Monday, June 30, 2008

Between here there and holy crap.

Apparently I am a producer of questionable content. So says the Google people. I got a notice that my entry here, was inappropriate and that my adsense (the funny part is that in the three years I've had adsense I've made just short of 4$) has been deactivated or whatever. Which is fine. However I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it off of my fucking blog.

Also, I have been way more graphic and offensive than that. But that particular entry gets a lot of random hits or someone reported me which is just as amusing.

I still am not feeling particularly good today but I have shit to talk about.

First up I was reading Chrissy's entry over at JiggyBits about eating right and it got me thinking.

Eating right in my view is a totally subjective thing. Eating right in my world =stuff that won't give me gastric distress.

When I think about some of the shit I have done to my digestive system and body in general because I thought I was "eating right" I'm astonished my colon never just dropped right out in protest. For instance.

I was a serious vegan for quite a few years. I was vegan for a number of reasons including thinking it would make me "healthier" and therefore keep my weight down. Both of which were/are utter bullshit. I did not lose weight, which at the time was disappointing but I could deal with it.

What I couldn't deal with however was how sickly I got. I learned through much trial error and lots of gastric distress and immune system fuckery that my body does not function well without meat and eggs. I did everything you're "supposed" to do, I had a doctor who was all on board until I started feeling like crap all the time. I was overtired, got sick a lot.

Turns out, that my body just does not like that and made it quite clear.

I also at one point tried Atkins and that was a disaster as well. Not only was I so constipated I wanted to die, I don't like red meat that much and love fruit of all sorts etc that were on the no no list. Thankfully I came to my senses in a short period of time.

Now, do I think no one should be vegan or do Atkins, or South Beach diet or whatever other system of eating they choose? No. I feel like do what does you good.

For me personally my optimum diet )a reminder here people, I use diet in the context of the food that I eat not bathing in unicorn pee to lose weight) lots of fruits and veggies, some meat. Not so much pasta and lots of wheaty tasty bread. Lots of water.

That is what makes my body the most happy.

Lately frankly my eating has been all over the place and I am paying the gastric toll as we speak. So as I mentioned yesterday and Friday Uniballer and I are going to do some fixing in that department. Which will also be good for him because he is borderline diabetic and neither of us would like for him to go back on medication because the meds made him feel like shit.

Moving along.

This Ask Aunt Fattie column has me thinking a lot. I started to comment but it got way too long.

If you've been reading me for awhile you know I really don't care for the idea of safe space. But what struck me as odd is the assumption that the letter writer is in fact thin and that she needed a lesson on thin privilege.

Now I don't know if the letter writer redacted the mention of specific weight here or not:

After having lunch together at work today, I brought up this Saturday. I was not so politely reminded it’s “the BIG girls’ beach club.” After a minute of my silence and clearly looking hurt, K not so sincerely told me I could come “if I wanted to,” but if I got below 1xx pounds in the next 2 days, I was uninvited.

Naturally I snipped a bit, here's a bit from Aunt Fattie's response:

As a thin woman, you are a member of a dominant culture, and what’s going on here is that a member of an oppressed group sees you trying to impinge on a space she’s carved out for other members of that group. She may worry that you’re slumming, or just that your presence will change the tenor of the weekend. (Even the most feminist man might not be welcome at a girls’ night out.)

If you read the comments there is lots of reminders and the usual nail pounding of making people understand privilege but I don't think that was the problem. Is the assumption of the relative thinness of the letter writer because the redacted weight says 1xx? Would she get a different response if she'd said 2xx?

If instead of assuming this woman is much smaller than the other women involved what would you say to her?

If my friends said something like that to me I'd be pissed off and would probably not bother to give them the time of day anymore aside from hello and goodbye. But then again that's the kind of cranky bastard I am.

However, I would advise her to if she felt like it ask her friend why she would say something like that first of all and secondly, inform her why it hurt her so badly and leave it.

