Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Fluff.

I am a tad hung over and very tired today so nothing serious.

Last night I went to a bacherlorette party and saw way more penis than anyone really needs to in a single night.

No seriously.

I also made a note to get my goddamn ID renewed because it's expired as a very annoyed bartender explained.

However the night was saved by an eager hostess at a sushi place next door who was very sweet and excited for my friend who's getting married. I had some lovely spicy tuna rolls and two Asahi beers.

What else?

Oh, I have discovered a new snack that I just love. Chili mango slices.

If you like spicy sweet foods and like mangoes you have GOT to try these. I get them locally because, there is a pretty big Hispanic population where I live and zomfg yummy.

You can apparently also find these at yer local Trader Joe's maybe.

So delicious.

I think I grew up around so many people from everywhere around the world and feel blessed that the neighborhood I live in provides me with a lot of the comfort type snacks I love that come from far flung places.

Sometimes when Uniballer and I are out buying snacks and groceries the propritors will give us the funniest looks. Someone explained it's because we often buy things they usually only sell to people of their own ethnicity. Further proof that tasty knows no bounds.

For instance.

There are these Chinese candies I like very very much and don't get often because they are hard to find outside of actual China. I had a bag on the bus one day and was nibbling when an older Chinese lady sat next to me. She caught sight of them and kind of giggled.

I offered her some and we shared this moment of absolute harmony. Then she gave me this huge bright thankful smile, and said as best she could that she didn't speak English but thank you. It was awesome.

I have been in more than one situation where the only thing I understood was to eat. Or taste.

I remember being in Japan and having our host family's little old Grandma jamming tasty tidbit after tidbit into my mouth because I was willing to try it and she clearly understood the happy yummy face I made when she fed me some sort of little fishy, seaweedy thingy.

Delight, the kind of delight that makes you squirm and giggle and maybe drool is the best thing in the universe. In case you've forgotten this sort of thing watch the face of a upright aged infant when presented with a loved thing.

I'm talking before said baby can actually speak, it's the non verbal full body kind of squee that I'm talking about. Embrace it.

Sometimes our lives get so busy and full of doing everything else we forget the little joys that are in fact universal.

So in the next few days as a favor to your favorite cranky fat sex guru in training, do something that makes you squee. Have a perfect strawberry, use your favorite soap, snorgle your pet, snorgle a loved one, tickle a baby, tickle your partner, do something that just makes you squirm and wriggle and maybe even squeal with abject absolute delight.

Now some links.

The Human Variation Project needs female volunteers. Read about that here.

Did I mention I joined Facebook? I don't know how to work it exactly and that makes me feel dumb in a way that I don't care about.

This is a really good entry over at GoodWithCheese. Go read it.

Also I think I may be one of few not being trolled lately. Also I don't have any kind of actual comments policy as of yet. Which seems odd considering I've been yammering on the internet for more than five years now.

Wow I'm fucking exhausted.

Tomorrow some musing about the ever dreaded d word, weight loss, and Tuesday more sexy times for you my darlings. I'm also working on making the sexy advice it's own standalone feed for those of you who want more sex less yammering.

Also look for my first Half-Nekkid Thursday post here soon like.

That's all.

Homo Out.

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Karin said...

Ooooh, you inspired me to go to my favorite Italian restaurant and have a serving of the godly tiramisu they make - that and the perfect espresso they serve turn me into drooling and grinning puddle of squee! :-)

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