Monday, July 07, 2008

Keep on Chugging.

Still working on the form thingy for the sexy times questions. Fear not my darlings I haven't forgotten entirely.

There are currently a myriad of things causing me no end of irritation but I am trying really hard over here to rise above, take a breath and not go fucking nuclear.

So let's talk about body mods shall we.

I have been a lover of body modification since I was pretty young. I remember lying about my age or having older friends buy me tattoo magazines so I could keep up with what was going on in the body mod world way before I was ever really a part of it. I recall being very familiar with the whole Urban Primitive thing way before every jack hole with a stretched earlobes thinks they are so freaking cool.

Now that I'm older, fatter and wiser my outlook on body mod has changed a tad bit.

I am far more into tattoos than piercings. I have had lots of holes in my dermis and the only ones I still have are my labret, and my still being stretched lobes.

I have the fantastic tramp stamp and no other ink as of yet mostly due to financial fuckery.

I've had the majority of my major tattoos planned for years now. The only things that have changed really are the smaller ones. Instead of symbols I have had scribbled in notebooks for years I am inclined towards wee bits of literature.

I really want the end of one of my favorite Bukowski poems tattooed on the inside of my right arm. I made it up all pretty in photoshop and whatnot and scaled and much to my chagrin my arm is too small.

I find it somewhat amusing that I am right this instant lamenting the fact that my arms are not big enough for me to decorate as I see fit.

I am also seriously considering a pin up for my calf. A big titty having, afro wearing, probably in hot pants pin up. Which would be so super awesome.

I know I'm skipping around here.

Excuse that I have a migraine brewing.

Break here I just found someone on Ebay who does PVC and other gothy, fetishy fabulousness up to a ladies size 11X. Awesome find that here.

And to steal a phrase from Kathy Griffen, holy fuckballs you guys.

My head is not quite pounding yet but my migraine detection system is clanging away like a mother fucker.

Also reminder to self pack your Elvis purse so you can carry the camera and take some photos.

I also still intend to participate in some Half Nekkid Thursday action. I just keep forgetting.

I also have a post brewing about GlamourBombing sort of.

So, stay tuned this week for sex, boobs, fabulousness and the debut of the as yet unnamed sexy times column.

Also as an aside "Dear Reverse Cowgirl" is currently my favorite to win for the title.

I love you guys.

Homo Out.


Eduardo said...

Randomly stumbled upon this blog. You're very entertaining, oh and you'll have to hook me up with some pics when you buy that PVC :p

Anonymous said...

I love body mods to a certain extent, but my long time partner views it as self-mutilation. I've always found other things to spend my money on thus far - clothes, new computer, but I've still got the idea of one I really want - a gecko curled around my lower leg, and across the top of my foot. Easy to hide at work.

I guess I'm something of a wimp, plus I've seen way too many tattoos on old ladies (of various sizes) and done a mental 'ew'. Not so much at them, but of the thought of that happening to my tattoo as I grow older.

catgal said...

I also love tattoos. I waited for 10 years to get my first one because I wanted to wait until I lost weight. That never happened so I just went for it. Now I have two and am planning a third!

Lindsay said...

I love (and have) both tattoos and piercings. They're different things for different purposes.

Tattoos, for me, are permanent reminders of significant events in my life. Milestone markers. They are stories in and of themselves.

Piercings are almost invariably decorative (again, for me - not trying to speak for anyone else here). I can take then out, put them back in, let them heal up, get new ones, etc. They're throw pillows in the house of my body.

I've been craving new ink for years, because i love the experience. But i haven't yet figured out what it should be or where to put it. I'm holding off on piercings because of some weird politics with the only place i'm currently comfortable getting pierced.

It's really interesting to listen to all of the different opinions about piercings/tattooing, especially within the bodymod community. I don't necessarily agree with them all, but hey - so long as they're not trying to tell me what to do with my body? I'm aight.

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