Monday, September 08, 2008

Beauty Trends and I am SQUEEING.

Okay first of all the ever fabulous Bias_cut made a syndicated feed thingy. SO that means LJ users who aren't using feed readers can get me in your friends list and that is aweeeeeeeeeeeeesome. Find that here.

So next up, OMG OMG OMG.

This falls make up trends.

There is something especially squee inducing about trends lining up with my usual aesthetic preferences. I am talking like AWESOME.

Usually speaking I am not on the trendy side when it comes to anything. I have liked the same sorts of things for yonks now.

So when I spied Sephora's list of fall trends the squee'ing began like whoa.

Their Power Pouts OMG you guys, you guys OMG.

Have I mentioned lately my serious abiding love for all things big dark sexy shiny lips on myself?

Now let's talk products shall we?

And just so I'm being honest these are Amazon affiliate links.

First let's talk lipstick. Urban Decay has released some really gorgeous looking new lipsticks. Unlike some folks I really love the dagger packaging. I think it's slick and sexy. Different finishes, opaque to sheer coverage. I myself am all about the fantastic color Gash.

If you want to go with the bold lips if you're a little scared of bringing the drama, keep your eyes neutral, pack on the mascara and go.

I myself am really digging the classic glam look as seen here. I will also be sporting this look.

Yes my darlings I am all about bringing the drama.

Next thing beauty related.

For cheaper versions of the hot trendy stuff. Avon has some pretty berry dark gorgeous colors of lipstick. Revlon has this awesome color on Amazon. Side note that is one of my favorite Revlon releases. Love the packaging, love the texture AND you can find some here at Beauty encounter for supa cheap.

For those of you less inclined toward the dark colors think raspberries, and other juicy pinky red fruits. Another less bold but just as beautiful lip product to check out. Revlon's SuperLusturous Lip gloss. I have about four or five of these give or take and they are gorgeous colors. If you have Big Lots in your area keep your eye on them because a lot of the time they will have special release colors for a bargain.

Check this out, I love Temptalia and she has a dark lips contest going. See details over at her blog "_blank">here. I am going to do a look for this and I'll post it. I already have one in mind.

That is a nifty segue into something else I want to talk about.


I get tons of inspiration from all over. Pictures of people I think are beautiful. Music, flowers, candy. Here is a link to my ever growing (no seriously that's not even a quarter of what I have saved) photobucket make up inspiration folder.

Also I get inspired by music.

The look I am thinking about doing for Temptalia's contest is totally inspired by this video.

It's not the video necessarily but the words.

When it comes to make up, you never know where an idea might strike.

I have been listening to the above album non stop for like two weeks.

Now a quickie review.

I am tentatively giving Mac's Blot Powder a thumb and a half up. It's done me pretty well today, my skin looks fairly dewy tad greasy in spots but I haven't touched up or blotted so that's impressive.


OH I have some new shades to try out from Aromaleigh so I think tomorrow unless I go all diva crazy I will use those.

Also working on the video thing. I figure I will make a little video of something silly and then if I dig how it turns out then BAM beauty videos out the wazoo.

I've got my blogrolling blog list going again. I will be adding more as I go along.

Also outfit pictures tomorrow because I look really cute today.

Homo Out.



Bri said...

Oooh I love the dark dramatic look. The MakeUp Forever lipstick in Pearly Burgundy Black 313 rocks my world. As do several of the Nars lipstick shades in that dark burgundy shade, especially the Viridana.

Oh I added you to my blogroll too : )

Anonymous said...

There is something especially squee inducing about trends lining up with my usual aesthetic preferences.

YES. After what seemed like endless seasons of bright, over-saturated, candy-colored everything, I wandered into Lane Bryant for a looksee on my lunch break yesterday and everything is blue! And brown! And black! Earth tones! And black! I can shop there without feeling like Ms. Fat Boca Raton 2008.

Mary said...

Um, so, what do I have to do to get you to come visit me and teach me how to use makeup? I love the stuff when I see it, and then I get all excited and take it home, and have no clue what I'm doing, poke myself in the eye with a brush, and quit. You always look so knock-me-down-amazing! Thanks for the ogle!

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