Friday, June 27, 2008


I am a little in a state of, "wait what? No seriously what the fuck." today. So this will probably not be fluffy.

First bit, Attrice posted about protein water. No really read those two words again. Protein. Water.



I find the whole idea disgusting beyond the idiocy of what I am now deeming as Anorexia style weightloss. Because really, when you get to the point where you're adding shit to your water so you don't eat and yet, magically of course there are hardly any calories in it yeah. Fucking wow.

Moving on because I'm grossed out.

I want to talk about the current state of my ass.

Apparently since sometime in um...March or April I've gained some weight. How much? don't know. Enough that two of my three pairs of pants are too tight in more than a slightly uncomfortable way.

My first thought upon discovering this while I was getting dressed today was literally oh shit.

My next thought was, I cannot afford new pants.

And then finally as I was digging for something else to wear, I thought now what the fuck is going on here?

I've been walking more since the weather has warmed up, no big diet changes. Some additional activity as my joints allow and shit.

It's not enough weight to go up a whole pants size and I'm at a loss as to what to do.

First thing I'm going to do is call a moratorium on new clothes for right now because I can't afford to be buying things that may not fit soonish. This is kind of fucking up my program.

From a pragmatic point of view I really can't financially afford to rebuy clothes right now or in the near future. Also I have a sneaking suspicion that the dress I bought to wear to Wicked is not going to fit.

I've been discussing it with Uniballer and we are going to do some diet adjustment.

I really am starting to love my wardrobe and honestly don't want to start all over or be stuck really way between sizes again because that sucks.

Quite frankly if you want to be offended feel free. I don't really care because you're not walking in my cute little sneakers.

I mention them because I bought this pair of cute all black sneakers on Ebay yonks ago and I love them. I'm not really a sneaker person in general but these rocks my no sock wearing self.

Also I just got some new summer shoes since the ones I've been wearing are torn and my other pair is dead.

I picked up these cute things on sale. When they get here to celebrate the toes are getting the disco treatment. Which means, they will be black with glitter on top.

I really want this ring.

In other news, I uploaded some new stuff to Flickr. I am really enjoying learning photography so much. I even have a textbook that a dear friend was sweet enough to give me. I am excited about learning this stuff in a huge way. I am what you could call creatively greedy and I have an obscene obsession with learning to be more of a visual artist.

I can't paint, I can't draw so goddamn it I am going to take some pretty pictures.

What else?

I think I'm about spent.

Although I have to say I met such a hot fat girl today good lord if I was single and looking. She said hello to me and I seriously stammered people. I was totally staring and felt all giddy and stupid.

So embarrassing but, I will confess beautiful people can do that to me. I mean seriously whoa. Holy hotness. Not to mention she had on some kick ass shoes that made me squee a little.

Now I'm going to sit here and pine for the double bacon/cheeseburger that Uniballer is on his way to go get right now.

Homo out.


Oberon said...

.......sometimes........i talk to strangers.

Anonymous said...

Good on you! Enjoy Wicked :D

Anonymous said...

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