Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No really this is not okay.

I was just reading this entry by Lindley and okay.

Luckily for Lindley she has been able to find appropriate medical care. And for that I'm very glad.

What strikes me though is the why is it okay for doctors to treat people this way?

Recently on my friendslist on LJ I was reading about a black woman who when she went to the doctor was given extremely shoddy treatment. Her treatment was something I've experienced.

As a young woman I went to a clinic to get my yearly crotch examination and was treated as if I was a.) lying about everything I said and b.) clearly not cognizant enough of my own medical history to answer any of said questions.

Now, my white clearly middle class girlfriend (yes that kind of girlfriend) saw the same doctor about five minutes after I did and got nothing but praise for how cognizant she was of her own medical situation.

How is that ok?

It hasn't been updated in awhile but go read some of the stories at First Do No Harm.

How is that ok?

This is one of those points of Fat Acceptance I personally will not waver on no matter what anyone says.

Inappropriate health care, low quality health care, shitty treatment is not acceptable for anyone. Fat, thin, rich, poor, white, black whatever.

It is not fucking ok.

Personally I do understand that a doctor may or may not bring up my weight, I expect that because doctors do that. What I do not expect or accept is dismissing anything else going on in favor of quick weight loss. Any decent doctor should be well aware that as I've said time and again there are some ailments that are not going to get better if you magically shed fifty pounds.

For instance (this is taken from my own experience)

I went to the doctor a couple of years ago because I had an ear infection. I have gotten ear infections my entire life and was worried because it felt deep and was far more painful than any one I've had in the last say ten years.

I got there and instead of actually looking in my ear, my then doctor proceeded to lecture me about my eating habits, and the fact that I'd stopped exercising.

What she failed to ask me is how I was eating at the time, she did not check my actual blood pressure results or recent blood work *which was pretty goddamn good, I had changed my diet to avoid gastric distress and in the process lowered my bp which was awesome though it wasn't too high to begin with*, she also failed to ask why I had stopped exercising.

Now if she'd taken two minutes to actually look at my chart before launching into "YOUS GUNNA DIE FATASS" she'd see that I'd not even three weeks before fallen down some stairs and pinched a nerve in my neck and her nurse practitioner had told me to take it easy on activity. It was in my chart I checked.

So I sat there being lectured and spoken to like I was a recalcitrant toddler, while my ear was hurting so bad. By the time she let me actually tell her what my problem was I was pretty close to blowing chunks all over the exam room due to vertigo and infectious matter draining out of my ear down the back of my throat.

Come to find out not only did I have an ear infection but I had a sinus infection as well and was in pretty serious pain combined with fever and vertigo.

This did not happen because I had gained ten pounds or because I apparently looked like I was going to keel over like a victim of diseases I don't have nor do I have any indication of having.

That is not appropriate.

I made damn sure to write to both my insurance company and her office using notes made by her staff from my file about what a shitty job they were doing at competent compassionate (which were both buzzwords in their little doctor statement thing they had posted in their office).

Things like that have happened to me way more often than is necessary.

And it is not ok.

For a few years I just didn't go to the doctor at all. I suffered through injuries, sickness etc because while already feeling like shit you don't need to be condescended to and kicked in the fucking nuts.

My current doctor is actually pretty good. My last visit went something like this.

Doc: You've lost ten pounds was that on purpose?
Me: Not really. Blablabla about some digestive issues etc, more walking.
Doc: Do you want help losing weight?
Me: Nope.
Doc: Okay. now can we discuss your knees..

She went on to tell me after she asked about my activity levels (she is a wee tiny thin lady and when I showed her my printed out pedometer logs for about 2 months she said "Wow you walk a whole lot your calves must be made of steel" she squeezed them and admired their muscly goodness, it was funny). But she did tell me to slow down with the activity and I was barred from belly dancing for awhile.

And I obeyed because unlike when I was younger I value my future mobility more than I value having a tight ass right now.

I have since spoken with the doc and I have been green lighted to start dancing twice a week again.


This is awesome and I am starting this weekend. Restarting rather. I'm going back to Amira's 101 because I really love how she teaches and I can follow her pretty easily.

And hopefully by Christmas time I will be back up to doing Modern Tribal Bellydance with Asharah also pls not to be wanking about the use of the word tribal here. It's not my fault I didn't make it up.

I am excited for that.

Hopefully *fingers crossed* I will get the go ahead to take classes in the Spring providing I don't hurt myself or my knees don't degenerate further.

Eventually I would really like to be able to perform I think that would be the shit.

In other news I put another entry up over at The Chicken. Love it it is awesome.


I think I am spent I have delicious coffee in my press waiting to be consumed.

I also think I need some oatmeal even though what I really want is pho.

Homo Out.



Jen said...

*squee* Bellydancing rules! I go once a week and I love it.

As for shitty doctor issues, I am so agreeing with you on the 'no matter who you are you deserve care' part. There's no excuse for that, none at ALL>

Piffle said...

This MSNBC article is so apropo to your topic today:


May the future be a better place for us all.

Anonymous said...

Just wanna say thanks for mentioning the Modern Tribal Bellydance video. I had passed that over multiple times in my amazon search because of the word tribal in the title. I took a closer look and I certainly couldn't manage that level of dance now but I have something that i can aspire to.

My Death Machine said...

I've had some nasty experiences with doctors. On one visit, a obgyn doctor gave me a fat lecture and actually made me cry. I wasn't there for my weight and I felt it was completely inappropriate.

DavitaCuttita said...

I would KILL for some Pho right now.

Glad you're feeling better! There's belly dancing courses on my campus and now I'm starting to get curious...

Lindley said...

And when you do go to the doctor, after years of being too freaked out about it to go, the doctor inevitably treats you like a moron because in the meantime whatever problem it was has gotten worse.

Anonymous said...

want some cheese with that whine? quit your bitchin about shitty health care already. put down the fork, pick up a pair of walking shoes, and just go out and enjoy life without whining.

yours truly,


Trish said...

Doctors are just entitled buttheads theses days. It's harder than frozen diamonds to get one to actually SEE you around here and half the time they act like they're all put out by you actually insisting you're sick or something when they do see you.

My last doctor (in the micro-town I have since left, thank God), treated me like I was an idiot and always acted put out when I showed up for an appointment (once with a messed up ankle swollen to at least 50% again it's right size).

Yes, they're all smart and important, but day-um! I could insert a rant about costs and insurance here, but will not.

Love ya bye.

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