Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hold on to your booty.

So I backdated yesterdays entry because I forgot to publish it last night.

News on the maid of honor dress. HOLY shitballs my tits are squeezed into that thing. However Uniballer declared it not overly hoochie but I am going to get a cover of some sort. It was a little better without my Cacicique 6 way bra on but still.

I was reminded of being in JCPenny with my parents about a year after I got my breast reduction so I was probably 15 or so. We were shopping for a prom dress. I really wanted this full length black velvet sweet heart neckline fishtail dress (STILL my favorite shape for formalwear for myself) tried one on and it fit like a painted velvet glove. Predictably my Father rigorously objected to the mountain of cleavage I was sporting. I of course had a teenage girl size snit and heard my mom say to him,

"If she wears a turtleneck, she's showing cleavage."

Uh yeah so true.

My boobs have a tendency to take over whatever I'm wearing and that's pretty okay with me.

Um what else?

OH right.

So I got my dress from David's Bridal it's this one, in the green color called clover. I was a little skeptical but it's about the same length on me as it is on the model which is awesome I was a little worried about my shortness but my boobs have made up for that.

Their construction is bizarre though. There is weird boning in the boobie area that is a mystery to me. Also My boobs look a little squished in there but I am afraid if I get the bigger size the whole shebang will be thrown off. Also I ordered a size 16 dress which by their measurements for a 16 (43 bust, 36 waist, 46 hips) should have been a bit too big all over but the inside slip thing in the dress is fairly formfitting and I took my measurements before. I believe their sizing, they are not correct.

So I think I might finances willing go with a pair of kitten heeled silverish shoes of some sort. OR these kind of ugly but in a I LOVE THEM kind of way sequined ballet flats.

I'm still not sure about the make up. I'm thinking there will be tears maybe and I might just go with a simple cat eye and nude lip.

And thanks to TR over in an LJ make up community I have been reintroduced to a lady I just freaking love. Doe Deere.

Even though I am still rocking the occasionally weirdo goth aestetic I freaking love this lady. Check out the make up tutorials and I SO blame you TR if I am rocking the Doe Deer look this week.

I do love her floofy skirt and girly t combo outfits. This is something I would like to experiment with rocking however, invariably girly t's are never cut big enough in the boobs so I have yet to find any that look good on me.

Ready, break GO fatosphere go. Where do my fellow big titty having ladies go for girly tees? Do you make your own? Do you rock them?

It's been awhile since I got all fashiony on you so here we go.

Lately I've had a hankering for a femme stompy cute thing.

I'm talking like the aforementioned floofy skirts, stompy shoes, girly tees. Glittery make up.

So yeah that is where my head is at.

Also, now that I've seen swatches I'm not as excited about Cult of Cherry except for some of those lip products.

I think I'm about done. It's been quite a day at work.

Later this week some beauty stuff. I have some looks to post.

Also, I am working on figuring out how to do video on my digital camera thus far I've not been successful. I'd like at some point to do some video reviews and tutorials for the youtube. I know I am jumping on the bandwagon but it seems like it might be fun.

And now I'm leaving so goodnight.



Anonymous said...

Gah, yes, high necked does not remove the huge boobage, and can make it look even bigger! I spent way too much of my life wearing crew necks, long live plunge, v neck, cross over and sweet heart necklines!

nuckingfutz said...

Okay, first off, I think that bridesmaid's dress is going to look AWESOME on you! It looks like the type of dress that would look good on almost EVERY body. I like the idea of silver shoes - whether you go with the kitten heels or the flats, in my head it already looks good. :)

I'm definitely going to have to add Doe Deere to my favorites. Thanks for the link!

I wish I could help with the girly tees, but the last "girly" tee I bought was The Sugar Monster's "pretty face" tee and it's actually pretty shapeless. (I love it anyway, though. :) )

And if you ever figure out how to do the videos on your camera, PLEASE let me know. I've been subscribing to practically every makeup/style YouTube channels I can find lately, and I would LOVE to have you on that list. =)

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

That dress is really pretty! I'm sure it'll look great on you!

Piffle said...

What a cute dress, I adore wearing green too.

Ms. Heathen said...

"If she wears a turtleneck, she's showing cleavage."

Jeebus, ain't that the truth. Most days I settle for keeping my brassier inside my shirt and the twins in their separate corners. Not showing off how big my rack is just isn't an option.

OMG, that dress is just fantastic!

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