Friday, June 06, 2008

Beauty, and Friday whatnot.

It's Friday, I don't have shit to wait yes I do.

The above was a reference to the movie Friday which is one of my favorites to this day.

Okay oh wait before I get to the pretty and sparkly HI guys (this is where you picture me waving madly at my monitor) welcome you commenting hotnesses.

Now if you've read me for awhile or know me I am a beauty fanatic. I LOVE all thins sparkly, cosmetic-y, and make me feel fancy and fabulous.

Now my budget is not one that is conducive to feeling fancy or fabulous but I have developed some fool proof ways to not only experiment with some fantastic high end stuff but to learn new techniques and whatnot.

So first.

Money. I don't has a lot of it. So I joined some make up communities on LJ and since I started getting into mineral make up I have discovered the joy of samples.

I've already done some pimping. I am a HUGE Fyrinnae fan. I use their eyeshadow base, I have a ton of their eyeshadows and their oil control mineral finishing powder is the motherfucking bomb diggity. I also love the fact that their products are hand tested, doggy approved and frankly having cosmetics I know were packed just for me makes me feel fancy.

I am a recent lover of AromaLeigh products. Read the lady in charges Miss K's blog here. The colors of the shadows are excellent and the sample deal is off the chain. You get extra samples and free shipping on an all sample order. And there is plenty of product in the samples for quite awhile. I am in ass over tea kettle love with her Rocks! Sonic Eyes shades.

And we can't forget Ebay. I very randomly back in December purchased a sample of Happy Minerals Oil control primer powder and have gone back for more. I was a tad skeptical at first because my skin is insanely oily and has pretty much defeated every other primer I've ever tried.

To give you an idea I've tried:
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Generally speaking primer, foundation and powder are things I'm willing to shell out the bucks for but this was awful. I bought a 14$ sample of it and used it as directed then experimented a little and it broke my skin out something awful. It made my face look greasier and my foundation application was weird. I didn't like it at all.

I've also tried a product Cornsilk used to put out a mattifying gel. Didn't work so great either. I've tried so many things.

The Happy Minerals powder primer is hands down the best I've tried. And unlike some other mineral make up I've tried it does not get chalky or ashy on brown skin which is a huge plus. Every day I wear make up I use it. It's silky, lovely etc.

And if I'm going for uber hot smooth matteness I will use Milk of Magnesia on my skin first in a thin layer. Wet a cotton pad (I hate cotton balls) and very very lightly smooth it on, use your fingertips if you get any puddle like spots. Let that dry, then with the Happy Minerals on top BANG DAMN HOT.

Okay so we've covered the hows of making some fabulous on the shoe string budget.

Also I keep saying it over and over again but sign up for beauty newsletters. I signed up with Sephora and when my birthday and spending cash came around I got some fabulous things and Sephora actually sends some kick ass samples that you get to pick with your order. Awesome.

Next up let's discuss brushes. Unlike a lot of make up lovers I won't tell you to toss the little applicators that come with your eyeshadows a lot of the time. I keep mine and use them to put on my eyeshadow primer, to fix oops's, occasionally I like ot use the edges to line my eyes.

I LOVE make up brushes too. My little collection is growing quite a bit. I don't tend to buy expensive brushes. And I don't use a whole lot of the different fancy ones. For basics these are what I use:

The first brush I pick up is one like this Flat Top Bronzing Buffer brush from Coastal scents. And let me remind you darlings, you absolutely do not have to ever use a brush according to what it's called. Use it for what it works for. I use that brush to put on my powder primer, it gives a more even layer than the big puffy brush I was using.

Then my trusty Eco Tools Foundation brush. Purchased at Walgreens during a 2 for 1 sale. Now I don't do this every day, it really depends on my mood and how much time I want to spend. I mixed myself up a tinted moisturizer with SPF that is more tinted than you can generally find them. Cheap and easy. I used some Oil of Olay Complete all day UV defense and mixed it with some left over Maybelline liquid foundation I had laying about. I put the lotion in a little plastic flip top bottle that came with my portable train case, then added foundation in wee squirts until it was the consistancy I wanted and voila. It cost probably 7.50$ all told and is lasting me forever. I use my foundation brush to brush my mix on and I smooth any lines with a cosmetic sponge or my fingers.

Next, my handy dandy trusty kabuki brush. Mine looks like this one but it's a different brand. I use it with my Covergirl Freshlook pressed powder in soft sable. I will probably retire this because frankly it is too goddamn hard to find it in my color. I am movin on up (because of mah economic stimulus dood) to a Mac MSF. Anyhow, I swirl my buki in the powder and buff away. I actually really love doing this. Even when I skip the tinted moisturizer my skin looks and feels really lovely.

Then if I feel like it blush or bronzer. Or more likely I pick up my buffer brush again or my big fluffy brush like this one. Dust myf ace with my Fyrinnae finishing powder and voila. My face looks awesome and I am happy with that.

