy because I am NOT sitting under the fucking dryer in the summer is this space helmet dryer that keeps falling off of my wishlist wtf? I know it looks absurd but from the reviews from ladies at LHCF and elsewhere I think it will work for me. In two years I've spent 10 dollars to be a member there and even though sometimes there are things that get to me I've gotten invaluable advice, support and realized I am not the only black woman who gets into her thirties and can't do her own hair.

I am rectifying that and growing a lush head of hair I might add.

My hair has never looked or felt like this in my adult life. Check out the multi textured, shiny fluffy.


And the hot ass cowlick. It's funny when my head was shaved was the first time I ever really noticed it and I freaked because I thought it was a bald spot. A very good barber who used a straight razer on my fade, explained it was a cowlick not a bald spot and I was relieved.

Moving on. If you would like to donate to the buy Beasty more henna fund feel free to do so. Because I needs it man. I must invest in the sexy. As in my sexy hair that I spend lots of time loving on with my fingers.

I also have a serious book wishlist. As you can see I am an eclectic and voracious reader. You'll notice those are mostly paperbacks because I am a woman on the move and my tomes must be portable. I mostly use that to keep track of what books I've bought or intend to buy. And I fucking love used books man. There is something wonderful and special about them.

There is also a good amount of porn there.

Now for some blog whoring mmkay?

Murray's Musings is good and I like it.

Also pick up autographed books by the lovely Sarah Katherine Lewis. Find those here. I seriously suggest buying her books from that link rather than from amazon because she's trying to finance a book tour. Also I know some of you are not all into Seal press right now however, I do think Miss Lewis is worth supporting.

Next up, for my fellow Lip Service lovers, (and I hate to pimp livejournal here but there are some fantastic communities there) there is Lippy_addicts. I seriously recommend creating an LJ account so you have access to some of the sales and whatnot. I will say there's not a lot of plus size action but it's a really nice community that I like a lot.

If you are a make up lover like me. Or you just want to see some cool make up eyeshadowsluts is fucking fantastic.

And now I'm really fucking tired and sore so I am going to eat my delicious stew and then try not to fall down and yell.

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"I Put The Ho in Homo"

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