Monday, September 08, 2008

Awesome things first.

First before I talk about last night or any of your fantastic comments. Holy shit you guys, you guys holy shit. I like brains and when you show me them I get a happy.

So awesome.

This wee tiny little old lady (she really seriously looked to be about 120 years old) who had on fabulous silver shoes, asked me if I am a make up artist and that made me squee a little.

See todays make up here.

And also awesome, the project I was talking about working on is that I am right now (well not right now) working on my very first ever sex toy review. I got an opportunity to do a review for Eden Fantasy (excellent site, lots to choose from) and WOOOT my awesome toy arrived Friday and I have some stuff to say about it. Always Aroused Girl (who's blog you should read because I read it daily) put out the call and I was ON it.

Also awesome things are aligned (planets, my pain levels, my crotch) for more sexytimes advice. YAY.

Also because part of what I'd like to be when I grow up there will be some education posts, some Vagina Monologue type entries, some Penis Monologue (do those even exist? Note to self do some googling bitch) type entries. And more fat, make up, fashion etc.

Oh WAIT one more awesome thing I don't think I posted about it. I ordered a Mac Blot powder with 20 bucks and the last of my paypal account while they had free shipping. So I awaited my fancy black box all atwitter, then it arrived. It was packed really badly. If you ever ship pressed cosmetics you absolutely need bubble wrap of some sort and it was only wrapped in tissue paper.

Now I am going on a vacation of fabulousness and to my homie's wedding and I did not have time to send it to the East Coast and then wait for another one. So I emailed Mac a (for me even though I was fucking pissed) little email to let them know I was disappointed and upset, and to let them know their packaging was sucky. SO they emailed me back on Saturday and OMG OMG OMG they are sending a new one 2 day so I should get it tomorrow or Weds. So even though I was so pissed about my 21 bucks, I am so glad to get it. I tried out the blot powder with my kabuki brush and am really glad I got it.

I haven't mentioned it explicitly but I've been in a weird brain place about what I do and don't want to do with this space. In the end I decided fuck it, I will do whatever the fuck I feel like doing.

So now that we all know what's going on in the State of the Beasty let's get down to some brass tacks as it were.

First of all Annie left this comment by way of apology:

Well, I for one would like to say I'm very sorry and I was completely, 100% wrong. I just wish I remembered doing it; it's not the way I think, it's not the way I feel, and I have no idea how it managed to come out of me. Even being blackout drunk, I still don't understand it. I wouldn't have believed it was me except for this thing about it coming from my profile (whatever that means.) I don't even read this blog. I will be deeply ashamed of this as long as I live. That doesn't mean I'll "shut up and listen" all the time, but I won't forget it.

Naturally I don't expect to count any of you among my friends - not that most of you were anyway - or to be forgiven, and that is fine. I won't be going away, and believe me I'm just as glad that this blog author wouldn't be going away either. No matter what I was thinking, it wasn't an attempt to scare anyone, I can guarantee that.

Though I look forward to people tracking down my IP and trying to get me fired from my job, since that is the MO of more than one of you when you believe you've found a racist or some other kind of hatemonger. Have fun.

I'm going to take this from the bottom up.

Being that this is my blog and I am too busy with other people I have no intention of getting you fired or looking up your IP (really not all that hard) or whatever point you're trying to make there.

It came from your blogger profile because presumably you were logged into your Google account (which are linked to blogger accounts) and it automatically populates your blogger profile.

Quite frankly, drunk or not you should be ashamed. I won't chastize like I am your Mama. You know when you behave badly.

I do hope you don't forget it. I have in my life dealt with that kind of thing many many times. And the fact is that all too many people forget when they behave badly and don't learn from it.

Ms. McPhee I can say that I don't give a shit about your politics. Conservative, Republican, Maoist, Esoteric Dog Healer to the stars whatever. One thing I will say to you is this, this sort of thing only oppresses you.

A lot of you were apalled at Ms. McPhee's statement and behaviour. Some of you (Elusis? I closed my mail window and have way too many tabs open to look) were not shocked.

I was not shocked. Now if you have a looksy through most of those comments, that is what I like to see. Except for this person.

Fat Acceptance has left a new comment on your post "Racism on the internet? Reading comprehension what...":

I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED that some members of the fatosphere are pathetic whiners. SUPRISE SUPRISE! The fatosphere is nothing but a bunch op pathetic whiners who are almost exclusively overeducated in a field that has little commercial value and have graduated from "I wish somebody would do something about how fat I am!" to " FAT IS NOT A CHOICE" and "Even a 500 pound person is healthy, fit and eats no mere than any thin person; thy are fat due to their genetic setpoint!" I love the fatosphere!

Okay first of all if you want to disagree about fat politics that was not the place to do it as if you'd read a word I said, you'd understand that someone behavng badly (as you were FA). I like discussion, I don't mind if people disagree with me. However since I will assume you've never read my blog here is Nudiemuse 101.

Name: Shannon AKA Nudiemuse, Beasty, Fluffer, Tits McGee, Titty McTitterson
Age: 31
Education: High School diploma
Health status: Fat, mostly healthy, no weight related issues.
Eating habits: Okay. Curbed (read often ignored) sweettooth, generally healthy with the occasional foray into fried foods of deliciousness.
Weight: Not sure right now. Have been everything from a size 2 to an 18.

Now you know me a little.

However, really all that comment did was make you look stupid and like you had no idea what was actually going on here. Save it for a Fat Activism specific post and I'll address your issues with FA more seriously.

