Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Dude Meowser, I totally had to go back and read, that comment made me go errrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeechhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NO. (Note- to get the full effect make a loud screechy noise then stop suddenly and yell no.)

And welcome Mindy.

Note to you my homies, I am really tired (as in I only slept for about 2 hours) and I am just short of stabbing someone in the neck so bear with me.

I was going to do another whole privilege talk but I don't feel like it.

Instead I wanna talk about music and shiny things.

I just subscribed to the Antilabel Blog and OMFG. There is some kick ass new music going on right now and I am excited.

Nick Cave, Portishead, Michael Franti and Spearhead, hot goddamn.

In other news the IRS has informed me via letter that my blood stimulus money is coming. Very handy because most of it will go toward a maid of honor dress and some fancy make up and quite possibly a fancy outfit to wear to go see Wicked.

I am trying really hard to avoid one of my bizarre fashion choices even though I knows Cookie loves me, I don't want to look too weird.

Hold up wait a minute (Sing along..don't go there cause I ain't with it)

Someone please right now tell me I don't need these:




In other news I believe it is time to move along with my earlobe stretch. In case you're new I'm enlarging the gauge of the holes in my earlobes bit by bit. I've been at 14 gauge for um, what since January and frankly it went about 100% better than I thought it would. No infection, no fissures, no inordinate hurting.

So next is 12, I will probably not spend quite as long at 12 since I was healed up quite awhile ago and would like to move along to 10. I may stop at 10 or go all the way to 8.

I really like the talon style for comfort sake. Eventually I'd like to wind up with some steel swans or some such.

Wow so sleepy.

I need a time out.

I've been looking at some style oriented blogs and apparently I am even less hip and trendy than I thought.

I started that yesterday after a couple of days of no sleep. I got some sleep and feel better now.

Actually I will predate this bad boy, post it and make a whole new post for things on my mind.

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