Monday, June 16, 2008

In which I say...

Lots to cover today.

First of all the iced coffee from Starbucks owned Seattle's Best is cheap and pretty tasty. a 20 oz large is 2.03 with tax and one packet of splenda and a splash of half and half makes it tasty.

I still haven't remembered to buy new batteries for my camera but my make up is sparkly neutral hotness today. I used the L'Oreal Hip cream shadow in Nervy as a thin base. Very nice base I must admit. It doesn't have quite the lasting power of my Fyrinnae eyeshadow primer but it's nice. And I actually like the little brush it comes with, a lot of people had issues with that. So I packed on this random Revlon shadow in a creamy very light sparkly beige, then picked up my Copperclast pigment and applied it to the outer corners and up into my crease, then on up at the outside to my eyebrows. Then I used a tiny bit of uh....shinrajoku? from Fyrinnae as a highlight. Thin black cat eye, lots of mascara and PAPOW. Hotness.

The lips took some work though. I started out with just Bare Fetish lipglass. However it was not working for me today so I took it off and started with a dark dark dark berry color, then a little Bare Fetish over it and sparkly hotness.

The outfit is as this very gay boy who sees me daily apparently said is, "elegant casual goth". Mid calf length black velvet tiered prarie style full skirt, Target long and lean tank, old hoody because I'm weird and get cold. Satin flats.

Rocking my bun.

Okay next thing.

Happy late Birthday Oro.

What else?

Margaret Cho posted photos she did with Midori doing some rope and photographed by Andrew Takeuchi and mmm omg. If I didn't already love her dood.

Lovely Sarah Kathering Lewis posted all the recipes from her new book Sex&Bacon, over in her LJ. Mmm foods.

Also from LJ Saskaia is hosting a blog carnival for Fat Women of Color. Go check out where to submit your links then DO IT. DO EEEEEEEEEEEEEET.

And let me pause in my squeeing here for a minute. Here is the original link from Fatshionista. Okay now if I can call your attention to some of the responses.

Okay wait what the BLUE FUCK are you motherfucking serious?

All I'm going to say is this. When people of color come together for whatever reason to discuss their experiences it is not fucking marginalizing white people. It is just not.

As some of my non People of Color homies have said, it's not about you.

I couldn't comment at Fatshionista because frankly I would be really rude and I am in no mood to play Educating Negress today.

For fuck sake.

Moving on before I spew cracker crumbs all over my keyboard in upset.

While I'm on the subject of Fatshionista can I just say that there are a few users who's closets I'd like to molest with impunity? Granted it's not because they are supa aging goths like me but because they are made of awesome and I'd like to roll around in the awesome for a little while.

Also awesome today is TR's post about shopping. I have nothing else to add just go read it.

I want to share my awesome madlib skills, I made Prunella giggle with my birthday madlib go read it here.

OH and before I forget my porno loving queer folks, FemmeFatale media one of my favorite porn companies is having their pride sale. Get details here. Can I just say that I have really enjoyed (two hands down my pants enjoyed) every one of the movies I've seen that have come from them. No seriously I have. Which is a lot coming from me because I am very snobby about what porn I like and don't like.

Tara posted this really fabulous entry over at Go read it. Again, I have nothing to add she said it all.

I know links all over the place I can't help it.

Some other things on my mind today.

I do not believe in assigning the term "curvy" as a softer gentler euphemism for fat. Nor do I believe that stupid fucking adage "real women have curves". Someone was asking me about that not too long ago and it made me frothy. I know a LOT of women who are in fact "real" women who are not curvy in the slightest.

Also I hate the use of the word "real" in this manner. It chafes my tender ass. "Real" women come in all kinds of interesting shapes, colors, sizes and whatnot. Assigning a little tiny asinine box to a whole lot of people just to bolster your own self esteem is a jackass thing to do.

That's mean but it's how I feel about it.

Also as I was perusing Deviantart and came across a shot of a fat woman (arty nude) some of the comments while celebratory in nature bug me. Why is it that when it comes to a fat woman (and didn't I JUST cover this?) everyone seems to feel the need to compare her to the thin woman often to the thin womans detriment? Or say make the caveat that they don't usually find a fat woman attractive but somehow this one is okay. What the fuck?

I have to wonder if people ever really think about what they are saying when they make comments like that?

One does not have to put down one thing to be jazzed about another. Having one preference does not mean everything else is crap. No really.

Also really, it doesn't take a very special unicorn pee and rainbow mixed courage for a fat woman to show some boobs in front of a camera. It does however take every woman some unicorn pee, glitter and a shot of rainbow courage to show herself in a photograph as evidenced by the fact that (check my last entry for links) EVERY woman gets a hell of a digital make over.

Don't believe me?

Google photo retouching on google and check out some of the portfolios of people who do it for a living. Men get it too but, I find that what gets changed on women to leap over the border of ridiculous into wait who the FUCK is that.

I also call bullshit and shenanigans double bullshit and shenanigans on myself for ever subscribing to that bullshit. For reals though.

And to wrap up go have a listen (huge bandwidth hog link) my Muxtape. It changes every now and then when I'm in the mood. So check it often. I really want to do soem hot ass stripper type dancing to the Puscifer track if only for myself. I'm talking me taking it all off in a room of mirrors all by my goddamn self. That would seriously be AWESOME.

Later this week if Uniballer or I remembers to get fucking batteries new photos, I might even show you guys my ugly little toes.

And why are said toes so goddamn ashy? I slathered them in lotion earlier today.

My poor brown dry skin.

Okay done.

Homo out.


Andee J. said...

For whatever it's worth, I do think it's mainly one commenter on Fats who won't shut up about being "marginalized" because she's white. All the other commenters I saw who identified as white were telling her, and rightly so, to eat a bag of STFU. If anyone else has complained, it looks like their posts were taken down because I didn't see them. But gah, there always has to be at least ONE, doesn't there?

Andee (Meowser)

Mindy said...

Wow. I'm white and this sort of thing doesn't make me feel "marginalized" whatsoever. Good grief. I often feel marginalized because I'm a woman who doesn't want kids, or because I'm a woman in general, or because I'm fat, but never because I'm white.

I also agree with the whole "real woman" stuff. I know some pretty real women who are thin. I hate that so many of us do the same thing to thin people that some of them do to us -- put them down to make ourselves feel better. I'm more about accepting each other as we are, not only accepting women over a size 12 or 16, or whatever is allowed to be considered "fat" in some communities (it varies).

spacedcowgirl said...

This is like the least important thing in the entry, but apparently it's the thing I'm going to comment on: I heard Seattle's Best uses cold-brewed coffee concentrate for their iced drinks. I recently started making coffee for myself this way at home because it's easier on my stomach, and holy crap is it delicious. Thanks for reminding me about SB because I keep meaning to hit the one in Borders and see if the iced drinks live up to their promise.

And I'm nominally straight, but wow do I want that One Night Stand video after following the link. Wow.

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