Thursday, October 30, 2008

Procrastination Station.

I've been working on a couple of different projects non blog associated and am exhausted. However entirely amused.

This comment on my last entry cracks me up:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "No really this is not okay.":

want some cheese with that whine? quit your bitchin about shitty health care already. put down the fork, pick up a pair of walking shoes, and just go out and enjoy life without whining.

yours truly,


Dear God,
Given your all seeing ways should I up my daily amount of walking in my walking shoes to what 7-8 miles? Also wow you are a caring loving God and I do hope all your children are thin healthy perfection.

I don't know why those things give me such a giggle.

I always wonder am I supposed to get upset and fall on the floor wailing?

Am I supposed to see the light and commence starvation and self hatred because random somebody says so?

Mmm yeah okay that's gonna happen. And if you said something like that to my face, the preceding sentence would be delivered dead pan. Or close to it but with the eyebrow raise.

In other amusing news I have a really old yahoo email address that I hardly use anymore but keep around for nostalgia's sake. I got an email from somebody who's been offline for something like four years or so who had the very first piece of porn I wrote that someone bought.

She wrote to let me know she still kept the story even after the site shut down and she wanted to know if I'd put out books or anything. It was the sweetest thing.

I had an interesting conversation with a Bus Buddy today on my way in to work.

We were talking about exercise and I mentioned how stoked I am about getting greenlighted to dance again. Her response was the fairly typical Oh you're going to lose weight. I explained that I want to dance because it brings me joy, weightloss if any happens is pretty incidental and I don't really care.

She looked so puzzled.

She has no concept of doing something physical for any other reason than you're "supposed" to. She works out a lot and as I found out today absolutely loathes it. She said it actually tends to make her feel worse because she has to work so hard to stay thin.

That made me so sad.

I wish I could explain the pained look on her face. I asked if she'd been fat when she was younger and she hadn't but, she's really taken the thin=healthy=the only way to be an acceptable human thing to heart and it hurt my heart to hear it.

I talked to her a little about HAES and gave her a few links to look at. I really hate to see people that miserable. Especially when at least in her case the payoff isn't that fantastic.

Have a good thought for her if you please. I think she needs it.

There was a happy moment, we bonded over our mutual hatred of yoga. She hates it because she is not flexible pretty much at all after doing yoga for years and just suffering through it.

I hate it because I don't like suffocating on my own boobs (someone else's is fine but my own is no fun) and I can't relax while the whole time I'm thinking "I hate this I hate this GODDAMN IT my boobs etc".

She also expressed a little bit of a shy want to learn how to dance. That made me happy. I love to dance in any way shape or form and have my entire life. I told her if she does want to we can figure out a way to maybe take a class together in the Spring or Summer.

MMm what else?

OH I have decided on my next tattoo, it's going to be a bit of a Charles Bukowski poem but the way I designed it in photoshop it won't fit on my inner right biceps. My arm is just not big enough and I had a moment of upset over that. I've found a few local tattoo artists who's text I like and I will probably take it around to a few places to see if I can get someone who can size it and have it retain the look that I'm after.

My skin takes and holds ink beautifully so I'm really looking forward to it. Even the tattoo on my back with the slightly not big enough text is still crisp and lovely and I've had that one for- holy shit it's been about ten years. Wow.

Actually longer than that. I've had my lip ring for ten years this coming March around my birthday. And I got my tattoo at least a year before that if not more.

I'm also having a little bit of a pants issue again.

With my slightly increased walking (I take the longer route to my bus stop lately because my knees have been better and I enjoy it) I noticed that I seem to have an easier time if I don't wear my one pair of sneakers which feels stupid to me. Why do my feet prefer Docs over sneakers for walking?

I know I'm all over the place today.

Back to the exercise thing I was doing some poking about, looking for another good sports bra (DD's and hip shimmies don't always play nice) and I saw the funniest sports bra review ever. I wish I would have noted the link but it just cracked me up.

A lady identified runner said about one bra that it was so bad she managed to make her B's bounce like DD's.

I don't know why it made me laugh so much it just did. Maybe it was the visual I tend to have very visual images in my head when I read things and that just tickled me.

Now for some links.

Ravenous Romance is having a Twitterotica contest. See details here. I might send something in that looks like fun.

I will be having a piece up over at M. Christian's blog Frequently Felt*. If you like erotic fiction I suggest you check it out he posts some really tasty work.

Learn a new language for free. I haven't entirely checked out this website but hear some good things. I really want to learn to Russian.

I've been learning the art of Flash Fiction and read a lot of it at this website.

There is some really great stuff there.

