Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh silky silky now.

My hair is silky and amazing today.

Also thank you for your well wishes. It's kind of a relatively new thing that I am as open as I am about pain when I am having it and it's difficult for me and thank you for being kind.

I am fresh out of serious so I've been looking for my holiday party outfit.

Here's the thing.

Where I work we have a kick ass holiday party and I like to look hot.

Last year I wore a fantastic halter dress purchased at Fatshionista and thsi year I think I want something a little different.

I was thinking some sexy black slacks, wedge heels, waist cincher and dandy velvety goth jacket.

I'm going to put out the call over at LJ but I have these styles in mind as well.

This elegant gothic aristocrat style from Fan+Friend. I love the detailing on that and you can get it custom sized which is very important to me otherwise I'd just buy one from Frederick's.

I'm also really into this Pink Label Corset place. I was poking around their online catalog and some of the custom skirts they do are frickin adorable. The other thing I like about them on sight is their free custom sizing. That is awesome.

Not so awesome is that (okay self deep breath) I think I might have to cut out some of my recreational/fitness walking and that really really sucks.

Really sucks.

I enjoy getting in some walking before being on a bus then having to be inside a building all day. But on the other hand my knees, back etc have just been too crabby for it and I hate hurting all day.

The part I'm finding really hard right now is deciding what I can go without and what I really don't want to give up.

Would I be okay going dancing once every couple of weeks and being in pain the next day?

I think this Fall and Winter I am in for some growing pains.

For instance.

My financial situation is actually kind of stable. More than kind of it's pretty good and it's really difficult for me to parse.

I realize that I can in fact buy new shoes that aren't on super clearance, and they are the shoes I want. And it's not going to be the end of the world.

But it's still weird and kind of painful in a way.

Having nice things is still a weird thing for me. On one hand I love occasionally getting nice things but on the other I almost always instantly think of how many meals that is, that whatever cost is x amount of another bill. And then I feel guilty and I get crabby.

I suppose if you've never been really half starved poor you might not get it.

Also I think I'm about done with my anti FA reading.

Frankly it's boring to me.

I can only ingest so much what smacks to me all to often of plain hatefulness, and lack of any kind of decency before I'm over it.

And I'm over it.

There was a time when I'd have frothed and foamed at the mouth about it for days but right now. Nope.

I can't really work up some ire.

At best I can work up some sadness about what humans being like to do to each other and whatnot but yeah.

Currently I'm more interested in the original reasons I ever stumbled into the Fatosphere.

I want to show you (yes you, you right there, and please hands out of your pants) that I'm probably just like you. And that's ok.

You're perfect.

I'm pretty damn perfect.

And I'm astonishingly human.

So are you.

And that's great.

So to reiterate things I said a very long time ago.

You're welcome here. Lurk, read, fap, comment do what moves you.
If you do want to comment feel free to do so anonymously.
If you really need to troll, flame etc go ahead. However do be aware that I will probably not be nice about it, I save comments so even if you erase it I still saw what you did there.
Be aware that if you say something I think is fucked up, no matter what else we might agree on I will call you on it.
I don't generally delete comments. I believe the only ones I've deleted ever were obvious Viagra flavored spam.

OH and this reminds me.

Can any of you my fat homies tell me about how well Spreadshirt shirts fit if you have had any?

I ask because I still have some kick ass tshirt designs and I don't care for cafe press and am looking into other options that won't cost me money initially.

I'll probably ask over at fatshionista tomorrow.

I think that's all for now. I am going to ingest some fantastic cocoa and plot winter shoes.

Also, I love you guys. I really do.

Homo Out.


Joanne said...

Another shirt maker you might look into is I'm told the quality is better than Cafepress, they have more selection and if you make your designs public and someone else uses them, you get royalties. Not huge, but something. I've gotten a few small ($10-ish) royalty checks from them over the past few years. :)

Twistie said...

Cocoa and shoe plotting...girl you are speaking my language and it is sparkly delicious.

I think I may need to indulge in something similarly decadent this afternoon...along with the slice of dulce de leche cake I brought home from my favorite neighborhood bistro.

Cocoa, cake, shoe shopping...what could possibly be better than that?

Actually, having seen these corset sites you pointed out, I may need to go internet window shopping for something in velvet. Possibly a spectacular evening gown I have no excuse in hell to wear.

Sometimes it just feels good to dream about the situation where you would wear something amazing.

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