Monday, August 25, 2008

Can I get an Amen?

First thing, go read this entry by Lindsay right now. No really right now, go ahead I'll wait.

You're back? Fabulous now can I get an amen?

Now that you've read that I have some thoughts. I find it entirely disappointing that we still have to remind people that FA (or insert other group here) is not monolithic.

For fuck sake people. If you're trolling or having some other issue with ZOMFG the fat people, use your brain at least a little.

Now I have some other things to discuss.

So not all that long ago I mentioned the new tattoo magazine for black folks called Urban Ink. I sat in Barnes and Noble yesterday and read the latest issue and have some reflections.

Okay first of all, I still absolutely fucking hate that the term "urban" is substituted for Black these days. Really I do. I really fucking do.

Now I've been a fan of tattoo magazines for probably almost twenty years and I've read many. Unfortunately the writing in them tends to be less than superb and that's fine. I will say that there were a number of interesting and wonderful artist profiles. Some tattooists of color (YAY for local people) and there are the usual images you find in tattoo magazines.

But, then the feature piece with Lil Wayne (I think) was well it pissed me off enough to close the magazine and not purchase it.

As with all things deemed "urban" it was not really about his tattoos but of him posing the hyper masculine poses rappers tend to adopt with, you guessed it the scantily clad big booty having, gstring wearing lady who had a few tattoos maybe, I don't remember.

I really hate that kind of lowest denominator pandering.

I was also a bit disappointed not to see that many other people of color. It has potential if they could lay off of the men's magazine style ass and titties.

I'll be keeping an eye on it.

And let me clarify, I don't have an issue with ass and titties in a tattoo magazine, I was in fact really disappointed when the venerable old Tattoo magazine started censoring out nipples (even nipples in tattoos). But, I do think there is a distinction between trying to get the big ass loving crowd to buy your magazine, and showing ink on a person. Which yanno is supposed to be the point. If it was in fact a skin magazine I'd be all about the ass in buttfloss.

So yeah. As excited as I am to see (finally) black folks represented in a fairly biggish way in the tattoo world, I am not into the magazine. I'm sad about that.

Next thing.

Let's talk about the Fatosphere for a minute.

You've probably noticed I've not been super linking to the Fatosphere quite as much as I had been. Aside from it's summer and lots of people are busy doing things other than posting frankly at large it hasn't been really speaking to me lately so much.

I think it's partly that my personal sensitivities are shifting. And I am not going to talk about things that I don't really give a tin shit about. I'm also tired of any criticisms becoming fodder for what are in my opinion mealy mouthed "apologies" and defenses. Granted I could stop reading comments again, that might help but in general my brain has started going, NO when I run across things that make me twitch.

It's not that I don't see people getting called on their bullshit when it happens, I just don't have the patience for it.

Similarly, I don't have the patience to see people have to be reminded over and over again that yes, racial issues should be addressed. And that no, it's not just PC over sensitivity. That yes, it is on the racist side of the sidewalk to dismiss a person of color who points out potential racism.

For fuck sake man.


Do we still have to be doing this?

This is probably why I am not a teacher or a lecturer. I don't have the patience.

Trying to belabor these things, or watch them worried at over and over again just pisses me off. And I have enough stress and anger without that.

Now for some actual fat related content.

Remember back in June when I said that my pants were too tight? And Anonymous ever so lovingly let me know that I was fat hating?

To date my pants still fit. So yes by cutting out some of my over indulgence of sugar I have not to date regained, gained more or gone on a diet.

Matter of fact, because the weather has been nice and I've been managing to get in an extra mile or so in my daily walking, my pants are a tad loose in the waist.

Also I haven't started bathing in unicorn pee or shitting rainbows of diety delight.

Now I'd like to comment on an article I found on CNN about the underwhelming sales of the diet drug Alli. The article itself is no great shakes, what got my attention was the snipped at the top:

From the story highlights:

# People don't want to make the necessary lifestyle changes, analyst says
# Unpleasant side effects like leakage may turn consumers off

I know it's odd but it cracked me up.

Anal leakage is what they are talking about. Dribbling poo if you eat a food on the no-no list. Even if you don't over indulge.

So could one of those necessary lifestyle changes involve having to carry an extra set of drawers in case you want some bacon?

Now I would think if you are that concerned with losing weight you'd probably be better off learning how to eat in a more healthful way if that's your issue, or if you have a binge eating disorder getting help for that, rather than shitting yourself as a punishment for eating.

And if you're one of those jackasses who's always going on about fat people and junk food, I would really like to see you harass every mother fucker in Burger King. Why? Because lots and lots and lots of people eat fast/junk/crappy food. Some of those people are thin so does that make it okay to you?

I wonder about these things.

In other news.

I have been holding onto about 22$ for months thinking I might spend it on shoes but instead since Mac had free shipping last week I made my first purchase from the website. Squeeeeeeeeee. I picked up a blot powder compact as advised by one of the friendly make up artists. Pics, review when it gets here.

I've also been on a mission to archive and make downloadable a crapload of my old fiction. If you are so inclined feel free to download it and share the links at will. I've broken it up into groups as follows.

General fiction. Flash, non horror and other shorts. The link is for the RSS page so if you like add it to your reader so you can see when I add to it.

Next up the porns. Heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, solo. Some horror porn. Porn porn porn. I rarely say erotica in general conversation. I know that a lot of people have such a thing about that. But when I write a sexy story, it is absolutely prurient and my ultimate goal is to make you tingle in your pants. So to that end I say porn.

Horror/dark fiction. If things that go bump in the night and things that suck blood and wreak havoc scare you avoid these.

As with most everything I write if you don't like something, don't like some subject matter, whatever it's not my responsibility so don't write me telling me how horrible I am for making you read it. If you don't like it don't read it.

I will be adding more as time goes by. I have more of the really old stuff (written '02-'04) and some other stuff up there.

I will probably upload my ill fated poetry book at some point. I was going to self publish it but fuck that. Too much fucking hassle. As it is now that thing is about 60 pages or so.


Also sadly Muxtape has been peed on by the RIAA. All I have to say about that is fuck off RIAA. No REALLY FUCK RIGHT OFF. That was such a fun website. I heard some things I never had before and that led me to listen to some new music. So fuck em fuck em FUCK EM.

Also to relaunch the sexy content, I've got some reviews, links, advice and more. MORE.

Now back to your regularly programmed day. I am going to sit here listening to my sinus cavities bong because the barometric pressure has done some flipflops and my head doesn't like it.

And oh HAY GUYS (Fyrinnae boys)

Homo Out.

PS..also coming soon some more musings about fetish aesthetic and um...yeah.


Lindsay said...

I totally hear you on the "urban" thing. As a regular tourist (because i'm not really a member, per se) in the land of Piercing-and-Tattoo-ville, i have learned to absolutely detest the misuse of the word "tribal". It brings out the twitchies under my left eyeball. :P

I have more thoughts on what you've posted here, but my brainmeats just went guh. It's been a day. Good, but exhausting. I'll hafta get back to this tomorrow.

vesta44 said...

May I just say that I absolutely love your writing! I downloaded, and read, everything you linked to last night and am looking forward to updates in all of the categories. You have some talent there, woman. Keep up the good work.

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