Tuesday, July 29, 2008

News and whatnot. Heavy on the whatnot.

So in the news I am feeling semi unwell.

My brain is teeming with misplaced anger that I'm not doing really well at directing into some kind of thing that doesn't involve smashing things.

So yeah. The column is going slow because I don't want to try and be loving and nurturing when I feel like stabbing someone. That's not the place I want my advice to come from.

I do have your questions saved and they are important to me. And they will be answered. I think I was trying to be a little more ambitious than was prudent as I am wont to do.

Next thing I finally finished my Amazon Affiliate store. See that here. Some books I really love, beauty items I dig and now with some sexy times supplies. I will be adding more and even though I don't get much of a cut, (it's like 4%) I would be pretty stoked if you'd like to shop there.

Feel free to ask why I picked something or other. Or how to use it. I'm yer huckleberry.

I haven't figured out how to syndicate the sexy times column, nor have I figured out if or how I can make separate feeds for stuff some of you might not be interested in.


There is actually a lot I've read in the Fatosphere lately that I'd like to comment on (I totally have notes) however the Stabby Level is at Orange right now and I don't think I can do so without the stabby interfering.

Also I've been reading some awesome beauty blogs so be on the look out for more beauty related stuff.


Yeah wow. I don't know if the stabby is my Migraine Early Detection system going off (for one kind of migraine I get I get really angry before hand) or what but whoa.

So yeah call me Your Lady of Perpetual Grrr but I'm having a time shaking it. It's also partly because I still don't feel exactly right and I need to go to the doctor. I'm reluctant to though because I really -really- don't want to fucking hear just how crapped out my joints and back are.

I really don't want to have to be on daily meds. Mainly because I'm 31 and if I have to take them forever I'd like to not obliterate my liver without the enjoyment of liquor.

Also it just freaks me out.

But I know I need to put my big girl panties on and deal with it because near constant low level pain makes me really mean and I probably regress some.

And I'm spent.

Homo Out.

Returning soon with less angst more content. Swearsies.


Jen said...

*hugs and good vibes*

Kimi said...

I totally hear you on the stabby stuff and the trying to avoid it. I just got online to get my mind off a nightmare, and went to a Fatosphere post where I left a comment with some particular venom that I regret a little bit. I mean, it was against a specific group that has a tendency to cause me grief, but I could have at least not been so snide and snarky (I came off as really bitter, which is how I felt at the time)... meh. 'Sokay, I learned not to look at blogs 'till I've had some coffee.

*hugs* to you and we're happy to wait on the planned stuff, cuz your awesomeness is more than worth it, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who enjoys reading these things you post in the meantime. It's like we get to learn more about a new friend, so it's all good.

Piffle said...

No fun at all to be angry all the time. My husband gets that way when he's depressed, and he hates it.

I hope the doctor can help with the joint and back pains. Would a soak in a hot bath help meanwhile? If it doesn't trigger a migraine, perhaps with some lavender bubbles?

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