Friday, May 09, 2008

So true.

More reasons to love Jill Scott-

Sometimes when you are a big titty having type, no matter how well your bra fits by the end of the day you're done. I'm not sure how I feel about the back of that bra but it's always nice to see somebody making some changes.

I had a big serious post about the interview with PastaQueen over at BFD but I'm really not in the mood. It's shit I've said before. I used to read her journal for awhile, I'm not buying the book and I'm quite frankly not very interested in anything she has to say.

I am really seriously over the whole weight loss as the super road to personal transformation. I really am.

I'm also tired of having to explain over and over what FA is.

If someone seriously thinks that any civil rights movement is all about "making" them do something than fuck em. These are the same fuckers who will whine about being "made" to do this or that and they are so wrapped up in their own little world of entitlement the idea that people just want to be treated like human beings and not fucked with for whatever reason, fuck em.

Fuck em. Fuck em. FUCK THEM.

Right in the goat ass.

I am over it.

Listen people, pull up your big girl panties and put on your hardhats and fucking deal.

Stop demonizing people and deal with your own bullshit.

In other news. I am almost ready to move to the next gauge in my earholes. 12 Gauge here I come.

In yet more good news I am still putting together my Amazon Astore.

Truth is folks I have long dreamed of owning a beauty supply store. And since I don' really have the time, energy or resources to have a real one I'm going to put all my stuff in a silly associate store. Nothing I am picking for this store is stuff I wouldn't use myself.

Because there is a limit to how many products per store you can feature I might make separate ones for my hair/beauty supply type stuff and another for everything else.

Hrm. Not sure yet.

And my hair bling, let me show you it.


Again I say, my hair is LUXURIOUS.

And I love henna.

To read all about the fabulosity that is my hair read my hair journal located here.

Now I am going to put together my hair care list so i can keep myself in supplies for the summer.

And I am going to try not to stab myself in the sciatic nerve.

Homo Out.


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Wants a cracker said...

Of course, the nude muse IS where the fat girl talk happens. I found you!

I too should comment on PQ but I've stayed out for so long now I'm not sure when to jump in.


You're gorgeous.


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