Thursday, June 12, 2008

I like it.

Weightlessone asked me an excellent question that has my ruminating.

How would you feel if those images ended up in a gallery or were sold to a collector?

First question.

I have thought about it and quite frankly I would be pretty honored. Even if the person was buying the piece only because of the photographer, I'd still be pretty stoked.

Also I would think it was a little funny, someone paying who knows how much money to stare at my naked ass for Gods only know how long.

Which leads into another thought.

I am not anonymous or even pseudonymous on the intertubes. If you looked you can find out all sorts of info about me, seem my picture, behold my mighty cleavage, see me giving the finger.

So if I publish somewhere, naked photos chances are lots of things could/would happen.

1.) People I don't really want seeing me naked will.
I can deal with that.
2.) Coasting on number one, people could steal and do rude things to my photos.
I can deal with that as well. I kind of doubt that there is anyone on the intertubes that can come up with something so awful to say about me that I haven't heard before or won't ever hear again. Hence my generally humorous reaction to trolls. Not that I get any really but I don't have issues getting them.

I can't take anyone seriously who uses U/UR/ in a serious way. I also cannot take someone seriously who's entire argument is basically. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT THERE"S FAT PEOPLE NAKED ON THE INTERNETS AND MY LIFE IS RUINED". So yeah.

3.) People could love them.
That would be pretty cool. However it's not for those people it's mostly for me. I want to see my body and know it from an outside view.

Also okay that's a little misleading.

When I think about taking nudies of myself, or scantily clothed or whatever. I am thinking of a woman. And this is not sisterhood this is solidarity which I'll get to shortly.

So this woman I'm thinking about is maybe home alone, maybe the husband and kids are asleep, maybe the wife is asleep maybe she's single. She can't sleep maybe. She's surfing the intertubes and comes upon my nekkid ass.

Maybe after some clicking she realizes, hey this woman looks just like me. She clicks around some more, realizes that hey, that is pretty fucking cool. Realizes that if the other woman is beautiful and is doing something awesome, maybe she can too right?

You see where I'm going here. My readers are smart.

That means a lot to me.

That is why I really do actually love you my readers and commenter and lurkers. Even if you don't agree with me it's wonderful that something I say, resonates somewhere.

As a youngster that is what I was missing. I read a lot of things and it was very rare that I found anyone who really spoke to me and I got it. And I like to think that in my own small way I am giving someone else that moment of, oh WOW someone else thinks like I do.

Incidentally the nudies I alluded to yesterday have yet to be found. I moved a bunch of stuff on my hard drive at home and cannot find them.


In other news I had a delicious blueberry, acai, pom smoothie and now I have horrible gas. But it was supa tasty.

Also earlier I had my first and last frappacino. It was so sweet even though I got the supposedly lite version. Another affirmation of the fact that I love coffee flavored coffee with a side of, coffee.

The last line of this entry by SweetMachine all I'm gonna say is, FUCK YEAH.

Via (not exactly work safe)Lindsay I found Photoshop diseasters.

I scrolled through all of the entries and found myself goggling bug eyed much of the time.

In case you're not quite as much of a dork as I am and haven't spent oodles of time looking at retouched images before and after wow.

Look at this.

Even Heidi Klum isn't quite good enough.

Seriously? Is this what has to happen before any woman is "acceptable"?

Fuck that and the horse it rode in on.

Is it any mystery as to why so many women cannot understand that perfect does not exist ever?


Ok I'm spent. My tummy hurts a little and I need some tea.

Homo Out.


WeightlessOne said...

I sort of thought that would be your response (and hey, thanks for responding). It is good for me to see another's perspective on this and I still think I'll do it if the opportunity presents itself. I'm way more concerned about anonymity than showing off my body and I think I can get over my anonymity issues. Thanks!

Erin said...

I was totally looking at the Heidi Klum picture and OMG for serious? Funny how she looks almost like a real person in the untouched one...

Talk about unreal they took about I dunno 4-5 inches off her waist and raised her boobs like atleast 3 inches >_< that's crazy

Nudiemuse said...

You are very welcome. And remember you don't have to show your face or other super identifying things if you don't want to.

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