Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beauty review some musings and nonsense.

Okay first of all can I just say that I think I have a poltergeist that lives somewhere near my head?

I say this because yesterday my hair was up in my usual kick ass ballerina style bun and when I took it down when I got into bed my hair was SO goddamn tangled. Like the aforementioned poltergeist had been in there and just had a good time.

So I rebunned and called it a night. I'll probably just deep condition and wash it tonight. Bloody hell.

Also due to several near soakings due to the recent rain my hair has been super poof. Like whoa.

Oookay beauty news.

First of all now that I've seen more swatches from Mac's Cult of Cherry I decided I can go without the quads but I must have some of those lippies. MUST.

I don't think I mentioned it but somehow I managed to misplace my first sample order from AromaLeigh. Months ago I had ordered maybe 15 bucks worth of samples and weeks ago could not find them at all. One of the things I love about AromaLeigh is that when you order all samples you get free shipping which is awesome.

Aromaleigh samples don't come in jars which is fine with me, they come in neat little baggies that are stapled at the top so no loose ones get out. And you get a couple extra ones with each order, also awesome. And the samples are very bountiful more than enough to decide if you really like a color or not.

I also highly recommend following the owner MissK's blog for first word on sales. I really enjoy her posts.

Now for the good part let's talk about some products.

I know I should really include pictures but we'll pretend I did.

My favorite color thus far is from the Gothic Lolita Collection. I was actually pretty surprised by this because the shade I purchased called AquaNightmare (see a pic of the shades in this collection here) at first didn't look like something I'd really love. But that shade looks amazing on me. You get intense color payoff with AromaLeigh products and as we all know I am a color fanatic.

The other day I did an experimental dark burgundy-ish purple look that I will recreate to take pics of, based on a tutorial on youtube. This lovely lady Leesha and her homie who's name I've forgotten but he goes by Petrilude have been doing Disney inspired looks. I used this one (Ursula from the Little Mermaid) as my inspiration. Something he said and did with a little pop of brightness I think he mentions wet sea creature skin made me want to try something like that. And I like how it worked out so I'll recreate it like I said and take some pics.

I've now got about uh, 15 or so different pigments and liner samples from AromaLeigh and the ones I've tried are gorgeous but my favorite product remains the Indelible Eyeliner Sealant. I've used this to create the custom liquid liners that I love. I've used this with Mac pigments, Fyrinnae loose shadows, Aromaleigh Shadows, Pressed shadows and it works beautifully.

My new favorite thing is a stripe of Mac teal wet lined with the sealant, buttload of mascara and bright shiny shimmery lips.

Next up I recently picked up a few new Fyrinnae samples and once again Fyrinnae BRINGS IT. I have been a Fyrinnae fan since I stumbled on their website about two years ago or so. Theirs is the only finishing powder I put on my mug.

I picked up a couple of their brand new Lip Lustres and wow. First thing is the price. The price is astonishing considering the quality of product you get. I've said before that I really love getting hand made things but these are really beautiful. I am right now wearing Acidic Cherry and the little swatch does not do it justice.

The 3.5 ml size is perfect for a pocket, or to test it out and at 2.50 come on now. Excellent bargain.

The color is this gorgeous rich burgundy. What they don't mention in the little description is the slightly metallic finish that is really very pretty. It's more shimmery than shiny but, a quick top coat of whatever clear gloss can fix that. My lips are prone to dryness and I find these a tad drying without lipbalm under them. They don't smell overpowering. The scent and taste is nice and light, the texture is not gloopy or gross. In a word, these are awesome and full of win.

I actually plan on picking up a truckload more of these than I had first anticipated because they are gorgeous and I am a lip product LOVER.

In other news.

I am looking for a new pressed powder which wouldn't be a big deal but, I have such a hard time finding lady of color who wants pressed powder shades increasingly difficult in Seattle. And I really fucking hate running all over the place to find of all things a goddamn compact.

So I am thinking I am going to go more high end. Screw you Covergirl, screw you Revlon and MOST of all screw you Bartell's Drugstore.

Right now I am emailing companies to find out how their products stand up to really oily skin because I can't afford to buy fourteen different things.

I'm not in a huge hurry for this right now mainly because I go more full coverage as the weather gets colder because my skin really loves cold weather and I love looking velvety and flawless.

Unfortunately the primers that work the best I can't use. Anything with dimethecone in it cannot touch my face or my face freaks out like Armageddon. The Milk of Magnesia as a primer along with my powder primer works well so what I need for that little bit more coverage look is pressed powder.

Currently the front runners are Mac's Natural Mineral Skin Finishes, Iman's oil absorbing pressed powder, Make up Forever's Velvet Finish and one by Sephora that I can't recall the name of. Hopefully after some research I'll be able to settle on one of them.

I'm also in the market for some fabulous type mascara and have been reading Clumps of Mascara religiously. She does some really nice reviews on different mascaras both high and low end which is always nice.

Today I am rocking a look I've utilized in varying degrees since I was a teenager. Lots of black eyeliner. I've got a serious cat eye going on and dark muted lips.


OH yeah. I picked up a brush order from Eyes Lips Face (if you are interested in registering with them can I pretty please be your referral? I want to earn free shit I won't lie) about two weeks ago or so.

Their shipping is kind of slow and some of the stuff is well worth a dollar.

But I do really really love their eyeshadow brush. Most of their other brushes kind of suck but I love this one. I have six or seven of them and they are pretty perfect for me. They are a tad on the big side so if you have a smaller eyelid area you might not want to use this one. But for me they work. They are easy to control, easy to use. They could be a little heavier in the hand but that's not a big deal to me.

The blending eye brush isn't too bad either. It's not as fluffy as the one pictured and is a pretty good size. It's not super fantastic but it's not super crappy either. Overall if you just want some damn brushes Eyes Lips Face isn't bad.

Although for face brushes (foundation, overall, bronzer/blush) I still prefer EcoTools. And I retract my earlier good review of the Sheer Minerals face brush. That thing is a piece of shit. It has gotten so scratchy like I melted some of the fibers which is impossible since I don't yanno use it over an open flame. I will never again buy any of their brushes.

And that's it my beautiful darlings.

As always if you has questions feel free to ask.

Also, I PROMISE pics and tutorials coming soon like.

Homo Out.



Anonymous said...

(pssst! The boys at Fyrinnae think you're downright fab! nifty blog)

Prunella Jones said...

I'm too lazy to wear makeup most of the time, but when I do it's Kohl eyeliner with loads of false lashes at the corners and rosy stained lips. I love everything Benefit makes, but hate the prices.

Great post!

Ms. Heathen said...

Oooh, thanks for the ecoTools tip, I can actually afford those!

Also, I wants this color: Dark Spiral.

I'm not usually into much makeup, but I love your links. Also, when I move into my new house, I'll totally use you as my referral when I sign up for ELF. No shopping for me until then tho. :(

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