When I spoke before about activism not being a safe space and being ugly sometimes situations like this are a prime example.

You take someone who is just pissed off, and they are going to pop off without actually comprehending what you may or may not have said. That kind of thing can send people into a tail spin. Some people are emotionally fragile and it could seriously fuck up their day.

I myself am not.

So my darlings. Gird your loins, strap on your helmet, put on your protective cup. No matter what you stand for there will be some jackhole ranting and pointing fingers. There will be some jackhole who regardless of what you may have said will use your color, political affiliation, sexual orientation or lack of, fat ass, no ass, no boobs, big boobs, ugly shoes, nice shoes, economic status, dog having status against you.

Something about you will be used as a weapon.

That is the moment you have to decide.

You have to decide if you're going to be silent, respond politely if venomously, respond with rage or cry. For me it really depends.

In this situation the actions of one person weren't really enough to enrage me. You really have to try harder. And I did think it was a good place to have a discussion.

Next thing since I have my yammering skirt on.

I am not of the mind that we all have to get along, hold hands and sing kumbaya.

I do however expect that thinking adults should learn how to hear and respond to differing viewpoints without resorting to whining, finger pointing or name calling.

If you want to be taken seriously here at this blog here is what you do.

Don't call people names.
Be at least somewhere in the neighborhood of topical during the conversation.

Essentially don't be a dick.

I think that's all for today.

Also WTF why is Gchat being such a douche today?

This is not made of win nor of awesome.

What is awesome is my outfit which I will have Uniballer take a picture of when he brings me surprise dinner.

Also awesome organic no additive mango spears found at the drugstore for cheap. They are delicious but OMG so much sugar I really need to stop eating them now and have real food before I have a sugar crash.

Homo Out.

Also I love you guys.

And my super smart homies, what is the easiest way for a lazy girl to update her blogroll? Or would it be more awesome if I just made a page for them since I read a shit ton of blogs?

Tomorrow part one of my Eden Fantasy review as well as some lessons and links to prostate massagers and other butt toys. And I think I will have a beauty link roundup a little later today. I has some stuff to say.


Sniper said...

You've handled this unpleasant nonsense with a lot of class, Nudemuse. I can't imagine myself being so poised at your age.

One funny thing about all the conflict in the fatosphere lately - it's been brought to my attention that there are anti-fat acceptance blogs. I was gobsmacked at the idea that there are people who devote time to makign sure fat folk don't feel good about themselves. Amazingly fucked up, but then there is that rule that no matter how fucking weird something is, there's a spot on the 'net for it.

nabikineum said...

You, of course, kick ass in all ways-- I won't discuss that because it'll all be gushy gushy.

As to the blogroll... what do you use now? Manual listing? ? That site is an easy fix, but I bet there are easier ones if I think about it.

Anonymous said...

"I haven't mentioned it explicitly but I've been in a weird brain place about what I do and don't want to do with this space. In the end I decided fuck it, I will do whatever the fuck I feel like doing."

*headdesk* I have that conversation with myself 4 times a week. I once deleted a year's worth of posts on a fit of existential pique because I was so tired of angsting over it. For ME, though, I suspect the problem is that I'm too big of a wuss to say what I really think on any given day. My gourd, what if someone who knows me in real life read it? They might not like me any more! O.o

I'm glad you're over that (hell, maybe you were never under it). When I get bored reading my own carefully inoffensive musings, I can come over here and read something interesting.

Oh, and that banner at the bottom that says, "upholding a lady's right to eat delicious pork"... I get the giggles ever. damn. time. I see it.

Anonymous said...

My gourd, what if someone who knows me in real life read it? They might not like me any more!

I think that's a pretty common feelings. When people I know in real life began asking for my blog, I hesitated before giving it out.

It's a bit of a trade off. Because people I know in real life now read it, there are a few planned posts which have been shelved.

vesta44 said...

nudemuse - I'm so sorry about that post of Annie's. I can tell you that she probably was drunk when she made it and doesn't remember making it and wouldn't have said it when she was sober. I read your post, but missed the comments (I had just gotten home from a weekend away and was trying to catch up with email and about 160 posts from all the blogs I read).
I'm glad you're not letting anyone run you off (you are too badass for that to happen), and you are educating me no end about all kinds of stuff (make-up, fashion, racism, sex, fun and games, writing, and on and on and on).
We need more people who kick ass and take names the way you do, so please, keep on doing what you do so well.

Lindsay said...

Total side note (because that's all my brain is currently capable of - it's been a DAY, wooga)...

That "Fat Acceptance" person? They've been popping up here and there with similarly "helpful" comments. Could be some anti-FAer, could be someone in the fatosphere who's being snarky behind a sock puppet, could be some random doofus from nowhere in particular. Whoever they are, they're not worth getting riled up over. I'm pretty sure that's what they're looking for, in any case.

Piffle said...

*Bows down*

You are a stronger person than I, snarky comments would mess up my whole day. I do, however, stand on your sidelines cheering and throwing yellow roses.

nuckingfutz said...

Lindsay got it right. "Fat Acceptance" or "FA" or whatever it wants to call itself is a troll. It's popped up at a LOT of blogs, including mine. I just delete it to the black hole of oblivion and don't give it the time of day.

But I just had to comment on this:

fuck it, I will do whatever the fuck I feel like doing.

DAMN RIGHT! It's YOUR space, and YOU get to decided what you do and do not do with it. Somebody don't like it? They can take a long walk off a short pier and fuck right off.

And that would include me if I were so inclined (which I'm not, for the record).

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