Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday and some I statements.

I am really pissed off today.

After finding some of my content had been lifted yesterday I did some more looking and found that there is someone (and you know who you fucking are, I am not linking to you) who has stolen a shitload of my fucking writing.

So I took a deep breath and decided to make some "I Statements".

I feel angry when you steal what I created. I'd appreciate it if you would fucking stop.

Now this was not my initial reaction. My initial reaction was to holler, "GROW SOME BALLS YOU FUCK."

I have since calmed down.

I had to take a moment and realize that a.) this is the internet and more importantly b.) shit happens.

It's flattering in a way but ugh. Seriously?

Moving on.

Can we talk about Winter wear?

I have specific needs when the weather starts to cool down.

I have to have shoes I can walk a lot in. I average about 4 miles a day if not more depending on the weather and how my knees are doing.

I also really like for my feet to stay dry and reasonably warm.

I also need layered clothing because my work environment is vastly different from outside and different areas of the building mean I may need an extra sweater.

To that end not this weekend but next weekend I am making another thrift store run because there was a ton of great stuff I was just too tired to grab. I want some more thinner sweaters, some black pants. I am going to budget out about 30$ and will take some pics of my haul when I get it.

How about some random get to know you?

Share whatever you want to with me.

Some of the things that make me, me.

I still get super super excited about dinosaurs. No really I do. Remember (this might have been you) that kid everybody knows who goes apeshit over the giant dinos? That is me still. At 31 years old dinosaurs make me squee and get all giddy. Just like when I was 8.

I am for all my crankiness very soft hearted.

This entry from Men In Full made me go awwwwwwwwwww oh my god. First of all that is good news from CT.

Second of all that photo makes me want to snuggle up with them for a good long cuddlefest. No really it does.

The huge reason I aww'd is I like seeing people look all happy and in love. I really love it. Gay, straight, poly whatever. Folks who have that glow make me happy. Which is the major reason I am pro gay marriage.

Also because frankly this country does not have a good track record with anything deemed separate but equal. Remember people this is recent history.

What I really would like to know is how exactly do people whom you don't know being married harm you? If they don't belong to your church, haven't ever spoken to you how do you have the right to deny them their happiness?

I just don't understand.

I would think that more people being married would be a good thing. If marriage is the be all end all of existence (gayness notwithstanding) shouldn't we want everyone to be married?

As for the religious reasoning I don't think that treating an entire segment of the population as second class citizens is the idea. Someone point me to the verses or rules of whatever religion that say it's perfectly fine to treat people badly.

My beef around the people who rail against any civil rights is this.

How are civil rights that are supposed to be for everyone deemed somehow special when everyone is included?

How is it a special right to not be harassed?

Or in some places beaten, tortured or killed?

How is that liberty?

How is that freedom?

How is that in fact American?

Americans are so often quick to judge the civil rights violations of other countries but why do we get so angry when that same magnifying glass is pointed at us?

How is it okay?

That is what I want to know and nobody yet has been able to convince me that infringing on civil rights is okay.

And I am in fact talking about everyone, fat people, people of color, people of varying religions, gay people, straight people. All people.

Isn't the world big and bad enough without all that bullshit?

So yes I want gay people to get married. I want straight people to get married. I want bisexual poly leather loving dandy dykes to get married.

If being married moves you and means soemthing to you. Have at it.

And don't think that I don't think about and realize daily that not even fifty years ago I would have gone to prison for being in the relationship I'm in right now that looks to be a regular heterosexual relationship.

I live with it and I think about it.

In equal measure I am painfully and terribly aware that if I found a woman whom I loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with, (granted I don't want to get married really at all but if I did) I could not be married in most of this big old grand country. That there are people who would do me harm whether or not they knew me or my spouse simply because I am different.

How is that right?

Okay I should probably stop before I start yelling.

However can someone please explain to me what exactly the "Gay Agenda" is. Not just the OMG TEH GAYZ but seriously. What does this agenda entail and how is it harmful to you?

