Thursday, June 26, 2008

More thoughty.

I was reading this entry over at How To Eat A CheeseBurger a little bit earlier and it has my brain going.

Personally I am on not on board with the idea that commenting on another persons body/entire being is never okay.

I am a complimenter. I enjoy brightening a day or making someone smile. If said person freaks out on me, I don't take that as being my issue. If I pay a compliment it's a compliment.

I think at some point if we all clam up because we're afraid of judgement in any form, life will get very very boring.

Another thing that annoys me that runs fucking rampant these days, is the idea that if you are "caught" looking at a person of the same sex then oh NOEZ they will think you're gay. I hate, hate the whole "no homo" thing. Is it really so necessary and important to make sure that everyone knows your sexual orientation is not too queer?

Fucking absurd and that's all the lip service I'm giving to that issue.

Next thing on my mind is something someone said to me in passing recently.

I was talking to a bus friend last week on our way into downtown Seattle. She's probably about ten years older than I am or so and she often remarks about how bold I am to wear what I wear and in general my entire person.

Am I really bold?

Not really. I think I am simply very very comfortable with who I am at this point in life and how I present myself to the world. I think this is entirely why I am comfortable not being fly all the time. Also why I am comfortable in saying that 90% of the time my choices in how I present myself are not in fact political.

Moving along.

I just saw via Paul over at BFB a link to a new Flickr group called Love my Parts. I love the idea of using portraits to learn to love and explore your various parts.

Which leads me into my own Flickr adventures. I've been taking lots of self portraits and using them to get more familiar with myself from an objective point of view. Ultimately I'd like to be doing arty nudes etc with essays and maybe put together a book to put out on Lulu.

I am excited and nervous about embarking on this. It's entirely for my own benefit but I am open to sharing my experience with the world at large because I think it's important that people feel like yes, it's perfectly okay to look at yourself in new ways and not have the society mandated reaction of hate.

I am getting way too distracted.

I'm watching classical videos on youtube.

For some reason when I listen to classical music I listen with my entire body and my heart rate accelerates with certain pieces of music. As much as I love all music only classical does this to me.

Now I'm singing Metallica really loud.

I'm glad my coworkers don't hate me.

Now I will share what else I like to sing.

Okay I need to stop now my musical geekdom is reaching critical mass and I totally forgot what my point was anyway.

Homo Out.

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nuckingfutz said...

Am I really bold?

Not really. I think I am simply very very comfortable with who I am at this point in life and how I present myself to the world.

But Shannon, don't you realize, that IS bold? Seriously - most people in today's society are so caught up in the way OTHER people view them (myself included, unfortunately) that they never have a chance to become comfortable with themselves. Being able to honestly say that you are comfortable with yourself and you don't shive a git what other people thing really IS a bold move.

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