Most of my eyeshadow/liner brushes are from Eyes Lips Face. They are pretty damn good for costing only a dollar. I have a few fancy high end brushes bought either on livejournal or ebay. I haven't noticed a huge difference in quality. Not as big as some make it out to be.

If you haven't wandered off glassy eyed in boredom I am going to talk about why I do and love all this shit. I'll try to keep the flippancy to a minimum.

There was a time when I tried very hard to fit in with some feminists I knew. My nails went unpainted, my face unsparkly, I didn't admit to owning glitter and made damn sure The Man would not find me attractive. I hated it.

These women were doing the one cardinal sin when it comes to trying to educate me. Don't make the assumption that I perceive and deal with societal pressures the same way you do. Ask me.

When someone did finally ask me, my answer then as it is now. It makes me happy. From the time I was around 4 and almost had a heart attack in joy because my tap dance at class had a recital in which I not only got to wear a black and white tutu with sequins but I got to wear make up. I was a child in ecstasy.

I know you could show me your book learnings that would tell me that no I was only excited because of the models set for by the governing (and evil) patriarch and I was (and am) just a poor hapless victim who doesn't know better. You could.

And then I could show you my pointy nailed (currently painted a blueish silver) middle finger.

I attribute my rejection of these things out of hand on lots of things. I was an only child for a long time and spent blessed hours alone. My fantasies and other childhood entertainments were based solely on what made my wee heart go babump. Included in that were hours and hours of dress up and giving myself make overs.

I remember sitting poring over old magazines for hours with my mother's small make up collection spread around me and me ever so carefully emulating the frosted eyes and too much mascara that was the thing then. And you know what? Those were very very happy hours.

As I have gotten older, the bulk of my self esteem has come from some wellspring inside. If I feel like I feel good in there, I am more than happy to do stuff with the housing. IF that means I want to wear my jeans a hoody and a tiara, a look replete with rhinestones on my face and fake eyelashes I goddamn well will whether you like it or not.

I will say this, one last time and I hope to never have to say it again.

It (whatever aesthetic choice I've made that day) is not about you. It's not about your Dad, your boyfriend, it's not about whether or not I am heterosexual or not. It's not about "playing a role", it's not about what society says I'm supposed to do. It's not about a political statement or refutation of a statement.

My big glossy lips and sparkly eyes are not for you. I don't care if you're a man or a woman or inbetween or neither. It. Is. Not. For. You.

Who am I trying to impress?

Myself so fuck you.

NO really fuck you a lot.

The only person who ever has to absolutely without reservation love me, is me.

This is the crux of the intersections of my fat, femme, queer flavored, black life.

My body, how I treat my body, what I do to my body, how I might adorn it has fuck all to do with you and everything to do with me.

Some might say this is ego masturbation and I don't care.

The hardest person to please in my life is me. The worst most evil critic I know is me. I am the one who can hurt me the most and I am also the one who can lift myself from the gutter. Me.

And you know what?

Right now, right this very instant I am in love again. I have finally after 31 years on this Earth shed enough skin to know that I am mostly ok. I am in love because I am secure in my knowledge of myself. I know myself better than anyone and I think I'm pretty fucking cool. I have finally after all these years let go of my continual searching for the right words from other people to affirm what I already know.

Fuck that.

Fuck it right in the goat ass.

And now some links.

Read Sarah's new sex toy blog. And check out her banner down there at the bottom of the page. And I am SO happy I am 99% sure I get to see her on Sunday which is win.

And LaToya from Racialicious is in Bitch Magazine this month. That is pretty kick ass.

Check out what Fillyjonk had to say about tattoos over here. I am fairly into the tats and whatnot myself and will probably do an entry about it at some point fairly soon.

Via SassySays I found (totally not safe for work)Human Variation project. That is super fucking cool.

Go have a looksy at what Davitta (who still refutes being Queen of Black People) said about dieting and talk about dieting.

And lastly FatChic posted about Lola and Gigi clothing and I am kind of in love.

I leave you now my darlings. No photo today. I am not in ze mood.

Also I still keep forgetting to get batteries for my damn digital camera. Bloody hell.

This weekend I have a couple of interweb related projects that I am going to work on. One of them I may or may not get up tonight is my about me page. Something better than the sill blogger profile.

Homo Out.

PS...send dark chocolate stat.


Anonymous said...

i've only found your blog recently through the fatosphere, and i have to tell you, i'm a little bit in love with you.

not in a for serious kind of way, but more in the awe-struck, holy-fuckin'-jezuz-this-chick-is-amazing kind of way. so uh. yeah. i'm enjoying your blog. :)


Anonymous said...

You know, you kind of look...
like me!

Hi there, doppleganger! :-)

Anyway, I loves the facepaint too. I recently went to sephora and bought Clinique's virtual real foundation in the second to darkest color, and so far, so good. I once got a custom blended foundation from Perscriptives, and though it was the best I have ever used, this one from Clinique is a close second, and WAY cheaper. Better than MAC, I think. Anyway, since you look alot like me and we have the same complexion and skin type, I thought I'd give you a heads up.

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