How is it so evil for people to not want to live their lives being discriminated against essentially by strangers?

Again I suppose I'm just a little too live and let live.

I worry more about what actual crime is doing to my country. I worry more about the economy. I worry more about our children. I worry more about the sad state of public education in this country. I worry more about keeping a roof over my head. I worry more about my future.

I am too worried about those things, than to worry about who strangers are sleeping with or marrying.

Have your beliefs but please stop fucking up other peoples lives so you can get to Heaven or where ever.

Now where was I?

Oh righto, some links.

Audacia Ray has an interesting article about some of the recent goings on in Sex writing.

Sinclair over at SugarButch gave me a bit of a happy with this entry. Delicious.

Over at LesbiaTopia I found an announcement for the 2009 Midwest Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Ally College Conference which is pretty awesome. Read about it here, tell your friends in the Midwest.

MissK over at Aromaleigh has an awesome lipstick sale going.

The Daily Cookie has an awesome preview of the new Chanel stuff.

I also love this tutorial by Doe Deere. Gorgeous colors.

I think I'm done now.

I'm still in a pissy mood and am going to play some Pogo.

Homo Out.


men_in_full said...

Thanks for the shout-out! :D

Piffle said...

I'm straight and I've never understood since I was a pre-teen why people who were in love shouldn't get married whatever their gender. I've argued that it only makes marriage stronger the more people who get married.

Sycorax said...

Well, the fundamentalists who think that gay marriage is going to destroy *what they think of as* traditional marriage are probably right, and I think that's all to the good. Their idea of marriage is inextricable from rigidly enforced gender roles; they think of marriage as a ritual by which a man secures his ownership of and dominance over a woman. So of course the possibility of a marriage between equals freaks them out.

Jen said...

First all it sucks to hear someone's been stealing your stuff. They'll get what they deserve for that.

Second, I worry about a lot of the same stuff you do and its' refreshing to read your blog and see some thoughts similar to mine articulated so well.

Thirdly, giant dinosaurs RULE and make me squee too. ^^ My son, who is just turned two, loves dinosaurs and is very excited about all of it. I hope I can take him to a museum someday that has dinosaurs.

Twistie said...

AT LAST!!! For more than a week now, every time I tried to read your blog some evil zickie of doom crashed my browser. (mopes) I missed reading your deathless prose.

Foo on whatever douchebag has been stealing your work! While I cannot fault their taste one iota, I do object to their inability to see how very wrong their actions were.

So absolutely with you on the gay marriage issue. As a straight, married woman, I think more marriage is a great idea. I believe firmly that love is love is love. And if Britney Spears' first marriage which lasted all of about two days didn't harm my marriage, I don't see how in the Sam Hill two loving people who just happen to have the same kind of fun bits marrying after a lifetime of love can possibly harm what I have with my husband.

I'm old enough to remember the death throes of the anti-interracial marriage movement. It made no sense to me then, and this anti-gay marriage movement makes no damn sense to me now. As you say, wanting to be treated with the fairness the Constitution guarantees is not asking for anything special. It's asking to be recognized as human.

So far as I can tell, that's pretty much the 'gay agenda.' Simply to be seen as human and treated as such. Yeah, I'm for that.

A gay man piped me up the aisle at my wedding. He and his partner both danced at my wedding. They've been together most of their adult lives, sharing sickness and health, joy and sorrow, feast and famine.

More than anything, I want to dance at their wedding the way they danced at mine.

Oh, and at 46, dinosaurs still make me a bit giddy. So there.

nuckingfutz said...

The whole part about gay marriage (and for the record, I - a straight, white, married woman - TOTALLY agree with you!) reminded me of an LJ user icon I kept seeing. It said something along the lines of:

"Gay Agenda:
Get up.
Get dressed.
Have tea."

Or something like that. I could be remembering wrong, but that's the general idea. I remember the first time I saw it. First I laughed my ass off, and then I wished every right-wing fundamentalist nut that spouts the words "gay agenda" should have it plastered on their forehead.

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