The whole thing leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Next thing.

A few links.

This is not exactly work safe but there is a good interview from DeviantArt with my favorite model KumiMonster.


Totally safe for work I have to share that I have a total love for Miss Scandalous Beauty. I just love reading what she has to say about beauty and Mac and whatnot. Also her youtube videos are fantastic and geared towards my Homies of color.

What else?

Not much.

I don't talk about it a lot here but I have really really bad teeth. I have since I started getting mature teeth. They suck. And some of them hurt right now but, because my dental coverage isn't super fantastic I just have to suffer until I can save up enough money and vacation time to do something about them.

This is depressing and makes me really tired and reminds me that I am poor in a way that other things tend not to.

Especially since people make so many snap judgments when it comes to teeth. So I don't tend to show mine a lot. And please don't blow sunshine up my ass about it because it's one of those prejudices that is pretty acceptable and most people don't even think twice about it. And I don't want to discuss whether or not it exists.

I think I'm spent for now.

Tomorrow maybe pictures of the spectacular fluff that is my hair. It is actually spectacular and if I had more flexirod rollers I could almost rock a natural type look but alas my rollers have all gone to roller heaven. Maybe tonight I will try something new.

That's it.

Homo Out.

PS...don't be surprised if you usually read from the Fatosphere feed and don't get this. My update is so wonky on that.


Anonymous said...

And again I had a similar reaction. 190lbs could still be big, and overweight, especially if she was short with it. I totally read it as the letter writer being 'big' but not quite big enough.


fillyjonk said...

From the comments:

"The assumption was that since the letter-writer said nothing whatsoever about the fat hatred she herself faces, her self-identification as a 'big girl,' or having any sort of fat experience, that she was reacting as a thin friend with body image issues, not as a fat-but-less-fat friend. It is certainly true that fattish people can still weigh under a deuce. But in that case, like many of the commenters above, they say something like 'I am thinner than some fat people but I still experience fat prejudice' — not 'I’m dealing with my own body image issues.'"

I also happen to know that this woman is thin. And the nitpicking is staggering to me.

mnwhr said...

It's funny to me that our tribalism so often leads us to lecture those we preceive as non-members

Risha said...

@fillyjonk - If you know the woman personally and know for a fact that she's thin, why didn't you just say that? I still wouldn't necessarily agree with everything you said and/or how you said it, but at least it would have cleared up some of the groundless speculation.

Honestly, I'm beginning to think that you deliberately wrote your response in the most opaque manner you could, for reasons that escape me.

Sirriamnis said...

I work in a dental school, and most of our students are legacies. Meaning, their folks are dentists, granpa was a dentist, etc... And apart from the fact that mom and dad usually pay for their school, the other thing they don't get is that most people just plain can't afford to go to the dentist all the time.

One of my favorite students, who is a total sweetheart, was stunned to hear that I went to a dentist at 5 for a fluoride treatment because the school district mandated it, and then not again until I was 19 and my wisdom teeth were so impacted and infected I couldn't open my mouth. Even with dental insurance, I can't afford to get all the crap done to my teeth, and that's with working at the dental school.

Granted part of it is because some genius here decided that the programs couldn't work on staff for free or like 20% of the usual cost anymore. We try to sneak around that, let the students use us for practice before Boards and such, but it's difficult.

Piffle said...

When I was really poor, I used a dental hygenists' school for my teeth cleaning; I don't know if you could get a good deal at a dental doctor school or not, but asking will at worst get you a "no".

crisitunity said...

You are completely right about teeth. Mine are imperfect, which means that since I live in America, I can't smile comfortably. I HATE this, it's so unfair and dumb. Getting mine fixed would be classified as cosmetic dentistry, which means it's classified as "when I retire or win the lottery". I loved being in Britain, because there are so many unusual sets of teeth there. Way more interesting than the same old straight bright whites you see on every person in the US.

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