Monday, October 06, 2008

Fall and leaves.

It's officially fall. I came home to weird hot muggy weather and now it's the October I know and mostly love.

Windy, drizzly and coolish going toward cold.

And as has been happening in the last few years, I am entirely unprepared with my wardrobe.

So my season of hardcore thrifting has begun.

In other news.

Here some some of the pics from my vacation. I have to shift around some mad money to get a pro account at flickr.

Oh and totally add me as a contact if you like. I like having homies on Flickr.

Now some other things.

And can I just say that the most recent episode of FemmeCast speaks to me? I am usually not all into manifestos but I very seriously identify with the,

"I will rip your fucking face off"

I went over here and had a looksy at the Femme Shark Manifesto.

This is a rare thing to hear from me, but yes I will pump my fist stand on my desk and holler,


Now if I found a group of feminists who were espousing the same sort of vibe I might start speaking to feminism again.




Femme Shark would be the kind of feminism I would want to hang out with, get drunk with, get in a bar fight with, put lipstick on and probably fuck for a whole damn weekend.

I am a Femme who might punch you in the neck or want to touch your boobs. I get the feeling that these folks get that and that feels nice.

speaking of queerness I'm working up an essay on being bi and some of my misadventures when trying really hard to date women.

If I were going to put together my dream team of queer, fat, femme, etc homies there would be an assortment of smart, ass kicking people all along the gender spectrum and who probably say fuck a lot.

Too much to ask?

I am positive these folks exist and I should probably get out of the house more.

I totally got sidetracked with that.

I also have no forgotten entirely what else I was going to talk about. So some pictures.

Okay remember I talked about the bridesmaid dress o doom?

Okay right here


Um the boobs. HOLY SHIT MY BOOBS.

I tucked, squished and moved em but yeah. And see that kind of line thing under the boobs? That is this weird liner in the dress with a non stretch band in it. But other than that it was good. The beautiful bride spent some time touching my boobs, I put my boobs on one of the groomsmans head after the ceremony.

Boobs boobs boobs.

OH right back to thrifting.

Seattle area fatties the Value Village in Burien had a pretty good selection of things size 20 and over. I was just there on Saturday (that's what I was going to talk about) and got some things.

I have decided that these are jeans of awesomeness. They totally make my ass look fucking fantastic. They are a tad tight but the bigger size was too big all the way around.

Also I don't recommend buying halloween tights (brand new hosiery)here if you have big hams. The 2XL's and Queen sizes don't look to be made of win. But they are uber cheap and I might pick up some fishnets after Hday.

Moving along.

Via Essin' Em's post about her body mods I found the Femme Spiral.

The idea of a tattoo that gives those in the know a little wink wink really appeals to me. Especially for the days when I am rocking stompy boots, an Ashirt (otherwise known as a beater) and a scowl, somebody would get it and give me the nod. You know what I mean?

I dig it.

I seriously just ran out of steam. My brain keeps going in nine different directions. Seasonal changes always put my body into WTF-ness.

Homo Out.

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