Wednesday, October 22, 2008

7 Random things and my first HNT.

Okay I don't remember who tagged me but here we go.

1.) It is mine and Uniballer's fifth anniversary. This is pretty awesome.

2.) Part of the good bits of our relationship is that I can tell Uniballer my stupid poop jokes, fart on him (and I seriously sometimes have Ass Gas of Doom) and he still loves me.

3.) I have a terrible terrible love of ugly things. Especially those ugly stuffed animals you get out of the crane game. Uniballer likes to get me these and I squee everytime.

4.) I am a little..okay a lot obsessed with postcards. The kind you mail, the kind you get outside of art galleries, show flyers, etc. I love them.

5.) Sometimes I laugh so hard I snort and weep. I do this a lot.

6.) I like having my butt literally as in lips on skin kissed. Right on the buttcheeks.

7.) I also sometimes really enjoy putting my boobs on peoples heads.

that's about all.

I have cramps and I'm so cranky.

So my HNT.


HNT is fun. Do it. Click on the button thingy and I believe you can see what it's all about.

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