Thursday, October 02, 2008

Call me Stagger Lee.

I have to admit I am really cranky today.

Vacation comedown.

Also I have writing to get done.

So my darlings I will leave you with a single link where you can download my older fiction, my poetry book and some erotica that I hope will give you a tingle in the pants.

Get em here.

I have some things to say about race and intersectionality but today is not the day because I would get really mean and I am not in the mood to be the educating negress today.

This song hits my mood perfectly.


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Prunella Jones said...

I'm crabby too. I've been talking in a folksy, Fargoish accent ever since the debates on Thursday and now I just can't stop. Damn that fucking Sarah Palin whore!

Oooops, I mean - gosh darn that rootin tootin doggone Washington outsider!

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