Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I still don't feel good and thank you for your well wishes. I think it's mostly the weather change (significant barometric pressure changes always leave me feeling not so good) and my shitty sleep habits.

I have stuff to muse about.

First thing though, I have a bit of a conundrum.

I was reading a news article written by someone I have admired and enjoyed their writing for awhile. And frankly she lost me in the first paragraph that's just plain mean spirited I think and doesn't really address the issue she was writing about. I used to spend a lot of time in her internets community and stopped quite awhile back over what I felt to be some fat wank that pissed me off royally and the fact that as a community I read more things that pissed me off than didn't so I decided to go away.

Now I have her on my LJ friends list and she posts her new articles on her journal and this one just, wow. Hit the angry button.

I'm not one to point fingers but geesh. I really want to take some time in my entry to dissect it but I don't know. I don't want to be mean.

Go figure I want to be nice.

Okay suffice it to say (while I'm still being super vague) my main issues were some meanness and what comes off as dislike of small children and what they actually look like. I don't like that at all and felt it was an entirely unnecessary opening jab. It wasn't even a point.

Ok moving on.

Remember not all that long ago I mentioned my pants being a little tight due to some possible recent weight gain? And some anonymous someone was ever so kind as to tell me I was fat hating and whatnot. HA found the entry. See that here for a refresher. Back now? Great.

And as I said then:

I'm not doing anything crazy like only eating orange foods on Mondays when the moon is at three quarters full and drinking unicorn pee.

So my pants fit again today. I didn't bathe in Unicorn Pee, I didn't cut out all white foods, stand on one foot chanting my fat away. I did what I said I was going to and cut down on the sugar (I have a junkie worthy sweet tooth) and cut the energy drinks I was having all the fucking time out and guess what? Back to my normal pants size and state.

Also guess what? Still don't hate fat people. Still don't care if someone wants to tells me all about their miracle diet where they lost eleventy million pounds without doing anything differently. Yea no really. Don't care.

I still firmly believe that if I would prefer to keep fitting into my same pants or am a tad unsettled by my pants being too tight that is not hatred nor is it terrible nor is it the antithesis of Fat Acceptance.

Also henceforth aside from NSFW warnings I am not warning anyone about anything. That is my first formal policy here. I am not warning you about thinness, fatness, weirdness, difference. If you get upset over something you see linked here, that is not my issue. It is yours to decide to do with what you will.

Next thing I wanted to share my next tattoo. I originally wanted this on my inner right arm, but I realized that the way I designed it, it won't fit and I'm upset about that. It's from one of my favorite poems by Charles Bukowski it's the very ass end of the poem Friends Within the Darkness.


I really want it on my inner arm so I can read it when I need to. That bit is absolutely vital to me. So I think when I'm ready to go get it I will just take the full size and have the artist fix it for me. Since I am no artist myself.

I still have a little list of very small tattoos I'd like to get. Most of them are only significant to me and only I will get it and that's perfectly fine. Oddly of all of them it's the treble clef I want on my toe that I'm sweating.

Not because it'll hurt a lot but because I hate people touching my feet. I don't even really like Uniballer to touch my feet and I only let him for precious few seconds at a time before I pull my foot away or spank his hand.

So yeah. That one will probably be years in coming.

I seriously started this shit hours ago and now I'm home. Still feel like poop.

But to save the day a really sweet girl on LJ sent me an AWESOME Mac lipstick called So Scarlet. So I will show you my lucious lips clad in hot ass motherfucking red.

Christina Aguilara (I totally fucked up the spelling of her name didn't I?) and I are in agreement that red lipstick brings you up to another level of fabulous.

Now I am going to go take some medication, hope my body relents and let's me do this sleep thing.


Hopefully I will feel human and/or decent enough to talk some sexy times.

In the meantime keep the questions coming. I love you and goodnight.

Homo Out.


xoxo Jaimie said...

Girl I just got a foot tatt and trust me, they put you through some thangs lol

xoxo Jaimie
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Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Do you do perfume reviews too?

Anonymous said...

So just what am I supposed to do with this jug of magical unicorn pee now!

Wanders off muttering...

Pops back: Just checking, hoping you're feeling better.

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