Friday, June 20, 2008

Fluff, links and glee.

I finally feel semi human.

Not quite so sore and stiff, my hair looks fucking awesome (will take pics when I get home) also my outfit is super cute.

First up I have another confession to make.

A lot of the things that get a lot of other people excited do nothing for me. Manifestos, etc. I'm not saying they suck, or any one thing that people in the fatosphere are super excited about sucks but it doesn't move me. This is probably the reason I will never be famous.

Now for some fun and glee.

So some fashion news.

I am still looking for one fabulous thing to take with me to LA for my homies wedding. I have been perusing Lip Service and apparently I am not going to fit into their plus sizes. WUT.

Hold up wait a minute, I'm writing up a thing about the Lippy there.

I just posted this at the Lippy Addicts community on LJ. For reference for my non gothling homies I am talking about the plus size items found here.

Has anyone looked at the plus size size chart on the Lippy site?

I'll use the smallest plus size measurements (close to my current size sort of) as my example here Plus size-0
Bust 42
Waist 42
Hips 45

Notice anything off?

Awhile back I asked about the Lippy for Torrid vs the usual Lippy plus sizing and was told they are basically the same thing.

This is the Torrid standard measurements for a plus size 0.
Bust-40 - 43 Waist-32 - 35 Hips-42 - 45

Now if you look at the Lippy standard sizing (I'll use my size XXL)

Bust 43”
Waist 34”
Hip 45.5"

Okay looking at those numbers why do the plus sizes have such a weird waist to hip ratio and no measurement difference between bust and waist? Is this a misprint? Should I forward this to them?

Or if any of you Lippy folks are reading today, let me say that YAY for a few plus size options but seriously guys not all fat girls are square shaped. It's actually really insulting to look at that size chart. Based on those measurements very few plus size folks I know would actually be able to fit or wear those sizes.

It might work out better to indicate that those might be shirt sizing? Or am I reaching here? Looking at the three plus size options those measurements make sense for the tops because of the cuts.

But the dress?

Looking at the fit model used I would bet you five dollars her bust is probably at least a couple of inches bigger than her waist.

If you folks at Lip Service need some reference as to what fat female bodies might look like I would be more than happy to point you to some diverse and amazing resources.

If you read all that I'm not pissed off really. I still love Lippy and I love the clothes enough point to a problem.

I waffle about Lip Service a lot. I do dig a lot of the clothes but they are very much an LA sized company. I mean to say that a lot of their clothing is cut for skinny asses which is great and all but fat asses want some counter culture oriented hotness too.

Also there tend to be sizing issues but whatever. I already wrote to them about that awhile back.

I don't think I'm going to get much in the way of input from the Lippy community I don't think I've ever seen anyone mention being plus sized without apology first or promises that they are dieting which is sad. But, really I don't think it's the venue for FA honestly because I can't lie I would go for broke to lose ten pounds to squeeze it into a few choice Lippy bits.

Also not a lot of fat people can even wear their clothes so it's not the venue.

However, I do think that it's prudent to show some quality control there. Or at least an acknowledgment that they might be doing it wrong.

I feel the same way about a lot of retailers who are dipping their toes into the plus size market. If you're going to do it there are things one can assume.

1.) Not all fat people are built exactly alike. Not all of us are the ubiquitous images of headless fatties. Some of us are, some of us aren't and you can't base your models off of that one image.

2.) You don't make the rules about what fat people will or won't wear. You might not dig it on someone fat, but someone else might. Hell the fat person might rock the fuck out of it. Not your call retailer.

3.) As a part of#1 please PLEASE do some fucking research. Not all styles of clothing can be sized up reasonably. Also if you size up one part, you may have to size up another part. For instance we all know that babydoll and empire waist style tops are all the rage now. Retailer, if you are upsizing your babydoll top don't forget to yanno add some to the booby area. But, not hugely enormous because not all fatties have big boobs.

4.) It's not necessary as I commented to Lippy to make a whole special subsection of styles just for plus size folks. It's nice sometimes but, what I believe most plus size consumers are after is diversity in selection and if they are longtime brand fans (as I am of Lippy) some options in the classics. I also think that fiscally it behooves a company to make someone a fan of their classics then go OH HAY CHECK IT OUT WE GOT SOMETHIN SPECIAL FOR YOU!

And to end this bit, unlike what this charming lady said at the Lippy blog.


Actually no. It's nothing about being unhappy in my body baby, it's all about the same things everyone else likes in their clothes. Selection, good fit and quality.

Which leads me right into my next point.

I have come to the conclusion that a lot of the divisive issues in FA and generally in society boil down to people buying into the idea that different=bad and wrong and needs to be corrected.

Not so says the cranky beasty.

