Sunday, June 08, 2008

Stuff I like.

So there is Stuff White People like, Stuff Educated Black People like and stuff everybody and their grandma likes.

Now we have stuff Shannon likes.

I Love my hair. I write about it here. And have been growing it out with loads of help from LHCF.

I also love make up and learning new techniques and styles. Some links to some of my favorite folks on youtube doing video tutorials.

Enkore Makeup. I LOVE him so much. His videos are easy to follow, he's adorable and they are entertaining.

I just recently stumbled on MakeUp Geek. And I like her a lot. I like her site and some of the looks she's got going and she also has a youtube channel.

Next up Scandalous Beauty. She is a Mac Fanatic and most of her work is geared towards us brown sorts.

And of course Lauren Luke AKA Panacea81 from youtube. Not only is she talented but I just love her personality. Love her.

OH and before I forget if you are reading from something other than a reader check it out. I am Twittering now and I joined the Beauty Network. YAY.

You can also find me at Make Up Alley.

What else do I like?

I am a music fanatic. It's almost a religion. My tastes are insanely eclectic.

My musics let me show you them this playlist is a little smattering of some stuff I am into.

Unfortunately a lot of those are just previews but whateva.

And what else do I love?

Doods, no srsly doods I LOVE clothes.

I have been using Polyvore since I found it. I don't usually make outfits but rather groups of crap I like. Like this one:

That is stuff I am wanting for summer. It's unlikely I will get 99% of it but it's fun.

This outfit I might actually get. Very much the Goth in Summer.

What else does Shannon Love?

I love coffee. Specifically I love making myself fine French Press coffee. A French press was probably the best 10$ investment I made last year. I stand by my statement that French PRess is the last goddamn civilized thing left in America today.

Also much to my own detriment sometimes I love cheese. I love stinky weird fancy cheese. I love processed cheesefood. I. Love. Cheese.

I also love books and will read just about anything I can get my hands on although I am getting pickier as I get older. You can also see this badge in my sidebar.


So now you know I am a beauty loving, clothes horse, cheese eating, music enjoying, book reading critter.

I am also really distracted because Uniballer is cooking something that smells fantastic and I am starving.

Anyway. Feel free to ask me anything that comes to mind. I'm in a dialogging kind of mood today.

Homo Out.

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WM said...

I could easily listen to that play list. :)

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