Thursday, August 28, 2008

For my Pleasure.

No not talking about touching myself for once.

I have learned in the last say six years of my life that quite often the actual, real reasons and motivations for some of my beliefs and habits really pisses some people off.

Specifically the fact that a lot of the things I feel passionate about, a lot of my reasons for presenting myself to the world the way I do are all rooted deeply in one thing.

I like it.

What I've learned about the phenomennon of anger that can greet my declarations of glee, is that a lot of people don't share this slightly hedonistic approach. And quite often, people want to have the power to sway you to whatever side they are on. Or they want the drama of disagreement. And when you deny people that, often the first reaction is indignation.

Things like:
"But why do you really like (insert thing here)?"
"Well maybe you just don't know (insert instruction here)"

See what I'm saying?

There can also be much consternation and ire directed at me when I accept someone's differing opinion but, can't be arsed to argue. I have no problem saying, "I don't agree." and leaving it at that.

I'm talking about this because of a recent discussion with a "friend".

She has started keeping up with my blog and takes serious pleasure from pointing out what she decides are hypocrisies.

However, generally speaking what she points out are things that she wouldn't do or say not that I am saying something in direct opposition to what I've already said.

For instance:
I think most beauty standards are bullshit.
However, I am a make up loving, fancy dress wearing, high heel coveting fat femme.

She thinks this is hypocritcal of me.

I don't.

Make up, fancy dresses and other assorted sparkly things make me happy. I enjoy them. I am pleased when I manage to create some new crazy look for myself.

The important thing here is that, I am not seeking the approval or acceptance of the people who support the beauty standards. Because I don't really care who likes, doesn't like, hates what I'm doing.

No really.

Don't like my clothes/hair/make up/earrings/piercings/ink/ass great. Fantastic. That has no bearing whatever on what is going on in my head.

I've fought for this kind of freedom for myself for my entire life and fuck you I'm going to enjoy it.

I also try very hard to extend the same courtesy to other people.

If you want to spend your weekends with a feather duster up your ass, wearing chaps a pink sequined cowboy hat and singing Golden Oldies while your friends jerk off and watch. Feel free. Matter of fact I hope you are really enjoying yourself even though I do not approve of pink sequined cowboy hats.

So let's call this a getting to know your hostess moment.

This is the place I am coming from. So the main point here is don't call me on your bullshit.

To steal a phrase from Grandpa Dinosaur and Davitta Cuittita up with this fuckery I will not put.

Moving on.

I really want to write about Del Martin's passing but found I can't. Mainly frankly because other than sadness I can't really epxress how I feel in a way that doesn't feel incomplete. So we'll suffice it to day, goodbye.

I have some things to say about the fuckery going on in Alabama.

A quick google search will net you a fuckton of links about what is wrong with the BMI.

Now the way my brain operates this is where I go. Come with me.

If we're going to start charging people extra for potential problems I have a list of people who should be included if we're going by things like BMI:

Anyone with a BMI under 18. People who are underweight are at risk for the following according to WA state:
· Anemia and Nutrient Deficiencies
· Bone loss and osteoporosis
· Heart irregularities and blood vessel diseases
· Amenorrhea (loss of periods for women)
· Increased vulnerability to infection and disease
· Delayed wound healing
· Lethargy – no energy
· Depression
· Loss of muscle bulk
· Loose, elastic skin

From some other sources:

The Mayo Clinic said in 06 (I lost the damn link) that being underweight can in increase your risk of developing:
IBS, celiac disease, cancer, female infertility.

Also in doing some research if you are underweight if you have of develop a condition that requires more for your body, your body might not be able to provide it.


Also on the list of people (if we're doing this thing) who should get charged extra. People who drive. If you drive there is a chance you don't get as much exercise as someone who doesn't drive. Also, you drive and you probably have auto insurance but, you also risk being injured so you should pay more too.

People who are habitual assholes. Because they run the risk of aggravating other people to the point of needing therapy and thus they are the root cause of that cost.

You see I think this is fucking absurd.

I think this whole idea to legislate, charge or otherwise penalize people for arbitrary reasons is fucking ricockulous to use one of my favorite words from LoveLine back in the day.

The medical industrial machine is fucking broken and sucking down fuel like crazy. If it was a car someone should have driven it out into a field and shot it with a shotgun.

This fee is not about any faux concern for the health and well being of fat people.

It's naked ugly greed.

To quote Jay (if you get it, you get it if not google it)

"All you motherfucks are gonna pay."

In order to keep some bit of my sanity in regards to this sort of thing, I really have a foster a belief in what goes around comes around. I would really like to see this greedy nut fuck behaviour come right back and bite em in the ass.

The them in this case being the lobbyists, legislators, and the people making truckloads of money off of this bullshit.

To end on a less angry note.

I am wearing Yemaya BPAL today and it smells divine. I get this spicy sweetness from it that I just freaking love. I have a few imps from the Excolo there and among them my favorites are Anubis, Santa Muerte (which smells like sex on me), XIUHTECUHTLI (I had to cut and paste that I can't spell it but it smells good). I have Bast and Hecate too. Bast smells like straight up ass on me and Hecate doesn't fare much better.

I am not really good at the in depth kind of scent reviews but I know what I like. I like dark slightly masculine scents on myself. I like musky honey notes, a sploosh of vanilla but not too much. I also love single note things. I have a wee tiny bit of an Attar of Rose I have had for years that is magnificent. I also on occasion wear a single note lilac that is delicious.

I don't like foody scents so much. Except when they are mixed in interesting ways.

Um yeah I'm spent.

So tomorrow Fluff, hopefully some photos if I remember to take and upload them.

Also I will post about a weird conundrum I am facing with shoes and panties.
Homo Out.


Grandpa Dinosaur said...

There's nothing wrong with loving yourself for who you are and loving your body.

It's more than self-acceptance when you treat yourself properly and be yourself, it's healthy.

Trying to cut your face up with plastic surgery or weight down by insane means isn't healthy, but people often lose sight of what they want. I know a lot of people who see weight-loss as happiness, even more so than money.

There's more strength in loving one's self and accepting one's self that most people give credit for.

DavitaCuttita said...

I second that motion of Grandpa Dinosaur!!

According to my calculations, the galaxy is due to implode in .00003 seconds because too much awesomeness is in one amazing place all at once creating a vortex of sexy and wonderful.

Oh...we're not vaporized from hypeness yet?

Feel free to use the fuckery phrase, I coined it myself over cold pizza and tax returns.

Beauty is everywhere and if you gotta punch it in the jugular sometimes to make it stand out more with a lil' make-up and a push up bra; I think that's more than fair.

Twistie said...

There totally needs to be a tee shirt with the legend 'Don't Call Me On Your Bullshit'. I'd buy one in every color.

Like you, I may disapprove of pink sequinned cowboy hats, but I will fight to the death for the right of those who do approve to wear and view them.

Rest in peace Del Martin, and thanks for everything.

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