Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good day for a poor girl.

Uniballer and I had a good day today.

Spent the breezy warm afternoon running errands and getting lunch at Taco Del Mar.

As I have mused to myself before, when you've spent a large amount of time poor finding awesome deals on things that you might not really need but want and can have is a wonderful and beautiful thing.

We stopped in at Big Lots and I picked up a 12 dollar lipgloss for 2 bucks. I also got a nice sheer red glossy lipstick for two bucks.

What I am super proud of is the deals on necessities. At least necessities for me.

For 27$ I got about a 160 day supply of multi vitamins, the omega 3-6-9 formula I like, hair nail and skin vitamins. Similarly awesome we went to the dollar store for my favorite conditioner that I use for conditioner washes. I got 4 bottles of white rain tropical coconut conditioner. Great stuff.

Also snagged a pyrex massager octopus thingy, that came with bonus moist/warm/cool wraps for the neck for five dollars and I really need those.

Got a bra at big lots and some Ghost Rider boxers that I have on right this instant.

Nothing over ten bucks. Excellent.

While I was having a poo earlier I was looking at our toilet paper. A few weeks ago Uniballer picked up the tripe big rolls of that fancy quilted toilet paper and when I saw it, I was so excited I actually hugged the package. Why?

When you're poor and you're a champion pooper, having really nice soft not 1 ply bum wipe is a marvelous wondrous treat. Even better when you get it on super sale.

Also I did new a new make up look that is sparkly and gorgeous.

I wore a pretty outfit.

Very uber goth in summer. Full length straight black skirt with a lace overlay, black cami, black lace bell sleeved bed jacket. Black cotton mary janes.

Ahhh the goth in summer.

I have no color released henna in my hair which I'm going to wash out here in about an hour. Then a light shampoo and a deep condition.

Also awesome. My make up lover homies always remember to check your local Big Lots for good deals.

And check out this website for Mac pigment samples. Quick shipping and an extra little thing of yellow glitter that I think I'm going to add to some lip gloss. The Body Needs.
They also sell some tasty looking very cheap lip glosses.

I love pigment samples so much. Enough color for plenty of uses and a cheap way to experiment with high end make up. Awesome.

I think next week I will write up a being fabulous in the make up department on the cheap.

Also still trying to figure out how to do some youtube reviews.

Okay time to make a snack then prepare to wash and dry.
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mnwhr said...

The Big Lots in this town recently closed, which sucks cause it was the best place to find unexpected treasures, oh well at least you have yours.

Goose said...

I miss Taco Del Mar terribly. That and Mama's. Hi back, lady!

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