Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random Braining V2.0

My brain is not quite firing on all cylinders right now so this may get random.

First up.

The Lip Service poll is still up. I voiced some concerns (here and in the Lippy community on the lj). Now after I explained myself to people from the company not another word.

And if you vote (please vote dudes, even if you're not on the Goth side of the force) then check the results a SHITLOAD of fatties voted which is awesome. However I've seen hide nor hair of any plus size items in the latest catalogs.

This makes me a sad sad panda.

I am led to believe that either they don't care that fat folks want their clothes, they still don't know how to make plus size clothes or something. I don't know what but come on now. There are lots of pieces in upcoming lines that would look awesome if sized appropriately. I would in fact buy direct from them.

But yeah.

And sadly Torrid doesn't have the Lippy stuff I liked (kind of) at all now.

I really hope that they do in fact come out with the plus size stuff since clearly there's a demand for it.

But then again, Lip Service is really fucking expensive and the last few things I got from them were pretty shoddy and I hate paying screw you prices for things that fall apart.

I think instead I will start investing in some of the handmade goodies I've been eyeing. Fuck em.

Sorry had stuff on my mind there for a minute and totally lost my train of thought.

Okay can't blog today have to work on my essay before my head explodes.

So yeah, brb goin to RantyLand.

Also note to self revisit this issue later.

Homo Out.


DiosaNegra1967 said...

i know how you feel 'bout lippy not including us fab & freaky fatties! i may be older, dammit....but i still love my rock 'n' goth togs!

i used to love reading gothic beauty....but became majorly pissed at the fact that it was like bangin' yer head against a brick wall to get them to include goths/punks of color AND size!

also kinda reminds me of the time i ventured to trash & vaudeville near CBGB's in NYC....great shop, but had totally pathetic offerings for us who are generous of proportion!

i think the sales chick was in shock when i asked about a bustier....she even asked if my boobage was REAL?


Sniper said...

I voted even though I don't wear makeup and buy all my clothes at Sensible and Old.I just want to keep you going because your posts consistently crack me up. Sad panda! Hah! I'd forgotten all about that.

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