Friday, May 23, 2008

Sexy Sexy

In case you're new here's a news flash about your hostess. I like kinky things.

And among those kinky things I have a interest in rope bondage. I don't do it but I am interested. And that is how I stumbled on Twisted Monk. He posted a video thingy he did with super diva Midori (on whom I've had a MAD crush on for a really long time). If you are not afraid of the bosses walking in I seriously recommend watching that video.

And as a super smooth segue I want to talk about fat and kink and art.

I look at a lot of fetish art. I like hot people in shiny clothes, I like people with tattoos and piercings, I like people trussed up in ropes, I like it. Now the unfortunate thing about this hobby of mine is that, after awhile the images just start all looking the same.

Now the very common aesthetic (and I am way generalizing here) is very similar to mainstream modeling. Tall, thin. Give or take some mohawks, pierced nipples and tattoos. Now there are some exceptions to the rule naturally but, the mainstream image of beauty prevails.

Frankly at least for me it gets old.

And honestly kind of disappointing after awhile. I recall when I first discovered fetish photography and alt porn what I found were people who looked, well different. There were some saggy boobs, saggy balls, cellulite, fat rolls, wrinkles, people of differing ages and physical appearances and that is what gives me the proverbial thrill.

When I started to collect these images I was pretty disappointed that the "higher quality" magazines etc all had such similar looks I got bored.

Lately I've kind of given up.

There are exceptions-

April Flores AKA Fatty D. Who I think is fucking sexy.

But come ON now man.

I have known a lot of kinky people in my life and what gets presented in Fetish media does not represent even half of them. And that bugs me.

If you're going to do something in a counter culture or "alt" scene fucking do it. Maybe I have off expectations but really. Is diversity beyond hair color and five pounds too much?

I used to read a popular fetish gossip site and as with so many other places if someone looked to be over a size 4 there were cries of "FAT FAT OMFG MY EYEEEEZ FAT" and while I expect that I still find it disappointing.

Maybe I grew up around "alt" people who had a slightly better grasp on actually being different rather than posing as different. I don't know. But my interest is waning rapidly.

I'm still a big fan of some photographers. Namely the brain trust behind Blueblood. Forrest Black and Amelia G. I have followed their careers and work for a long time. But at this point I would probably not pay to join any of their sites anymore. Not that I don't enjoy their photography, I do but a lot of the previews etc I see just don't give me that special tingle in the crotch related area of my brain. I do get an aesthetic tingle but the crotchal thrill is gone.

That makes me a little sad.

I have such a craving for visual stimulation it's ridiculous. But what does it for me is well beyond what's popular and around.

I guess what I'm trying so painfully to get at is I want to see the real.

I had a copy of this book that I cannot for the life of me remember the title and the photography just floored me. People of different ages, not smoothed out and photoshopped to look like Barbies with tattoos in latex. Wrinkly asses, wrinkly faces. Fat. Stretchmarks. Cellulite.

And the most beautiful thing, these expressions. I remember the last photo in the book was of this couple, I don't know how old they were at the time and they were celebrating their anniversary with the lady cutting/scarring her male partner. I remember her holding this bloody scalpel, her head thrown back and mouth wide open in what I interpreted as laughter.

She had wrinkles and saggy boobs and I was stunned and awed.

That is what I like.

I want to see the people I know are out there having a good goddamn time. I want to see something human beyond the model.

My usual response when I feel like this is to want to create what I can't find for myself. Fuck everyone else I will do my own thing.

In this case though I have neither the talent nor the means to and it's frustrating as hell.

I also don't expect people to alter their aesthetic choices because I'm bored. not at all. Rather what I'd like to see is someone with some balls and talent to explore this successfully without going into the whole, ZOMFG FATTY FETISH type thing.

If the whole Fat Fetish is your thing I don't care. What I am looking for is not, "oh look fat girls is pretty too maybe" but "damn that is a beautiful photo." Period.

If you can dig someone with eleventy billion body mods shoving a giant glass dildo in their asshole while wearing assless chaps striped socks and giving the finger, is it such a stretch to maybe dig someone with a lumpy butt, some wrinkles, stretch marks and saggy balls? Is it really?

No, you don't have to get all twittery in the pants about it, but would it be SO difficult to express appreciation for another human being while reserving whatever moral judgment you may attribute to their appearance?

Yeah probably it is.

I've not got my head that far up my butt. I know the above is probably asking too much of Joe Q Public. And that too makes me sad.

So some links.

I LOVE this shot.

I also love local shutterbug Malixe. There is such a realness to his photos that I don't see in a lot of other photographers work.

A lot of photographers get so into the smoothed out dream that the idea or hint of the real person gets lost. Which I understand sometimes is the point but meh, it just doesn't do it for me.

Which is why I get a TON more enjoyment out of non slick DIY or small production company porn. Which is why I like reading sex blogs because I like to see/experience the parts of the sex that aren't slick and BAM they are naked.

I like oops's. I like it when two people are so into what they are doing they fall down.

Or someone farts, or gets the giggles. Has butt hair and real boobies.

So if you want to turn me on, get my attention or otherwise cause some reaction in the crotch area of my brain give me real.

I realize this entry is probably all over the place because my neck really fucking hurts and so does my back.

Maybe one of these days I'll actually get around to arty shots of my own dimply stretchmarked self.

So fair warning. Someday you might come along wanting to read about sparkly eyeshadow and BAM there's a titty.

It could happen.

Okay I am not excited and I'm going to take some pills and walk around a little.

Homo Out.

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JD said...

I like the way you think. I have to agree that so much of it just sort of blends together and get lost. But a good shot is a wonderful thing

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