Take a minute and give some thought to the idea. It's probably more prevelant than you might think. The fear of difference is something that at least in the America I live in runs deep and is hooked into fear like the ring hooked through my lower lip.

Watch the news and notice that things that are different, strange or unusual get the panic laden headlines.

So much of the bullshit that goes on in this country revolves around difference being the basis for panic and fear.

What are people afraid of? Think about it.

People are afraid that "they" will "get" "them" and then the world will end.

There is always a "they" whomever they might be who are out to get the "good" people.

It might be us uppity fatties who want to be treated with common dignity and respect.

It might be those scary black people and their "urban" music invading the suburbs.

It might be the white people trying to hold everyone not white down.

It might be the Homos out to ruin marriage for straight people everywhere and turn the world gay.

It might be the Muslims and other brown people of questionable beliefs trying to convert and kill us all.

It might be fill in the blank because we've all heard it. But have you paid close attention to it? Do you question peoples expressed fears?

Dude I totally went there, and today was supposed to be fluff.

Okay back to the fluff swearsies.

Oh something amusing. So this last week or so I've had some extra energy drinks and noticed that I felt kind of yanno weird awhile after having them. Not quite the OMG WEEEEEEEEEEe kind of weird more like the oh, um weird. I did some reading and checked the nutrition facts on my drinks and dundundaaaa, it's the niacin. Duh.

To quote

Do not take this medication if you are allergic to nicotinic acid, or if you have severe liver disease, a stomach ulcer, or active bleeding.

Niacin can cause certain side effects, such as flushing (warmth, itching, redness, or tingly feeling under your skin). These effects can be made worse if you drink alcohol or hot beverages shortly after you take niacin. These effects should disappear over time as you keep taking the medication.

Avoid getting up too fast from a sitting or lying position, or you may feel dizzy. Get up slowly and steady yourself to prevent a fall.

So yeah drinking high niacin content energy drinks then hot tea=beasty feels weird.

OH wait back to Lip Service for a minute. I emailed them a link to my post and what I got in return was that the size chart is correct. I said that's astonishing and left it at that.

What I really wanted to say was the following:

Dear Lip Service,
From the (as I am assured is correctly printed) sizing catalog you believe that people over a size XXL are essentially box shaped with no hip to waist ratio to speak of, breasts and bellies all the same size. If that is the case feel free to cease making plus size clothes right now. If they are sewn in that manner they will not fit a lot of people and it's frankly insulting.

In short, fuck you too.

Sincerely a former Lippy Addict.

I didn't say that but that's what I'm thinking. I'm also thinking, okay maybe it's time to break up with Lip Service for good. I don't know if it's shoddy design, they don't care or what but wow.

Or I might pick up some more of the Lippy for Torrid garments but now I am all paranoid they are going to be sized like the above and I don't want to go through the hassle of ordering something then have it pretty much hang straight from my boobs no matter what the size is.

This, is a conundrum. I sent the patternmakers some feedback. And a link to the Fatshionista Flickr pool to show the diversity of fat lady shapes.

I will be pondering it.

Moving on.

I still don't know what I'm wearing to go see Wicked. I am 90% certain it will be something goth and fabulous. I'll have to investigate the weather in LA so I don't wear too many layers because I really hate that.

I do really love fashion and understand pretty well how things are constructed and whatnot. I'd like to see Lippy do (I know back on the Lip service thing) plus size justice because I'm an aging Goth and I like hot goth clothes that aren't full length a line velvet dresses.

My goth homies you know what I'm talking about.

Personally if they re-release more Gangsta Pranksta in plus sizes I will in fact sell my left ovary to get as much of it as humanly possible. In a couple of different colorways in fact.

SO OKAY note to self move on for fuck sake.

Okay moving on my darlings.

OH make up.

So I have been planning my attack on flying (ZO-MAH-MOTHERFUCKING-GAWD I'm flying, I hate to fly) with make up and I am going to buy a 15 pan Pro Pallette from Mac either via a custom purchase or on Ebay. Then fill it with pressed pigments so I can bring as few loose type things as needed. Then I'll probably bring one or two lip products, and some sealed liquid liner/mascara just so there is no airport fuckery.

Also in make up news I have some new sites and companies to try out and I am figuring out how to make a video. SO I am going to hopefully start doing some youtube reviews of products. YAY.

Maybe I'll be famous yet.

Okay I'm spent I need something to snack on and some tea.

Homo out.


nuckingfutz said...

I just clicked on that link to Lip Service and had a gander at the sizing chart myself.

That is some FUCKED UP shit!

They seem to think that all plus size people are the same from the bust to the waist and then BAM some HUGE ASS hips. (Except of course for the fattest of the fat, 'cuz they have some huge tits and bellies but some tiny ass hips.)

Um... yeah.

Fuck 'em.

Sniper said...

Gothy? Have you checked out this site? Expensive, but pretty.

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