Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thankful list.

I'm in a strange mood today. I don't really know how to explain it really so a list of things I'm thankful for.

1.) That there are a lot more people who are really concerned about other people and not just pretending. I think that is awesome and it makes me feel nice when the nihilism and misanthropy come knocking. Also tied into that, I know via the internet and other means more people who are awesome than people who suck.

2.) I am also thankful for places like Healthy Textures and LHCF. Because of the women in these places my hair is luxurious and beautiful. And I have gotten it to this point by myself without a stylist or horde of stylists. And this is awesome.

3.) Being given random nice things. This is really wonderful.

4.) Books. I really love books. Love them a lot.

5.) Awesome tea. I am not only a coffee snob but I am a tea lover as well. And I can't always afford the fancy teas I like but, Uniballer went and picked me up some of the Safeway Select fancy teas and they are delicious.

6.) Sally beauty supply club card. I love beauty supply stores and their discount card is one of few I would pay for because it wound up paying for itself. However trying to figure out how to renew it online is daunting.

7.) Also grateful for OTC pain meds. No really I am.

Wow I am really tired.

So I think I'm about done.

However I do have some exciting stuff to talk about soon like.

Also the NYT is kind of awesome sometimes.

Homo Out.

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