Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beauty time now.

For the moment I am taking off my sex advice hat, and my annoyed fat girl hat. It's beauty time.

We all know by now that I have a little bit of a problem with buying beauty items. I love them. I can't help myself.

So yes, I can admit it I'm a wannabe beauty editor too. And right now I have some stuff to review. No new looks to post sadly because I forgot to take a picture this morning. I really should have my make up is BANGING today.

First thing.

I am right this instant going through amazon page by page and putting things into my affiliate store. I'm up to about 10 pages of beauty products that I like and recommend and if it's good I'm going to be using my affiliate links for some of these beauty items.

Now product reviews.

A couple of weeks ago Uniballer, our new roomy who I will call QT and I went off on errand running adventures and I picked up (totally at random) a Basis cleansing bar for sensitive skin. I picked this up because my skin has been acting a little funky and I figured it'd be good to have something gentle to keep it clean.

But holy WOW. My skin has been far less greasy (I have oily skin like whoa) and so soft. My cheeks are like butta. And it removes eye make up well, doesn't leave my hands feeling peely and gross. Four thumbs up for this. And bonus it's hella cheap. I mean like cheap. What kind of makes me mad is that it works way better than the expensive Neutrogena shit I tried not too long ago.

Next up some Aromaleigh products.

I am having such a love affair with AromaLeigh right now. I picked up their Indelible eyeliner Sealant and I repeat, OH MAH LORD. I've done two looks so far with this product and it's really good stuff. Using pigments wet is something I really enjoy. Using other mixing medium type products sometimes isn't that great. Products like Mac's Eyesafe Mixing medium, home made glycerin and water mixing mediums can get expensive. The Aromaleigh lasts and did not smear at all despite my watery eyes.

This is absolutely replacing my beloved Avon Custom liner transforming liquid.

Four thumbs up.

I also picked up a Nourishing Color Cream from their Gothic Lolita collection in a color called Lollypop. From their site:

Lollypop... a delightful cherry red (cool/neutral red)flush of color! For just-bitten sweet cheeks and lips. A special edition here to stay from our Gothic Lolita Collection.

On first sight it's a gorgeous color. Deep and slightly metallic. Sadly though this looks absolutely asstastic on me which is sad. I tried using it as more of a stain and that didn't help. I mixed it on my lips with a slightly different shade of red gloss and no go. I'm really sad about that because it's a very nice product. I'll be slicing the top of that off and trading it away.

Now for some beauty link round up.

Silver Lips Beauty & Musiq Heaven. Lovely to read. I really enjoy her product reviews a lot.

Second Skin Beauty. She has contests, is funny and does some great reviews.

Reflections of Beauty. Charming, good reviews and she has cute friends.

Miss K of Aromaleigh who I've mentioned before. But always worth a read.

Scandalous Beauty. of course. I enjoy her youtube videos and her blog a lot. I highly recommend her.

I just recently started reading the Indian Make-up Diva. Absolutely worth a read even if you just go to have a look at the pictures.

The Makeup Girl.
Another blog I just started reading recently.

And I think that's the round up. I probably missed a few people but those I read regularly. I told you I'm an addict.

My next review will probably be of the Covergirl powder I picked up on Ebay, more AromaLeigh since I have a crapload of pigment samples from them I have yet to try. I will also probably do some lip gloss reviews and recommendations.

All right goodnight pretty people.

Homo Out.

OH and remember, my sex advice column is a go. Head to this page and ask me anything.

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xoxo Jaimie said...

Thanks for the info! I'm really gonna have to try out that basis bar. Also I'm adding you to my blog roll.

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