Monday, October 27, 2008

Amusing tidbits from my life.

On the heels of my compliment entry I experienced several compliments that made me go awwwwww you are awesome and several that made me stare with that WUT kind of look, and one that straight up pissed me right the fuck off.

Of the first variety a very adorable emo boy who said that my eye make up looks like candy.


Of the oh wait what, WHAT factor some dude that I assume was trying to hit on me asked me first if I was "one of those weird witch types" when I gave him the raised eyebrow he clarified by saying, "Cause you wear all that black". Um wut?

And the last one.

I got a note via Flickr that said:

"For a black girl you're kind of hot."

Okay yeah fuck off.

I just deleted it, I am absolutely not in the mood to be the Educating Negress today.

Any time a compliment is preceded by a qualifier that indicates to me that I am somehow extra super special just irritates me.

Frankly that's a power trip and I'm not playing.

In other news.

This coming New Year I am going to wrap my fatness in some fabulous fetishy wear and go to the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival festivities. There is usually at least one fancy party and I sort of know some folks who go and I want to go. Uniballer has been warned.

While I'm looking for outfits I'm forced to face several things.

What I like and want I don't want to overpay for shit that's clearly shoddy and made by someone who only knows how to design for a very tall, no hips, small busted body. That will not work for me.

I am also faced by the daunting task of trying to make myself something.

So currently I'm going to probably pick up a plain black overbust corset and a fluffy petticoat, then make the rest.

What's also daunting is that I realized just how sad and non existant my club goth wardrobe is and that's really sad to me. I hate that a few years of hardship completely demolished a part of my life I enjoyed.

what I mean by that is that I had to get rid of some of my fancy clothes and shoes. I hate that. I hate that I have to start again and then plan because I live in the fucking hinterlands.

So yeah.

What I'm not worried about right now is my body.

Yes I will be there looking fat and sassy as a motherfucker.

Will I be the fattest chick there? I have no idea. I don't care.

Will I have my ham out? Hells yeah I will.

In other news.

I am doing HNT again this week but have yet to take a photo.

But I do have a fotd.

My sexy ass nails.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails X-treme wear in Blue It. Just one coat and it looks freaking awesome. I also picked up Crush which is an excellent shade of orange.


Okay I am going to have dinner and try to do some editing without tears.

Homo Out.

Oh yes also a look for The Chicken.



wellroundedtype2 said...

Loved, per usual, your post about compliments and how to give/take them. Excellent advice.

Once someone told me I was the hottest Jewish girl he had ever met (this was a long time ago). And just last week someone who knew I was Jewish said I must be Sephardic (meaning not European) -- I said thank you -- although geneologically speaking, I'm as Eastern European as they come.

Twistie said...

Ooh, pretty blue nails! (looks at own, sad, nekkid nails)

That's it. I need to paint my nails today. I've gone too long without color at the tips of my fingers.

But I'm going to bake cupcakes first.

Lady Jaye said...

Hey, that's the shade of blue I've been looking for!!! Must find a store that sells Sally Hansen (for some reason, the drugstore across from work is the suckage for makeup -- they have the traditional stuff but forget about anything out-of-the-ordinary... must be because they're near offices and everyone knows that no professional person oughta wear funky makeup!).

Actually, dammit! That shade of blue isn't carried in Canada??? The hell? Neither is that cool orange hue! :(

BTW, will you make a vlog about how to apply eye makeup? We have similar eye types (almond-shaped with not a lot of upper lid showing) and I can't apply upper eye makeup for shit. I see your pics, and I love your style! :)

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