Saturday, August 09, 2008

New and fabulous.

So new things.

I have included a new thing that is a computer generated audio podcast version of each post. It's imperfect but really nice. Listen while you surf. And you can subscribe to just the audio.

That is pretty cool.

And some beauty notes.

I went to a dear friends evening wedding yesterday and got into the purple section of my collection. And tried a new product, and a new technique. The photo. (I know I look mean I always look like this)


(Click the picture for a bigger view)

I wanted to go for more coverage on my face than usual so I applied my tinted moisturizer as usual then used a baby buki brush, and my Bare Escentuals foundation and buffed the hell out of my face. Before doing that I used my Milk of Magnesia on skin that I cleansed with warm water, then after that dried I used my Happy Minerals primer powder.

Random Rimmel blush.

On the eyes, I used my Fyrinnae eyeshadow base that I applied with a brush. I used to use a sponge tip applicator then blend with my fingers but, I have really long nails and scratched myself doing that. I used Aromaleigh's Sand matte shadow all over the lid, then Mac's Grape pigment in the crease and outer corner. then Fyrinnae's Pro color in Predator in my inner corner, then I used a wet liner brush (Sephora angled liner brush with Aromaleigh's indelible eyeliner liquid stuff) under the eye. Lots of mascara.

On my lips is some Avon Mark Lipstain in Berry Bitten with Wet N Wild's Glossy Gloss Lip Gel in Tropic Glaze.

This lipgel is really pretty. Thick, with just a slight tint and lots of sparkly. I use a lot of lipstains and we all know I love really shiny lips and this stuff delivers. I also picked up the Candyglaze which is a clearish duochrome glitter that flashes pink. Say what you will about cheap make up but Wet 'n' Wild delivers some bang for your buck. I love their lip glosses entirely.

To tell you the truth, I often prefer cheap lip glosses. Less cost means I get to experiment with different colors and finishes without exhausting my wee make up budget.

Which leads me into more exciting news.

I am expecting a package from Fyrinnae!!! They have some new lip products out that I am really excited about. I picked Acidic Cherry lip lustre, Glitter Kittiez lip lustre, and Neo Universe eyeshadow. Excellent.

There are also some new releases I'm really excited about.

MissK from Aromaleigh announced that they are releasing some liptints based on their Rocks! Rouge colors. Oh how tasty I am absolutely going to snag a couple of those. I am really looking at Blank Generation. That shade looks so good on me in general. That type of color I mean. Can I get a HELL YEAH?

Shades of U has a preview of Mac's Cult of Cherry collection up. TR baby I'm looking at you, can we squee together? I know I'm going to have to get another So Scarlet lipstick, but I'm also really twitterpated Jam Packed Lipglass. Want so hard.

And let me point you to Jude from The Girly Show. Her youtube tutorials are really great I enjoy them a lot. And she's adorable.

Also take a minute and go vote for Scandalous Beauty in the Black Blogs award. I really enjoy her blog and videos and you should too.

B from Clumps of Mascara has her first youtube video up and it's a really pretty look. Absolutely worth a looksy.

And Jaime from Just Kiss and Make up is looking very cute with the red lips. (Her blog has music so check your speakers). I too am a fan of red lips. Although I often will go with a totally bold face and red lips. I will bring the goth drama when I feel like it baby. But I do love the classic mostly bare face with banging red lips.

Oh and I picked up some violently bright nail polish last night on our way home from my friends wedding. After I get my nails done I'll post a pic.

And OH yes my outfit from the wedding. I decided to wear a top that the bride loves, and I felt really really cute.

Almost everything here is thrifted:


So my usual comfy walking Mary janes, Express wide legged trousers bought at Value Village, sparkly empire waist top with lace panels(that you can't see in the picture) rhinestone peppered bodice thrifted on LJ, silvery grey velvet shrug bought over at Fatshionista yonks ago. The bag I'm carrying these days is a little ammo bag style messenger bag I picked up on Amazon a few years ago.

I was comfy, felt cute. Everyone loved the shrug. I loved the shrug. I don't know why I don't wear it more often other than I keep meaning to replace the bow with a more substantial ribbon.

I also love those pants. They were a super score for four dollars at Value Village. I didn't even know Express made anything over a size 12. I didn't think they'd fit when I bought them but I do love how they fit.

Okay that's really all. I'm going to go deep condition my hair and make some coffee before the boys (Uniballer and our new roommie who I'll call um...hmm, I'll have to think up a nickname for him.)

Tomorrow or next week I'll put up some of my thoughts about what Julia posted over at Fatshionista. I think my perspective on the intersections of fat, fashion and blackness are a new view.

Ok that's it really. And let me know what you think about the audio transcriptions and if you think some of the booboos are as funny as I think they are.

Homo Out.



Sheathen said...

Get out! I totally have that black top with the sparkly band that you're wearing. Weird.

nuckingfutz said...

Shannon, you look GORGEOUS!!

As always. ;)

Julia said...

You may also want to check out women of color beauty carnival here Lots of great stuff, though much on fatness.

Sniper said...

The photo. (I know I look mean I always look like this)

You don't look mean at all - you look fierce! (And with that one word I exhaust my fashion vocabulary). The little silver shrug really makes the outfit, although the makeup is great, too.

Even though I don't wear makeup and tend to pick clothes for their ability to conceal dirt, I enjoy the beauty posts as fantasy fodder. Oh, if I were in my 20s again - and had a clue about fashion... It's really nice to see you having fun with it and using fashion to express yourself, not some version of a magazine cover.

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

i love that lip color on you!

Piffle said...

I don't see mean, or even fierce, I see concentration; like you have more important things to do than notice the camera.

Sometimes, I think women are expected to simper all the time; and we're mean if we aren't being sweet.

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