Thursday, July 10, 2008


My migraine is finally fading, three days of wanting to bash my skull into a brick wall does not do a Shannon good.

It was a menstrual migraine so my head and my uterus were in a battle to the death for dominion over which would make me more suicidal first. Neither won fuck em both.

I'm still not entirely right and exhausted so today beauty.

So some excellent news that made me kind of teary. A dear dear friend gave me some play money and I have been on a make up binge.

I ordered more stuff from AromaLeigh. I also feel confident enough about my photo taking skills to actually do a proper review.

I also am rounding out my collection of Mac pigments. I buy sample jars because I had a couple of regular size ones that I wound up trading because frankly I don't need that much and it's way more bang for your buck.


And there's dollars left. OMG.

I'll probably pick up some more primer powder and maybe some books. Okay well totally some books.

Back to beauty.

The video before is lengthy but absolutely worth watching. I have spent many nights when other people are out playing, at home playing with make up.

Isn't she just a total doll? You should read her blog too.

I totally started this yesterday but we'll pretend that totally didn't happen.

Okay moving on.

As evidenced by today's fuschia and gold eyeshadow I am insane for color. I love big loud bright colors and weird shapes. I will try to get a good picture but today my shadow is kind of striped from the inner corner.

It's warm here in Seatown and I've been experimenting and found what makes my skin not only look good but feel happy.

I wash my face in the morning with plain water. Luke warm then once with cool to cold water. Let it dry then use a cotton square to put Milk of Magnesia on my face. I have learned that when I get too much in a spot I can use my fingers when it's dry to smooth it. Still looks weird but then I comb my hair and do whatever until it's dry.

It is paramount that the MOM be entirely dry before the next step.

Next up I use my flat head buffer brush like this one. And use my Happy Minerals Oil Control powder all over my face and I make sure to use a little extra on my eyelids, nose and forehead.

If you're brown like me you'll probably feel like you look weird and chalky fear not my brown skinned hot homies.

Next up your foundation. I am using my mix of Oil of Olay Sensitive skin daytime moisturizer with SPF. (Note to self maybe use yer Amazon linky things for these mmkay). I have that mixed with some random liquid foundation I had laying around. I put a glob on the back of my hand then mix it with my e.l.f. Professional 9 Piece Master Setfoundation brush(I just picked up the complete brush set..AWESOME). (Okay going to be honest I am using my affiliate links for ELF cosmetics for a few of these because I like earning shit.) I use my brush to ease on my foundation, careful around my slightly dark areas.

Now if I'm going for more coverage I will use my kabuki brush and my pressed powder (any king you like will do) swirl the kabuki brush in the powder and start buffing it out on my face. This can take awhile but the results are velvety and lovely. Buff until you're satisfied with the blending and coverage.

My last step before I start in on my eye make up is to use my Fyrinnae mineral finishing powder with a good fluffy face brush. Then BAM velvety hotness.

Being that my skin is really oily it doesn't stay matte for long and I'm usually dewy for quite a long time which is great I love dewy.

Now in other news, I have been laboriously building an Amazon Affiliate store and have been hand picking products. Now these aren't products I'm selling just stuff I like and would like to share with you my homies. If you would like to buy some that would be great too. And if you have questions about the hows or why I picked certain things ask.
I ain't too proud to beg.

This is a sort of step towards me having my own goddamn interwebs store.

I do have a not so secret dream of having a plus size goth shop of some sort. However as of now I don't have the patience or mental power to start up such a thing.

And my as yet nameless sexy times advice thing is still on, but the migraine o doom precluded me getting any actual work done on it. It was difficult enough to be at my dayjob you dig.

Whoa I totally spaced out over here.

Yay it's Friday.

Homo Out.

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