Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Notes from the edge of hysteria.

I will not speak softly. I will not wrap my words in sugar and glitter to make them more palatable.

This is something I work at. I take time to remind myself that I don't have to tone down or soften up for the world. Yes, there are situations where firing with both barrels is ill advised and I've had to learn about that the hard way. But, the point is I know when I want to fight and I know when to keep my mouth shut.

And this feeling is one of the reasons why I do believe I love Grandpa Dinosaur.

Free speech is not free. It comes with the heavy weight of social responsibility and accountability.

Can I get an amen from the congregation?

Her entry actually tied in neatly with some things I've been thinking about lately.

Believe it or not your very own Miss RantyPants '08 (reigning queen) at one time rarely if ever opened up to call bullshit on people.

For a long time it was an issue of a very deep seated inferiority complex. I bought whole heartedly into the idea that in order to give an informed opinion or to be a person to calls bullshit and shenanigans, one should be traditionally well educated.

As a youngster I believed with all my wee heart that those people who had gone to college or were in college while I was working retail and saving my pennies for thriftstore expeditions, were better than me. I was still at the stage where the accepted idea of an educated person was just it for me.

I don't know what shifted, but over time I started to figure out (probably after hanging out with some really fucking stupid college kids) that I wasn't doing too badly in my quest to educate myself.

It dawned on me at some point that education does not always equate to wisdom or knowledge.

Fast forward a decade and here I am.

I am by nature a very studious person. Even as a child if I was interested in something I'd study it. After 31 years on the planet that hasn't changed.

So what am I studying these days?

A lot of Queer theory, Gender theory, Body politics, whatever else catches my fancy.

I am still not really impressed with a lot of the reading I've done on feminism, Blackness, religion etc. I am getting snobby in my old age about what fuckery I will put up with when it comes to my reading.

Frankly, it's hard going trying to get past the bullshit sometimes.

I think I've gone off point of my original idea here. At any rate, I have outgrown that inferiority complex I had about not being college educated.

These days I am far more difficult to impress.

Moving along.

I am going to be in LA later this months and have been having these weird stalkery thoughts.

I'd like to track down Jerry Stahl and share a nod of acknowledgement because we both get it, and maybe buy him a cup of tea and possibly sneak a hug.

If she was in town at the time I'd also like to find Lydia Lunch and tell her just thank you.

I also really want to grab Clint Catalyst's ass. I know that's not a proper method of meeting people you are kind of into in a literary I think you're cool way but, I do. I wouldn't pinch him, just a little grabby grab.

I Know it's totally inappropriate and weird I can't help myself.

I also would like to hug/ass grab Forrest Black and Amelia G. And there would probably be some boobies involved.

Also on the hugging/thanking list. Justice Howard. I fucking love her photography and have for years. She's also very nice. I would also give my left tit to do one of her Diva Dolls photoshoots. You people just don't know how much I love her work. And oh YAY she has a blog now. AWESOME. (Yes I absolutely subscribed).

I wish Retail Slut was still around. I remember getting the little catalogs in the mail when I was in high school. I would get so excited. And when I actually had a little money to order a few really cheap things I was SO happy. I rocked my Retail Slut stickers so hard it's just not even funny.

I'd like to get to Bar Sinister but don't think I will have time or patience nor wardrobe.

I think I'm spent. I have some thoughts about sex work. As in a return to a little sex work.

Also word on the home front from Uniballer if I film it, he will edit it, and to youtube it will go. So I am going to make a run at doing a little something something this weekend.

So that's all.

Homo Out.

Oh wait.

I totally forgot to share pictures of the candy make up. Here are two.

I am Fierce.

Click for the big versions.





Grandpa Dinosaur said...

Thanks for the shout out, I'm glad I helped you out in some way.

After the debacle with my friend, I realized that some people want to talk but they aren't consistent with their ideas because they have no standards. Here at PDDP we talk about may issues, but we have standards and values that we uphold.

I was never too good at math or science, but I know when I'm being stupid and when to apologize. But I also realized I was smart and had something to offer.

I want to give our readers real confidence in themselves, if it's being smart or beautiful or having real self-esteem. I'm glad you enjoyed my article and understand my insensitivity.

Piffle said...

Autodidacts are the best and most interesting of the various learned species.

Cheers to you.

Lady Jaye said...

I love the eye makeup, you really rock it! (and you give me hope as we have similar-shaped eyes) :)

Anonymous said...

Im college educated & yeah, youre right, a degree is overrated. It has nothing to do with how intelligent or how dedicated you will be to your job or's all BS, my friend, as you have found out. I wish us both the best & i wish those colors looked as good on me as they do you XO

Anonymous said...

i should also say that im from detroit & went to uni on a hasnt saved me from bankruptcy (after taking care of an ill family memeber for a few years) or looming forclosure on my home. And it hasnt gotten any doors opened up for me , here, where there are ZERO jobs to be had .... so live your life to the fullest, learn, laugh, have fun... & squirrel away a bit of security for the rough times to come ;)

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