Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Putting together thoughts.

None of these thoughts are very collected so forgive me if this gets scattered.

I seem to have arrived at a place where I have an excess of thoughts, snatches of things to say but my attention span is failing me.

I have some thoughts about inclusivity in the kink world media, I put that really badly but essentially in press, photography, websites etc.

I have some other thoughts about the rifts in the Fatosphere.

Some thoughts on why I still am not and have no plans to reclaim the feminist label.

Etc etc.

However what I don't have right now is the brain power/desire to complete these thoughts.

Lots of reasons, not the least of which is my first real vacation in about six years.

SIX years.

I've taken some time off from work but, every time was sick as a damn dog so I don't really count it.

I will say this about politics though.

I've been purposely skipping a lot of the blogs I read regularly (also, note my blog rolling list is getting beefier as I remember to add them. If you want to be on it too leave me a link) because I'm frankly done.

I am not happy with either party.

I don't personally approve of or let the mud slinging really change my vote.

Also, my vote is fucking private.

And my personal politics sometimes are none of anyone's business.

Moving along.

Via Mistress Matisse I have found out that being kinky could become a diagnosis under paraphilia's in the DSM. From the NCSF.

The American Psychiatric Association has formed working committees to revise by 2011 its Diagnostic and Statistic Manual (DSM), the definitive resource on the Diagnostic Criteria for all mental disorders. Statements currently within the DSM Paraphilias criteria are contradicted by scientific evidence, therefore NCSF must conclude that the interpretation of the Paraphilias criteria has been politically – not scientifically – based. This politically motivated interpretation subjects BDSM practitioners, fetishists and cross-dressers to bias, discrimination and social sanctions without any scientific basis. We call on the American Psychiatric Association to remove or drastically restructure the Paraphilias section in the DSM.

Their white paper on the subject is interesting. Give it a read here.

Naturally the way my brain works is I wonder if someone I know could have me committed then on the basis of catching me tied up and having someone going at me with a Magic Wand while someone else spanks the hell out of me and someone else jerks off while watching.

I am really more than over the government or other institutionally powerful entity trying to control what I do with my cunt. More than over it.

When the financial situation recovers from vacation, I am probably going to donate to the NCSF. That is right up my alley.

Also if you're doing some Giftmas or general gift giving shopping feel free to buy me one of their totebags.

Since I'm talking sex some links.

The Center for Sex and Culture in SF. Okay if you live near/in the Bay area and like sexy things this is the place you need to be hanging out. All sorts of fantastic literary, yoga, self loving (yeah I mean touching yourself) and other wonderful stuff going on there. Awesome.

Here in Seattle we have the formerly known as The Wet Spot, Center for Sex Positive Culture. You'd think I of all people would be there all the time. Unfortunately though most of the events I'd like to go to are on nights I work. Also we just don't have the money and I don't have the time to volunteer. Which sucks. IF we had a car it'd probably be easier but we don't and trying to take three buses and a three hour trip to go have fun with the perverts is just not that fun.

Over at the Eden Fantasy's blog Essinem posted a link to an excellent survey. A snippet from her entry.

In the wake of one of the most violent years on record of assaults on transgender people, the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force have teamed up on a comprehensive national survey to collect data on discrimination against transgender people in housing, employment, public accommodations, healthcare, education, family life and criminal justice.

In Fat News.

An open letter.

Dear Indie/DIY/Etsy Designer/Seller/Creatrix,
I realize you might find me in any number of ways. And I am in awe of your super skills. But for FUCK sake stop trying to sell to me if you don't make clothes that will fit me. Or don't come back to me with the "well I do make hair accessories" bullshit. Fuck. Off.

Also, just because among my interests are the words goth and belly dance that does not mean I want to buy your elentymilliongallion dollar super awesome fantastic fringed monstrosity of a belt either. Yes your hips may be a petite 31" but mine are not. And don't get bitchy when I say no thank you.

Also as I've said before no fucking whining about it. There are hot plus size fatties fucking everywhere. There is also probably the internets and a call for fit models who get some swag would go answered.



So ready for my vacation.

I cannot wait to see my Cookie for girl snorgling and madness. Anytime we get together there is rampant insanity.

Also don't let us loose in a mall.

Okay I think I'm spent.

Posting will be sparse/random until I get back on 10-1. Then pictures, awesomeness, and probably squeeing and sexy times things.

Homo Out.


nightgigjo said...

Also as I've said before no fucking whining about it. There are hot plus size fatties fucking everywhere.

There are also hotties out there who, if they were nothing but skin and bones would still not have the 24" waist necessary for your adorable retro fabric skirt you've put up for sale in ONE size.

(Note: this was me 15 years ago. I'm now approaching plus-size-hottie status.)


Also, my vote is fucking private.

And my personal politics sometimes are none of anyone's business.


To my peeps: Even if I live with you, even if I am your child or lover or friend -- my vote == none of your business.

Thank you for that. It had been bugging the hell out of me for damn ever. When I say I'm not decided, I damn well mean I'm not decided, not that ZOMG I'm Voting For THAT Other Party's Candidate Because Mine Isn't In The Running Any More.

So: Thank you.

Jen said...

*hug* Enjoy your vacation! Looking forward to your return, but dont' hurry back. ;)

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