Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh Anonymous...

Anonymous said:

Anonymous said...

Going on a diet is not only fat hatred but does nothing but ensure that you will gain even more weight since diets are the only cause of weight gain. Buy some elastic waist pants

Said in reference to me yesterday saying:

From a pragmatic point of view I really can't financially afford to rebuy clothes right now or in the near future. Also I have a sneaking suspicion that the dress I bought to wear to Wicked is not going to fit.

I've been discussing it with Uniballer and we are going to do some diet adjustment.

So Anonymous a refresher.

I did not say I am going on a Diet and now hate fat people.

Uniballer (my single nutted other half) and I are going to make some adjustments in our diet. As in, probably a little less sugar. A little less in general.

I will guess Anonymous that you're either new to my blog or don't read it often.

For a refresher on how I feel about the diet issue see here. Here.

Also since I didn't go into detail yesterday. I'm talking probably about six pounds of weight gain. Not a huge deal. Weight located in my tummy area that makes the majority of my pants uncomfortable right now. Does this make me squee with glee? No actually it doesn't.

I really do not feel like buying all new pants/other fitted things.

I could just be constipated. It could be pre period bloat. I might be retaining water. Whatever. I'll re evaluate as I go along. I'm not doing anything crazy like only eating orange foods on Mondays when the moon is at three quarters full and drinking unicorn pee.

In other news I woke up feeling weird gross and pukey for some reason. I'm not too hot I just don't feel so hot. Crap. So that means we didn't go to pride or the Strawberry festival which is disappointing. However I did just give my hair a fancy protein treatment which was good.

Now I'm sitting sweating my tits off with a cap on my hair while I deep condition.

So I'm going to go lay down and drink water.

I forgot what my actual point other than the wee correction up above.

To sum up:
I was using the word diet in the context of stuff I eat not in the context of ZOMFG I'm gonna drink unicorn pee and lose 100 lbs!!!!!11!!elevty!!

Tommorrow new pictures of stuff.

Also more articles to write.

Homo Out.



Sniper said...

Oh, please. Everyone knows you bathe in unicorn pee for weight loss. And it only works if you're a virgin.

Sorry you're feeling poorly - hope you recover soon.

Anonymous said...

grr at feeling bad.

and RAWR at your diet/body stance :D It's awesome.

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