Monday, September 15, 2008

Shock and not so much awe.

This my darling fabulousness peoples is a fashion post.


Okay can we talk about dresses?

I really didn't get to indulge my love of dresses as much as I would've liked this year. Mainly because holy FUCK shit is expensive. However we are going to pretend that I have an unlimited wardrobe budget and let's peek into my world.

First up, this dress from Torrid is the sex. I love the collared halter top in an unreasonable amount. I however would wear that dress with these boots (that I had t DIY to make fit my calves).

Now okay a word about those boots. They are called the Demonia Shaker boots and holy shit is the calf circumference small. I had to cut about two inches out from under the gore and haven't decided yet if I want to put something in there, some elastic and ? or just leave it and rock it zombie/raggedy style. I also would never pay full price for them honestly. That veggie leather is good in theory but does not stretch or conform like regular leather. I really need to break those in. Maybe dancing at Noc Noc on Sundays (that site makes noise) with Miss SK.

Moving along.

Can we talk about Old Navy? I have issues with their size charts. Maybe I'm stupid but I cannot figure out which size chart to use for dresses. I really want this one but have no idea what size to get.


Also this winter I want some awesome trousers. I am really hoping Torrid releases some awesome ones since I fit torrid pants well.

Now picture this.

Me with some ass kicking black, purple and a few white synth dreads, fedora, trousers, sexy boots, blazer. Slightly hoochie cami. That is the look I would like to be rocking for the winter. I'm thinking like I am channeling Marlene Dietrich after she's gotten drunk and been into the Bat Cave.

Grown up sexy goth.

Unfortunately I am so not into Steampunk. I like it from an aesthetic and holy shit that's some awesome sewing kind of way but I can't see myself doing it. Which is a shame because apparently Seatown here has quite the active bunch of Steampunkers.

I do think I need to indulge my not so secret love of Kinderwhore a little more. I have a really cute borderline vintage Liz Claiborn dress, and some of my beloved vintage slips. Although I really do hate that every resource names Courtney Love as the inspiration. It was around before she was famous. I'm not hating I'm just saying.

And no I don't care if it is in fact a little ridiculous.

What else?

Can we discuss boots?

I had a pair like these for years and wore them to death and I'd like another pair. Super comfortable and i wore them with all sorts of stuff.

I also think I might pick up a pair of these. Super cute and right up my alley. I love that style of shoe with jeans or trousers. Also, good for cold weather.

I also dig these monster Mary Janes as well.

I am looking forward to Halloween/post Halloween season for some super sale prices on cute hosiery. Last year I got awesome stuff at Target. My glittery bone socks, and some super cute Spider barrettes.

I was just cruising at one of those oh it looks vintage but it's not type websites and um can someone tell me when a flat measurement of 13" bust is considered a large?

Um wot?


I know some wee tiny ladies, wee tiny ladies who don't have a lot in the way of boobage and most of them would be sucking it in or wrapping their torso's in ace bandages to fit that kind of L. I wonder if it was a mistake? However it was cheap looking and overpriced so I don't really care.

And back to reality.

It's late.

My knees hurt and I am a little onthe meh/depressed side because I've not had the kind of cash that would make for a fabulous type wardrobe bought or made myself.

I wonder how many people think about what a wonder it can be to buy something brand new from the store?

That is something I get really excited about.

It's been awhile.

Forgive me for ending on a downer here but it's entirely frustrating to have little/no artistic ability and a love of art. I don't have any art.

It is also frustrating to be unable to support art, artists, businesses etc that you find worthy because you would rather have groceries.

Yeah I've been in that frame of mind all day.

Anyway. After I get back from my trip (that i am SO excited about) I am going to have to start thrifting in earnest. SO note to my homies.

If you come across Torrid brand pants in a size 12 on the ebay drop me a comment. Hard to find but if you spot them, I will ogle.

Okay I am going to go take a long hot bath. My joints are angry and I do not fucking want.

Homo Out.

Also I dated this yesterday.

Also my inbetweenie homies when I get back I will probably post some sales so watch out for that.

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Anonymous said...

So very much love for that first dress posted. Shame that Torrid ridiculously overprices though, they've got a lot of nice stuff this season.

And holycow, all those shoes. I wish I could get away with wearing platforms like those, but since I'm 5'10 n barefeet, people tend to yell at me if I wear anything higher than 2".

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