Friday, May 02, 2008

On Beauty

I want to talk about beauty today.

I have been interested in beauty, cosmetics, make up, photography and my wacky ideas about beauty since I was a very little girl. And let me say this before anyone starts throwing gendered hooha at me, I am fairly positive that had I been a wee boy I'd still be into these things.

I remember being four or five years old and my Mom was a hair/look model for a Joico salon. I remember going to the salon with her on weekends when it was closed and her stylist Ramone (Ramon was not that poor mans name but, I renamed people as I saw fit as a child and I decided he was a Ramone.) Ramone would set me up my own station, full lights and with his personal make up kit, give me a hand full of disposable brushes some magazines and let me go.

I never once made a mess of his make up. What I did was flip through fashion magazines until I saw a look I liked then I would painstakingly recreate it on my wee face. I probably had about a 50% success rate. I watched Solid Gold and copied the high sparkle looks. I was looked after by drag queens sometimes who let me play dress up in their closets and put make up on them.

Okay slight digression here but I believe I've discussed my childhood love of the lead dancer from Solid Gold. Thanks to Wikipedia I have learned her name and here's a picture:



The minute I saw her picture I was immediately flooded with my childhood love of Ms. Tall Dark and Fabulous Darcel Wynn. And here is a photo gallery. The hair, the legs, the skin, the cheekbones and goddamn it she could dance.

Okay sorry. Back to beauty.

So right even as a wee tiny kid I still had my OH SHINY love of all things, yes shiny.

My ideas about beauty have been since way back when very wide open and not entirely linear. I never absorbed the "you must be this to be beautiful" type message that's out there so much. I don't really have an explanation for that.

Even then I remember thinking people like Grace Jones were SO amazingly beautiful. I thought my best friend Marie's Mom was amazingly beautiful because she had this astonishingly lovely pelt of sable pubic hair that I'd seen while her husband was painting a portrait of her. I remember that particular afternoon with serious love. Marie and I sat kid of behind and to the side of her Dad at his easel, her Mom was naked and sitting on a stool. I had never actually seen someone make art so it was all very important to me.

I also thought that this biker we met at the laundry mat was beautiful. Yes he was big and kind of greasy, yes his beard looked like it might've housed small vermin but he had the most awesome smile. Big and kind of snaggletoothed, and I was in love.

I find glory and beauty in so many people and things, it's just not even funny.

Moving onto the personal, as in my own person.

I know on first appearances some days I look like a drag queen blew up on my face. I know and that's ok.

The whole reason I am so into cosmetics, hair care and other similar sparkly pursuits is that they make me feel good. I could quite frankly give less than two shits if someone else likes or approves. I like making myself feel good.

I like feeling fancy.

Feeling fancy to me is when I get in the tub and discover I have another scoop of that tasty smelling sugar scrub I like. Or when I find another make up company that offers sample sized things. Wearing hand made anything makes me feel fancy and special.

And fuck you but I like feeling fancy and special.

Maybe it's because I grew up pretty poor, or because I've spent the vast majority of my adult life on the bottom edge of the working poor but goddamn it, those little moments of feeling fancy and special make up for a whole lot of bullshit.

And I don't care if other people think it's silly.

I don't care if anyone else thinks maybe I should work on not being fat rather than being fabulous every mother fucking day.

I. Don't. Care.

In other beauty news.

I probably mentioned earlier in the week or last week that I picked up a foundation brush. It's the foundation brush from Eco Tools as seen here. Overall a nice little brush. Decent weight, good fiber density and a very good bargain.

So I mixed my Oil of Olay moisturizer with SPF (YES black women need SPF too) with some liquid foundation I had. I think it was uh...I don't remember. Anyway I've been applying this mix with the brush after putting on my rice powder primer, then I do a good sweep of my CG pressed powder, and top it off with my Fyrinnae oil control powder and wow.

I was a little skeptical about this technique because of how amazingly oily my skin is. Also after I finish applying my skin looks wet and dewy which I'm not accustomed to but it looks fucking fantastic. Several people commented on the fabulousness of my skin.

I also have the EcoTools eyeliner brush and really like it. It's about the perfect size and I actually like it more than the same brush from Smashbox.

And okay so I have to redo my AromaLeigh looks because the pictures sucked but I will tell you, I. Love. This. Stuff.

I tried one of the freebie samples a color called Old Gold and it is so shimmery and gorgeous. Like a lot of gold shades it shows up very bright and green on my brown skin and it's fabulous.


So look for my full review (after I've tried some more colors) hopefully this weekend.

And in conclusion my fabulous darlings a picture of my favorite recent make up look. All shades of Purple Mac Pigments, (click the photo to go to my Flickr for the details)

That look totally made me want to touch myself in an inappropriate way.

Purple eyes.

Happy Friday.

Homo Out.

(PS...I'll probably make a post at some point this weekend explaining my sign off there, it's a cute very gay story)



n_vizion said...

I agree with you, who doesn't like feeling fancy?
The purple look is working and your writing style is very entertaining.

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