Sunday, June 22, 2008

Late Night I should be in bed musings.

I just read the guest post over at The Rotund written by Dr. Sheila about Candye Kane.

Now I don't know either Dr. Sheila or Candye Kane but a few thoughts occur to me.

Shall we?

Dr. Sheila says this feel free to follow along:

But I’m mad at her. Because one of her anthems is “200 Pounds of Fun.” And I’ll be damned if she’s 200 pounds.

What bugs me about this is that I’ve seen the same kind of numbers game go on in big-girl porn - I’ve seen shoots with women who were labeled 150 or 170 pounds who were more like 250, maybe even 300 if they were an ounce. It hacks me off that even in allegedly size-positive territory (setting aside my feelings about the BBW fetishization thing, it is at
least an arena where women of size are supposed to be appreciated), there is this relentless effort to slim women’s weights down. And the kickback is that a) people have no idea what weights look like, and b) the belief that women who weigh 160 or 170 pounds are “pigs”
(warning: super-triggering article about “hogging”). The result is that the popular perception of anything above what, 130? 140 pounds? Is Fatty Fatty Two By Four.

My very first thought was, why are you talking about this other persons body like this?

I don't like that.

Secondly there is no mention of when the song might've been written, whether or not it is in fact an autobiographical song, no context aside from it pisses Dr. Sheila off.

Now onto the next bit.

Candye Kane has not a goddamn thing to do with how porn is made.

As Candye pointed out in her comment, models don't have control over the copy with their photos. I will give Dr. Sheila the benefit of the doubt and assume for the moment she doesn't know that or is not in on how porn is made.

Also, the song by Candye Kane did not start nor does it even really contribute to the issue of women lying about their weight or feeling pressured to.

The fact is as we've seen for years and years and years, people don't know what any weight looks like for the most part.

What bothers me is the tone of that particular piece. Gluing Kandye onto the issue seems superfluous to me and nonsensical. If there had even been the question raised in the article as to (the aforementioned) when the song was written etc. I would probably be more on board but wow the presentation is wow.

There are a lot of rah rah comments echoing the "no way in HAYL she weighs 200 lbs" sentiment and it took quite awhile for anyone to offer the possibilities that I already mentioned.

Let's pause there for a second.

Isn't that the same sort of bullshit needling that a lot of us fat folks really fucking hate? I mean seriously?

Would the response have been the same if the song were done by someone who actually weighs 185? Or if anyone had taken a moment to check the date when the song was originated? Or even took a second to ask Kandye (though I wouldn't have because she is ill currently) what was going on with that?

At some point I think we really need to ask ourselves what are we doing here?

I am on board with the idea that the misconceptions about actual weight suck. The lies told by/around celebrity weights suck.

However I think using an old song by Candye Kane as the jump off and pointing fingers at her sucks too.

I think this would be like someone calling me to task for writing a story say, nine years ago about my romps through drugs, getting it published tomorrow and me not doing drugs these days. Yes that is a slightly absurd comparison but, isn't it really the same sort of thing? Would the fact that if the person firing off the criticism didn't mention the fact that yes, the piece was written when I was in fact doing a fuckton of drugs make a difference?

It's like calling someone a poser for singing a punk rock song they wrote when they were a punk rocker, and right now they are a long haired hippy. It takes the fire out of the actual issue to me.

I am not saying that people are not open to criticism. Yes I do believe they are. But, if you are going to criticize someone for something, I'd have all the facts instead of just, well I don't like it.

Also as TR mentioned, aside from hot prose she makes some kickass jewelry and things.

Elsewhere in the Fatosphere Kate posted a tidbit from the FatRant 3 thread about kids and how fatness is presented to them.

I personally think that kids won't start being offensive until people start freaking out on them for asking perfectly natural questions. I think our society has so embraced the idea that any difference (oooh remember I just talked about this on Friday) is not to be discussed or acknowledged in "polite" company. I think this is where we fail our children.

If you grow up and are so paranoid about mentioning anything "different" how are you really going to function in the real world? I think we all know people who stumble over saying disabled or Black or gay or whatever. The people who will drop into a whisper to say things that are not at all rude but, they have been so programmed to never ever be aware of difference they can't deal with it.

I call bullshit and shenanigans.

Ask your kids not to point but don't tell them not to ask the disabled man if he's okay. Do your kids a favor and teach them how to be respectful and accepting of diversity in all it's magnificent yanno stuff.

Also I finally watched Joy Nash's Fat Rant 3.

Good points. However as I said the other day it doesn't make me do cartwheels. That's just how I rolls.

Here it is:

I really have to go to bed. My neck really hurts and I have to get up early tomorrow.

So my darlings I will offer the promised make up photos. YAY for me figuring it out dood.

Tomorrow more pictures if my batteries survive. And I will talk about something I've been working on that is very near to my heart and very personal.

The look:

No foundation. Fyrinnae finishing powder, Fyrinnae eyeshadow primer, random snow/es, Mac Vis-a-Violet inner corner, Fyrinnae Predatory pro color used wet w/Avon transforming liquid, Maybelline Great Lash.

Close up white purple look

And full face and the top of my outfit, the Goth in Summer.

smiley full face

The outfit was a black underwire cami from Torrid, black lace bedjacket (yes I wear lingerie as outerwear suck it), and what you can't see a full length black straight skirt with black lace overlay. Black cotton mary janes.

And that's enough.

Homo Out.

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Anonymous said...

I had a similar reaction. You have put it most succinctly. Well, not really, as it's kinda long - but it was a bloody good read! Thank you for speaking out about that point.

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