Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday Fluffiness.

First I have to say your comments are fucking fantastic.

No seriously I don't think you understand how awesome you are.

And (you know how you are) I was pumping my fist when I said that.

I love you guys.

And today (after some old school gym class style stretching) my back loosened up a bit and I got through my walk to the park and ride without having to stop, without any muscle cramps or having to shuffle weirdly.


I am going to talk about style and fashion today. FASHIONS.

Now that I have found the red lipstick of my dreams. (In case you missed the entry a week or so ago a fantastic lady from LJ sent me a So Scarlet lipstick from the upcoming Mac collection and it is TEH BOMB DIGGITY. See it on me here.) I think I need to rock some Rockabilly style sometime soon.

Right now, I have a serious hard on for Pinup Girl Clothing. Um yeah wow. LOVE it.

I keep having this vision of the uber busty look with the high waisted pencil skirt, think bad girl type look but I am really not sure if I will look short and weird or hot. And I am too cheap to invest in it if I'm not sure. So that kind of thing is on my sewing to do list.

I also have been fantasizing about boots. Namely some of the new Docs that are coming out and some New Rocks and on and on.

Hi, my name is Shannon and I am a boot addict.

I mean seriously. Does anyone really -need- more than one pair of knee high Doc Martens?

Actually yes, yes I do.

My love of boots absolutely borders on fetish. Well it does overlap into fetish sometimes. For instance if I'm wearing vinyl or PVC boots I enjoy having them licked. And yes, there are people who do that and enjoy doing it.

I am hoping this winter to get my fetishy boot/clothing collection back into some kind of clubbing/going out dancing type shape.

Now because I do a lot more walking and stair climbing these days my calves are quite muscular and I've had to let go of some of my favorite boots and brands of boots. I actually just recently cut a chunk out of my Demonia shaker style boots in order to fit round my calves.

I think unless I decide to really get down with DIY'ing those they'll be relegated to my more tattered stompy goth days.

Have you seen Torrid's redesign yet? Does it say bad things about me that most of what I want from Torrid these days comes out of the costume shop? And that I wouldn't be wearing any of it as costume?

I really hope my love the the platform sparkly bright goddamn red shoes is not signaling another weirdo sparkly candy raver thing. Yes, I totally went through that phase and it's silly.

Okay I keep getting distracted by shiny things so some links shall we? Not all worksafe darlings.

First of all via Fatgrrl, OMG Chubby Pigeon I want to come visit and look at her fancy hats. I looked at her website and instantly was making grabby hands and excited squeaks. Holy GORGEOUS I think I am in love.

If you are in SF this weekend you should Heather Corinna (on whom I've had this massive girl crush on for fucking ever) speak when she gets details up here.

Also Gander posted using the term Big Throbbing Brains and that gave me a special tingle in my gray matter. I too am a serious lover of the big brains and seeing other people talk about intellect being a turn on, frankly turns me on a little.

Recently I started reading a tattooists blog and am really enjoying it. Find AlienTattoo here. Also some really beautiful work there. Very nice, look for the entry with the bullet holes tattoo. I really love that one.

Also speaking of big brains you should read Audacia Ray, who I also have a very big size girlcrush on.

You should also check out FemmeCast. It's fabulous just do it.

And some more fashion/Etsy/buyables links:

on Etsy. Some really cute stuff.

Heart and Dart handcrafted soaps. I know these folks and they are good people. And produce some beautiful hand made soap that will make you feel fancy when you use it. The spiced pear smells so damn good, it's just delicious.

If you are dying to try Mac pigments but the cost is scary, try heading to The Body Needs. The sample sizes are plenty big enough for lots of uses and it's fun. They also make cheap tasty lipbalms. Good stuff.

StarsMakeupHeaven is another good source for good prices on some high end stuff, supplies for depotting eyeshadows and other goodies.

I'm also really excited about Coastal Scents. You can find mineral make up ingredients, storage supplies, essential oils, make up brushes and all sorts of stuff. I am super excited I think this Winter I am going to get up to mixing up some of my own lipglosses and maybe shadows.

Also I want one of their 88 color eyeshadow Palettes SO Bad.

I think I'm about done for the day. I am going to eat something because my blood sugar is going south in a bad way.

More this weekend probably. Maybe some more wannabe beauty editor stuff.

Now I'm a little tired.

And again, I love you guys.

Homo Out.


nabikineum said...

I want to hug you for having boot-calf-issues as well.

My walkaholic ways limit my tall boot buying and make me want to seriously stab bootmakers. I want tall boots for my serious calves, and I want them now, and I want them with a pizza and compliments!

You have, like, the best taste... I want you to come live with me and keep my wardrobe from being dull, please.

xoxo Jaimie said...

Girl, I have a boot thing too. I love them to death. Can't wait for the fall to come. Also you should really get the Coastal Scents Palette, you'll love it.

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