Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So first thank you Vesta. No really thank you. A lot.

So today I am feeling like the proverbial Diva (yes with a capital D baby) for no particular reason except that my make up is fantastic today (it has been BROUGHTEN..okay I am never watching Bring it On again) and because I am really in love with myself today.

My skin is breaking out, my eyebrows look weird while I am debating whether or not to grow them out or wax them again. I stink a little in not such a great way. Not hugely so, but I think it's time to switch pit sticks again because my current body chemistry=whack.

However I still feel fucking fabulous today.

As proof see here at my LJ my first written make up tutorial. Pics and text. I will probably do more of these but the look I am sporting today (big black smoked out eyes, nudeish lips, done brows) is an old favorite.

Um what else?

Also awesome I am coming up on 30,000 unique hits over the last um..I think it's been 2 years. I am trying to come up with something awesome to celebrate that.

I am also feeling more excited about archiving my writings. The awesome thing here is that there are a lot of stories and whatnot that I quite literally haven't touched nor read in probably five years and it's really interesting and wonderful to me to see how my writing has changed.

Usually every two years or so I get fed up and get a serious hate on for my writing. By which I mean I decide that I am the hackiest hack that ever hacked at writing and give it up. Now, generally I have friends who kick me in the ass or just let me whine until I get over it.

In the last couple of years I have really started to get serious about improving my skills. I've been dipping into non fiction in a real way and it feels good.

Fact is I will probably never be the famous American writer type. And I think I can finally deal with that in a non drama way.

What does still sting a lot is the rejection.

But I'm still working on putting new stuff out there.

I have had a lot of firsts in the recent past and that is exciting.

I am planning some fantastic type hotness for Winter and Spring. But no details on that yet because I am still scheming.

Have I told you guys about the Your Daily Lesbian Moment yet? So we all know I'm pretty queer and we all know I love lesbians. So what more do I need? Yes it is good stuff I highly suggest you read that one.

Oi I am losing steam. I'm tired.

I ate at Denny's last night and my tolerance for junk food has gotten woefully low. My guts are so uncomfortable because I ate fried food last night and my body does not want.

Not. Want. So. Much.

It's astonishing that if you don't indulge in not so healthy foods very often the reaction your body has when you have some. The thing is I didn't even really have all that much. A chicken strip, some onion rings and some mozzarella sticks. And now there is Armageddon near my butt.

The gas, the bowel unhappiness, the OMG OMG OMG going on in my digestive tract.

So yeah, not doing that again anytime soon. Gee thanks cravings.

I'm also writing a new story involving theoretical physics and I am distracted so goodnight sweethearts good night.

Homo Out.

As Lindsay said yesterday, it's been a day. A good day but a DAY.


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