Femme Fatale media has a great Ask Fanny column up.

Circlet Press has a super adorable entry full of the Cats of Circlet Press up. Go look cute kitties abound.

Okay I think that's it.

I really have serious work editing and whatnot to be doing.

Homo Out.


lilacsigil said...

Ooh, I also find my Docs easier to walk in than sneakers. I have very narrow heels and short achilles tendons and find that the stiff leather gives better support than soft sneakers. My brother, who has the same problem with his tendons, used to walk home in his sneakers, but forgot them one day and found his leather work shoes more supportive, even though the soles are thinner!

Lindsay said...

Oooooh! That livemocha site looks awesome! I will definitely have to check it out - i've been trying to teach myself Russian for a few months now. It's been slow going, and i recently started over because i was working on teaching myself to write Cyrillic in cursive. Woof. I will happily share my linkybits when i don't have to leave for work in ... agh! 10 minutes! So yesh, will write more later. :D

spacedcowgirl said...

On sports bras, I don't have DDs but I do have annoyingly floppy B/C's so I also need a lot of support or else I end up with a very hurty chest. I have been buying and returning sports bras lately to try and find good ones and these are the ones I ended up liking:

Bendon Sport Max Out--the band runs a little small on this one. I usually wear between a 36 and 38 and the 38 is snug; not so bad as to be unworkable, but snug. The cup sizing seems accurate to generous IMO (at least on the B end of the scale). There are other listings for this bra on Amazon if this one doesn't contain your size but this is cheapest.

One Moving Comfort model


I also really wanted to try this one but it doesn't come in my cup size. Looks promising though. And Glamorise seems to be among the more reasonably-priced of the sports bra brands.

Just in case it helps you when you are figuring out ones to try. I hate how expensive they are but I've never found a cheap one that actually works for me.

Mary said...

Re: wish you would have noted the link - I just got introduced to Google Notebook, which is something you put in your web browser, and you can easily "clip" and save tidbits, links, photos, et c. - great for free-ranging bloggers and other people who never remember to write stuff down. Maybe you'd like it?

Lindsay said...

Okay, i'm back with some of my favorite Russian language resources. :D

RadioStationWorld: Russia - links to websites for Russian radio stations, some of which you can listen to streaming music/talk.

UCLA Language Materials Project - this site is off-the-charts insanely awesome.

Russian - pretty helpful because it has audio clips you can listen to for a better understanding of pronunciation.

Russian Writing - clever use of animated gifs to show you how to write Cyrillic in cursive. But be warned: some letters require extra marks to differentiate them from other letters, and this site doesn't really go into it. But it'll help you read Cyrillic when it's in italics, as you'd see on Wikipedia.

The Russian Alphabet - probably one of the best resources i've found for getting the hang of reading Cyrillic characters.

Teach Yourself Beginner's Russian - this is the book i'm using. No, i have no idea why there's a scuba-diving dude on the cover. It's supposed to be sold with an audio CD, but i couldn't find one that had the CD with it, so i just have the book. I like the way it's laid out, it makes things make a lot of sense, but there's one thing to note about it, if you end up getting this one: the person who wrote it speaks English with a non-American accent. This isn't a big deal except in a handful of pronunciation guides. Example: "это" (transliteration: "eto") is listed as being pronounced like "letter", which makes sense if you're British, but not if you're American, because it's pronounced "eh-tah", not "eh-ter". But aside from that, it's a really handy book.

Lindsay said...

Aaaand because i'm all chatty and stuff, i just have to say that HOLY CRAP LIVEMOCHA ROCKS MY FREAKING SOCKS RIGHT THE HELL OFF. Those socks are nowhere to be seen, and the sock gnomes are just as confused as i am about it.

I've spent damn near all DAY on that site. Like, i started around noon:30, and i just noticed that it was damn near five o'clock.

I studied a few Russian lessons, and spent about 30 minutes chatting with a chap from Moscow. I was helping him with his English, and he corrected my hideous spelling whenever i tried to type something in Russian. GOOD FREAKING TIMES. You definitely need to get on that site, if you haven't already. It seems a bit slow at first, but when you hit the colors? Oh boy. Those are some looooooooong words.

I am SO geeked about that site - thank you so much for posting about it! i've been looking for exactly this sort of thing for AGES. :D

Julia said...

She has no concept of doing something physical for any other reason than you're "supposed" to. She works out a lot and as I found out today absolutely loathes it. She said it actually tends to make her feel worse because she has to work so hard to stay thin.

That depresses the shit out of me. Our society is so fat hating, and sees diet/exercise as punishing the body, that people can't grasp exercising out of joy. Feh.

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