Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Watch out, my brain is going.

First of all hot damn I got sleep.

Now some things that have been percolating.

First of all, the story about the first gay couple to be married in Cali. These women have been together for 55 years.

Really think about that for a moment. 55 years. Longer than I've been alive, longer than either of my parents have been alive. The story made me tear up. If you can read that sort of thing and still spout bullshit about the homos not being able to commit or whatever, fuck off.

Now okay let's talk about that whole "real woman" thing.

I think to start with the idea of pumping women up over what is essentially a useless phrase is fucking terrible. It's not like women don't have enough things we are all divisive and shitty to each other about why add that into the mix?

First let's look at some random google ideas about what a "real woman" should be.

First up from what I gather is a dating site of some sort. Some jewels.

Money shouldn’t become the necessity of real woman’s life. If she has money she spends it, when she is short of money she doesn’t care, or just pretends she doesn’t.

Orly? I don't know or care who wrote this piece of tripe but, okay Dear Anonymous Author, that is a fucking absurd statement.

Next up. A delicious bit from Chastity Call.

A Real Woman...
Unselfish, thoughtful and kind
Honest, faithful and trustworthy
Patient, sincere and forgiving
Modest, pure and chaste
Compassionate, caring and giving
Understanding, humble and secure.

Okay if that's how you roll however, using this as a statement of what a "real woman" is, is disrespectful to the fantastic diversity that is woman. Yes that's the theme here my homies.

So in terms of usability the phrase "real woman" is essentially useless because of the infinite permutations of the human animal. I won't even go into the amount of wank I see about transwomen not being "real" women, about lesbians not being "real" women, about butch women not being "real" women. Not to mention the varied racial based ideas, and my for serious most hated one body shape and size.

I absolutely do not believe at all that one must have "perfect" measurements or size or state of physical being for any woman. That is absolute pure bullshit.

Double bullshit and shenanigans.

I also call double bullshit and shenanigans on myself for ever buying into that.

The fact of the matter is whether you like it or not human beings by and large are never going to conform to anything but the most basic parameters. As in be homo sapiens.

I realize that I am no scientist and I don't care to be. However I defy anyone to show me how and where human beings are cookie cutter. And you have to be exact. Differences are differences are differences.

The fact is that when you subscribe whole heartedly to anything that breaks things down to us versus them whomever us and them might be, you are doing a disservice not only to yourself but to the people you are trying to support I believe.

Also I want to just say that I was perusing my recommended feeds on the google reader and I was all into a blog until she used a stupid term for white people and fuck sake. Turned me right off. Reminding me yet again that I cannot deal with shit like that at all. I don't think it's cute, funny, amusing or ok with "just us".

And the next person to ask if my bun is a sock bun they are getting punched in the fucking neck.

Next subject involves my issues with feeding or baiting trolls. It's a personality flaw I admit. I do it for my own sick twisted amusement.

I will play dumb, I will on occasion whip them up into a frenzy then i point and laugh. It's not really constructive or really a nice thing to do but I can't help myself sometimes. Laurie and Debbie cover the issue way better than I ever could.

Okay I think I am spent for the day. I am full of fish taco goodness and am thinking it's a serious possibility I am going to have gastric distress sooner rather than later because I've had too much dairy this week.

Tomorrow I think a new letter to my body because bitch is pissing me off.

Homo Out.


nukkingphutz said...

You know, I used a picture of that lesbian couple in a post on my livejournal regarding the way GLBT are portrayed by the fundamentalists in America the other day. Finding out that they've been together that long? TOTALLY COOL! (Not so cool that they had to wait so long to get married, though.)

I totally agree with you on that "real woman" bullshit, too. Diversity (regardless of gender/race/body/etc.) is a good thing - and an important thing, IMO.

Elizabeth said...

Every time you post, I fall a little more in love with you.

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